Saturday, May 17, 2014

Modi ji promised to get back black money lying abroad in 150 days.

Modi and Rajnath had promised that they will get back money in swiss and other banks abroad . That 150 days will be over on 16 th Oct 2014. If they fail then let us file breach of trust case and fraud for seeking votes. But I will be happy if Modi ji does so and gets back the black money stashed away. it is said to see that Modi ji instead of starting brain storming has wasted time in roadshow etc.. With that other millions have wasted day. Modi ji come in action.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Will BJP repeat similar mistake as Gandhiji did?

Will BJP repeat same mistake as Gandhiji did?

Gandhiji has all praise but for one but very grave mistake. Will NAMO take necessary step or will avoid?
Gandhiji was  a great leader and great human being. An apostle of peace. But he seriously erred while India was divided as he could not realize that there will be some very aggressive Talibani groups who will try to take over Hindustan and  mass of  Hindus by nature will be busy in selfish.

India has another opportunity to save nation from any risk of further division, population explosion of  a group, and saving India of Chances of Taliban raj in few years. And that is possible by giving equal treatment and opportunity to all groups of ppl from all religion, all states etc but introduce compulsory family planning. If NAMO does  not do it now then it will be never ever and population proportion will tilt and ahinsak weak groups will be enslaved and taken over by force supported by Taliban and China.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

chase them to serve you and not rule u.

As per exit polls and general feeling NAMO will be next PM.However b it NAMO or anyone . Let AAP collect all promises given by all candidates and on every month issue check list if any of these promises from manifesto or speeches hv been fulfilled. Any NGO or activist too can do this. Let us not wait for 5 years for results. Even in primary schools exams r held every Monday then why we must wait till next elections. Citizens hv elected govt and chase them to serve you and not rule u.

Monday, May 12, 2014

New life to commonmen.......v may loose election but hv given new life to every smallest men of Inida

AAP: we have given new lease of life to suffocated, deprived, suffering and hugely neglected aam admi. ......Alok ...a humble aap worker. 

AAP has made citizen aware of their rights. Other parties hv become more proactive and so on. Winning and loosing is never important but giving right direction to nation is . V r concerned abt future of our nation and future of our future generation and v hv been able to give right direction to politics when it was on its lowest. I am proud of each and every worker and friend who worked for AAP selflessly and in the interest of aam admi who had lost significance before we entered the politics.