Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear All, Namaskar. Pl. note....Supreme court remark is mere lip service unless....

Alok adds:  Recently Supreme court criticised corruption. One of the biggest reason is non reply/ non action / and if rejected then not enumerating reasons of rejection of citizens applications/ complaints. There should be time limit. It should be displayed on boards in govt office.Activists / media should educate innocent citizens that there application has to be dealt withlaw in specific period.Proper audit should be done and any officer not replying in time should be punished . Only then corruption will be curtailed and not by just passing remarks and condemning in train while gossiping.
I have been receiving letters (that too after lot of chase) from Govt dept that they will take action after getting response from other dept. or from complainee( against whom the complaint has been lodged. There after they go to sleep. If u chase again only then they wake up and again give reply that they are waiting for reply/ info/ report. I am waiting for reply / action from ration office/ RTO/ election office for more then 4 yrs. Is there any law under which we can ask them to act in a reasonable period? Even other application to any govt dept is not acted upon unless u appoint agent and give money. Is there any law which says our application has to be accepted or rejected with in particular time frame?
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FW: A Chat with Dr. Devi Shetty (Heart Specialist)

This is very interesting & helpful discussion for the benefit of all.


 Dr.Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya
(Heart Specialist) Bangalore

A chat with Dr.Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya
(Heart Specialist) Bangalore was arranged by WIPRO for its employees .
The transcript of the chat is given below. Useful for everyone.

Qn: What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?
1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week; avoid lifts and avoid sitting for a longtime
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control blood pressure and sugar

Qn: Is eating non-veg food (fish) good for the heart?
Ans: No

: It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person
gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective?

Ans: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups.

Qn: Are heart diseases hereditary?
Ans: Yes

Qn: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?
Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

Qn: Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?
Ans: Walking is better than jogging since jogging leads to early fatigue and injury to joints

Qn: You have done so much for the poor and needy. What has inspired you to do so?
Ans: Mother Theresa , who was my patient.

Qn: Can people with low blood pressure suffer heart diseases?
Ans: Extremely rare.

Qn: Does cholesterol accumulates right from an early age
(I'm currently only 22) or do you have to worry about it only after you are above 30 years of age?

Ans: Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

Qn: How do irregular eating habits affect the heart ?
Ans: You tend to eat junk food when the habits are irregular and your body's enzyme release for digestion gets confused.

Qn: How can I control cholesterol content without using medicines?
Ans: Control diet, walk and eat walnut.

Qn: Which is the best and worst food for the heart?
Ans: Fruits and vegetables are the best and the worst is oil.

Qn: Which oil is better - groundnut, sunflower, olive?
Ans: All oils are bad .

Qn: What is the routine checkup one should go through? Is there any specific test?
Ans: Routine blood test to ensure sugar, cholesterol is ok. Check BP, Treadmill test after an echo.

Qn: What are the first aid steps to be taken on a heart attack?
Ans: Help the person into a sleeping position , place an aspirin tablet under the tongue with a sorbitrate tablet if available, and rush him to a coronary care unit since the maximum casualty takes place within the first hour.

Qn: How do you differentiate between pain caused by a heart attack and that caused due to gastric trouble?
Ans: Extremely difficult without ECG.

Qn: What is the main cause of a steep increase in heart problems amongst youngsters? I see people of about 30-40 yrs of age having heart attacks and serious heart problems.
Ans: Increased awareness has increased incidents. Also, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, junk food, lack of exercise in a country where people are genetically three times more vulnerable for heart attacks than Europeans and Americans.

Qn: Is it possible for a person to have BP outside the normal range of 120/80 and yet be perfectly healthy?
Ans: Yes.

Qn: Marriages within close relatives can lead to heart problems for the child. Is it true?
Ans : Yes, co-sanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities and you may not have a software engineer as a child

Qn: Many of us have an irregular daily routine and many a times we have to stay late nights in office. Does this affect our heart ? What precautions would you recommend?
Ans : When you are young, nature protects you against all these irregularities. However, as you grow older, respect the biological clock.

