Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give a redevelopment offer for falling buildings and win elections

Suggestion to AAP : Maharashtra assembly elections are approaching fast: Mumbai is ruled by BJP and Shivsena for last 30 years. Not many know and they think only Shivsena is the controller of Mumbai Municipal corporation. First make it public. Then show how world has progressed and Mumbai has not reached anywhere. BJP prouds on development of Modi ji but they hv done no development in Mumbai in 3 decades and made only money. Rather dirt, stink, flood, broken road, occupied footpath, jammed gutter, dirty drinking water, badly maintained garden, schools, hospitals are the order of the day. And most serious and inhuman is falling building issues which all viz. BMC, Govt of Maharashtra and judiciary are party to this grave situation. Less citizens died in attack by enemy in Mumbai then falling buildings. Forget the beauty of city the falling buildings due to Cong in power in MH and SS+ BJP in MCGM/BMC is the reason. Make these facts known. Give a redevelopment offer for falling buildings and brighten the Mumbai. I am sure we can.