Sunday, February 20, 2011

Namaskar. This is to remind abt what happended in Property owners dinner meeting many years back.

There r always two sides of coin. Many a times one has seen only one side and shouts on top of voice abt what he thinks is right. This is one sidedeness, ekantawad, and ignorance so can be dubbed as foolishness. I have been fool all my life and god has given me a very bitter kick to start seeing the otherside too.
U may have forgotten but I have been constantly remembering this as burden and by writing this letter I am trying to wipe my sins and tears.
Pl. note that ur daughter had said some thing abt atrocities on women in open forum of a meeting of POA at Orient Club Chowpati. Till then I had expirienced only atrocities by women. I got and said something against her issues. I apologise for same. Pl. convey this to her. Coin has two sides. Jainism stronly recommends anekantwad. But I was a fool. Having taught lesson by god I come to you and ur daughter for fogiveness.
I am sure she must have faced sever trauma to gather courage to speak on atrocities on women. Due to my one sidede knowledge I washed away her issues with my oratory. But god and her hurt feelings have given me lesson of life. It has made me apologise to her so curse on me is removed and woken activist in me to work in that feild too and not against jusicial system, against rent act and against atrocities / negligieance of sr. citizens.
Hope you and ur beloved daughter will pardon me. Pl. let me know if I can be of any assistance to you  ur family and specially ur beloved daughter.
Folded hand apololies.
Thanks and Regards,
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