Qn: Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs cause some other complications (short / long term)?
Ans : Yes, most drugs have some side effects. However, modern anti-hypertensive drugs are extremely safe.

Qn: Will consuming more coffee/tea lead to heart attacks?
Ans : No.

Qn: Are asthma patients more prone to heart disease?
Ans : No.

Qn: How would you define junk food?
Ans : Fried food like Kentucky , McDonalds , samosas, and even masala dosas.

Qn: You mentioned that Indians are three times more vulnerable. What is the reason for this, as Europeans and Americans also eat a lot of junk food?
Ans: Every race is vulnerable to some disease and unfortunately, Indians are vulnerable for the most expensive disease.

Qn: Does consuming bananas help reduce hypertension?
Ans : No.

Qn: Can a person help himself during a heart attack (Because we see a lot of forwarded emails on this)?
Ans : Yes. Lie down comfortably and put an aspirin tablet of any description under the tongue and ask someone to take you to the nearest coronary care unit without any delay and do not wait for the ambulance since most of the time, the ambulance does not turn up.

Qn: Do, in any way, low white blood cells and low hemoglobin count lead to heart problems?
Ans : No. But it is ideal to have normal hemoglobin level to increase your exercise capacity.

Qn: Sometimes, due to the hectic schedule we are not able to exercise. So, does walking while doing daily chores at home or climbing the stairs in the house, work as a substitute for exercise?
Ans : Certainly. Avoid sitting continuously for more than half an hour and even the act of getting out of the chair and going to another chair and sitting helps a lot.

Qn: Is there a relation between heart problems and blood sugar?
Ans: Yes. A strong relationship since diabetics are more vulnerable to heart attacks than non-diabetics.

Qn: What are the things one needs to take care of after a heart operation?
Ans : Diet, exercise, drugs on time , Control cholesterol, BP, weight.

Qn: Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to heart disease when compared to day shift workers?
Ans : No.

Qn: What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?
Ans : There are hundreds of drugs and your doctor will chose the right combination for your problem, but my suggestion is to avoid the drugs and go for natural ways of controlling blood pressure by walk, diet to
reduce weight and changing attitudes towards lifestyles.

Qn: Does dispirin or similar headache pills increase the risk of heart attacks?
Ans : No.

Qn: Why is the rate of heart attacks more in men than in women?
Ans : Nature protects women till the age of 45. (Present Global census show that the Percentage of heart disease in women has increased than in men )

 Qn: How can one keep the heart in a good condition?
Ans : Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food, exercise everyday, do not smoke and, go for health checkup s if you are past the age of 30 ( once in six months recommended) ....


 Please, don't hoard knowledge.  It takes sharing of knowledge to discover and understand the world in which we live. Please, send it to all your friends and enemies....... They might benefit as well…… 





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Re: Varishtha Nagrik Seva Sanstha

Respected Siroyaji,

When ur mail came I was on pc hence instant reply:

People keep changing the policy. However he still gives discount to us.
There is no written agreement.he is not bound though he should have courtesy to update on his policies.But who knows duty in our systems????
However I will talk to him.

We as welfare org do not take any guarante for genuiness. Pl. do not write in legal language.

Ur token of fee was appreciated but can not be connected to any welfare intentions which may realize fully, partially or may not realize at all.

You can call Ms Sandhya  on nos. 26125699 / 26173203 and send some one to collect refund of fees. However you can continue to participate in our activities as and when u can.The activity is run for my own sense of satisfaction and is not dependent on any contributions. I have never in last 7 yrs asked any contribution from anyone to run my activities for Sr. Citizens. God has given me infrastructure and inspiration to do something towards society and I am doing my humble. Yes once or twice in a year some commercial org wants our platform and that time we do charge them.

