Monday, March 2, 2015

Banks must extend easy loan against purchase of commercial premises..........Alok

A medical student spends lacs to get seat. Spends years in educations. Is paid paltry as intern. And finally if he decides to set up his own clinic then he needs few crores to buy a place in city like metro. Another option is to set up a clinic in illegal structure in slums. This is what society gives to budding doctors and then expects that doctors should be human. I agree they should be. But it is also our duty to understand and solve serious issues faced by them. Banks ( who are under Finance ministry and RBI) offer easy loan for housing with repayment in 15 to 20 years. But if a qualified person asks for a loan for buying space for clinic / office/ commercial premises then the rules are stringent, interest rate is high, repayment period is as short as 5 to 7 years. In a city like Mumbai even if  any qualified person has to set up an establishment / office, clinic then he will require minimum a crore or two. To pay back same in such a short period with interest is really difficult. Therefore my request to NAMO, FM and RBI and all banks is to review the existing policy and encourage self employed qualified professionals viz. Architects, doctors, CA's , Advocates and so on to take loan with long repayment period with other terms as in housing loan. This will boost employment and provide services to common man at reasonable fees.

Hope favourable policy will be announced soon..........Alok one made such demand before except Alok

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holi .... a fun and frolic day ......but some let loose monkey in them.......Alok

Holi is a festivals of colour, joy, love and friendship. So every attempt must be made to ensure that we specially our children do not indulge in any activity which can cause harm to anyone like by throwing balloons or using chemical colours. We must also ensure that we do not hurt feeling of those who due to their cultural do not want to play holi. It is their right and privilege to not to play and no one should forcibly or irresponsibly throw colour on them. Do not throw colours or balloons on train passengers or passing vehicle as same can cause accident. Also ensure that you do not forcibly put colours in eye while applying same on face. In case of accident do not delay ruching to a large hospital as smaller ones may not have facilities and staff on Holi day/ holiday. Protect your eyes. Girls may avoid going out in areas where hoards of youth are moving and are noot in their senses. Best is to play holi with family and friends in your own society or so.