Friday, May 16, 2014

Will BJP repeat similar mistake as Gandhiji did?

Will BJP repeat same mistake as Gandhiji did?

Gandhiji has all praise but for one but very grave mistake. Will NAMO take necessary step or will avoid?
Gandhiji was  a great leader and great human being. An apostle of peace. But he seriously erred while India was divided as he could not realize that there will be some very aggressive Talibani groups who will try to take over Hindustan and  mass of  Hindus by nature will be busy in selfish.

India has another opportunity to save nation from any risk of further division, population explosion of  a group, and saving India of Chances of Taliban raj in few years. And that is possible by giving equal treatment and opportunity to all groups of ppl from all religion, all states etc but introduce compulsory family planning. If NAMO does  not do it now then it will be never ever and population proportion will tilt and ahinsak weak groups will be enslaved and taken over by force supported by Taliban and China.

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