Pl. note that I am not hurt or angry with ur mail but pl. do not write such mail to others who will be dissuade to carry on good work as no one wants to listen to any complaints lest the allegations/ obligations.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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From: mohan siroya <>
Sent: Wed, 20 October, 2010 5:42:53 PM
Subject: Varishtha Nagrik Seva Sanstha

Dear Aalok

Today morning, as a part of member services,   you gave me the phone nos. of Dhanwantari Medicine shop. I contacted Mr. Virendra himself about my medicine requirements. He said, he can  get  HOME DELIVERED my order but he can not provide any discount on MRP He said, he has stopped this facility.

I am disappointed, as I had informed you while becoming a member that getting 10 percent discount on genuine medicines was the
main incentive/ attraction  for me .
If this is so, it will  be better  to inform all members about  such withdrawal .And I personally feel that you may explore to have a tie up with some other supplier/chemist.

Thanks and regards

Mohan Siroya

Monday, October 18, 2010

I have written to Aksha and Pra. U can improve same. Is there any site by CA or institute or IT which gives such info????

Alok adds: by the way noone including no newspaper ever gave any checklist to me.

Imp. and remember forever

Income tax is a serious issue.
Once u start filing returns then must keep/ file :

  1. all records of income
  2. business expenses
  3. show / file copy of all investments / purchase of shares,bonds, FD's,gold ,flat, property, vehicles, etc etc.
  4. show /file copy of all sales of above
  5. all TDS certificates r required
  6. all income as accrued ( not actually received) will have to show like obtain certificate of income as on 31st march for all FD's.
  7. all cheque books, slip books,passbooks , statements etc and arrange them properly
  8. for tax benefit certificate of health insurance,LIC receipt,ppf pass book and certificate,house rent earned / paid, interest on housing loan,education loan etc to be shown and all relevant papers to be filed .
File here means file in ur own office/ home properly and give it to ur accountant. Pra and AK can give to Sandhya Madam/ didi.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My dear Buffalos and cows pl. coperate as men and women can not........

Confidential mail to all milk producing animals. Pl. fwd to them if it reaches you by mistake:
Pl.note that Diwali has come. The demand for sweets and other milk products will be 100 times more then the normal time. So u will have to work over time and produce 100 times more milk so we can have more ghee, milk shakes,butter, sweets, milk chokelets, bengali sweets, rabdi etc.etc..
I have been making this request to you, The hon. cows and buffelows for years but you have totally failed to comply with my requests.Why dont u undestand that now our modern house wives dont want to make sweets and snacks for diwali at home. Also pl. understand our bureacrts from FDA, weights and measuremnts,anti adultration dept, quality control dept have diwali too. They want huge bribes for another posh bunglow,foreign travel, gold purchase etc etc so then they r coxing vyapari to produce bogus mava,adultare milk and ghee etc.etc. Why dont y realise so many children, women, old and others will be falling sick,having gastro problem, infections,hyper acidity due to bad quality of mass food production and bad hygine in all these places of manufecture and bad hygine of laboureres where diwali food items r produced but packed in very attrcative boxes and sold from well decorated shops. So whatever the consequnces but sweets will be distributed/ gifted  and eaten.
We have also imported hundreds of containers of sweets ( though of veru unhealthy quality) from China.It helps importers,customs officers and doctors and hospitals in becoming rich but more then that it makes China rich who wants to take over Arunachala pradesh and other areas).
Pl. note that when educated man women dont understand then you as good animal should underst. I once again call upon you with folded hands to produce 100 times more milk then your daily capacity. Pl. bear with the modern diwali celebrities and house wives who can not understand and will continue to poison near and dear ones by buying and distibuting adultereted sweets and snacks. 
Media will be happy to cover the sad news aftereffects of diwali and not of cautioning to avoid accidents and illness.
So u see so many people benefit.
Pl. excuse as no time for improving this mail as familyis waiting for lunch for half an hour.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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