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Let us act as matured family man and ensure that women in our families dont get anxiety disorder ....Alok

Women are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men. Find out why and get more facts:

Facts ..

From the time a girl reaches puberty until about the age of 50, she is twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as a man. Anxiety disorders also occur earlier in women than in men.

Women are also more likely to have multiple psychiatric disorders during their lifetime than men. The most common to co-occur with anxiety is depression.

Differences in brain chemistry may account for at least part of these differences. The brain system involved in the fight-or-flight response is activated more readily in women and stays activated longer than men, partly as a result of the action of estrogen and progesterone.

The neurotransmitter serotonin may also play a role in responsiveness to stress and anxiety. Some evidence suggests that the female brain does not process serotonin as quickly as the male brain. Recent research has found that women are more sensitive to low levels of corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), a hormone that organizes stress responses in mammals, making them twice as vulnerable as men to stress-related disorders.

Low serotonin and Depression

Low serotonin levels are believed to be the cause of many cases of mild to severe depression which can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, apathy, fear, feelings ofTaken from: worthlessness, insomnia and fatigue. The most concrete evidence for the connection between serotonin and depression is the decreased concentrations of serotonin metabolites in the cerebrospinal fluid and brain tissues of depressed people.

If depression arises as a result of a serotonin deficiency then pharmaceutical agents that increase the amount of serotonin in the brain should be helpful in treating depressed patients. Anti-depressant medications increase serotonin levels at the synapse by blocking the reuptake of serotonin into the presynaptic cell. Anti-depressants are one of the most highly prescribed medications despite the serious side-effects they can cause.

If depression is mild enough it can sometimes be managed without prescribed medications. The most effective way of raising serotonin levels is with vigorous exercise. Studies have shown that serotonin levels are increased with increased activity and the production of serotonin is increased for some days after the activity. This is the safest way of increasing serotonin levels and many other benefits result from regular exercise.

Serotonin levels can also be controlled through the diet. A diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids may lower brain levels of serotonin and cause depression. Complex carbohydrates raise the level of tryptophan in the brain resulting in a calming effect. Vitamin C is also required for the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin.

Alok adds : If person goes in depression then lot damaging things can happen from affecting a career, relationship.loss of libido and performance,anxities, mismanged anger etc etc.

So go ahead and give and share love, affection,dance, do yoga,aerobics, garba dandiya,outings ( not in a car) like hiking, yatra, outdoor sports etc etc. can help you improve serotonin and thereby keep depression/ anxiety away.

And finally help of genuine spirital gurus like Osho, mental health proffessional,counsellors etc is vital and should be willingly approached or else situation becomes further difficult.

Finally never hesitate in aproaching psychiatrist and take medicine as advised and Lo your life is back on happy tracks.

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letter meant for inlaws of daughter but can not dare to send to them. This is condition in India

Child behaviour: ( and children are compared to god and if some one has heart like that even at the age of 27 then what is wrong) May be she is 27, she is doc,she is from Mumbai but she is new in her relationship and craving for faithfulness,love, care, dignity..but for some this is silliness, over expectation and because their own son is involved his all repeated acts of cheating and voilence are ignored and he is shown love and and on his narrating of his stories tears flows but on a girl who is suffering , cheated, slighted, beaten repeatedly is advised, expected to rise such issues and told to save marriage, told to trust ???????????????
My child is hungry of love,respect,dignity,appreciation and recognition.Pl. listen to words she has been using. demands/requests she has been making. If person who can make big blunder is allowed to go scot free and loved then she who has been grossly wronged expects better reognition and better respect. As time passes she too will grow up.
Since one person has exhausted his feelings of love, intimacy etc he does not find anything wrong in not listning to her, not bearaing her tantrums and so on but she being her first love, companion ship , relationship wants more understanding, care, bearing, chit chat and what is wrong in that. And if she feels agitated on issues ( due to having expirienced cheating even after written committment she is under constant fear of thrown out, sidelined,ditched,beaten up, neglected etc) which she fears and gets angry then instead of reassurance, calmness, transparacy,coming clean she gets further ill treatment??? And we expect her to not to loose temper, remain unirritable ( inspite of living under constant fear of getting dumped) and take it as provocation and as also faulty / having tantrums. What standard?? What humanity?? What modern living?? What reaction?? Whose whole dreams of love in marriage is shattered and we expect her to be calmer then this?? And gets beaten up brutaly??
Dear All,
My daughter who is doctor and good looking and every other thing which one would look for in a partner. But her husband who too is a MNC manager beats her up regularly when angry. He has his own past ( relationship with a divorced collegue etc ) and family forced him to leave her ( which we have come to know now). Can he improve? My daugher is in shattered state.She wakes up in the night crying/ shouting out of fear save me etc..
Pl. advise?

Re: Let Religion be the tool to produce fine gentlmen . Let their be a compitition which faith gives best of citizens .....

Great thoughts. Very revealing. Very compassionate. And if some one is touchy , loving compassionate abt others, poor, downtrodden,weak, old, handicap etc then they touch my soul. Most of ur mail has touched me. You have more deeper outlook which I call spiritualism.
But for one thing. Which I will go to the extent of saying if from my family any one elects to follow any other religion then too I wont get disturbed. Fine if they like that path. Same way I have no problem in you having very deep faith in your religion. And why not. But leave others alone. Let us not comment on others belief. Till ofcourse it becomes harmful, dangerous to life and property or becomes nuisance.
Example 1. Many from my community opposed a slaughter house coming up at a particular city. They were fwd messages/sms/emails etc.. I did not join them. I dont support them.If they were opposing on some scientific reason , environment getting polluted due to that, increasing stanch, smell, unbearaeble condition, jams then may be I would have asked for govt reviewal on that but not because ur faith says so. But at the same time I am very cautious in buying eateables, I would not prefer to go to a non veg hotel etc etc .. I will not serve or pay for non veg or liquor. But there is no question my self saying anything to a person whose faith allows him to have that. Let us all be tolerant. Let us not impose on others what we feel is right except for self.
Example2: There was a meeting at my mini hall of India against corruption. I gave them hall free like I give for all good activities. They r going to have rasta roko to protest / start agitation against govt/ corruption.
When they asked for views I politely said by doing rasta roko we are going to inconvinience our own co brother and sister citizens. They are only harrased in life. If we have to do any protest then we should do gate roko at Adarsh Apt, BMC and police, collector, commisioers, mantralaya etc the capital of corruption but for god's sake let us not harrass already harrssed citizens. And Lo! no one liked my suggestion and are going ahead with rasta roko. Fine but I dont believe that any faith/ sanity should allow in the name of religion/ politics/ VIP/ agitation etc to inconvinience / nuisance to common man. But everyday they do it and others so called intelligencia keeps quite and fanatics enjoy doing so.
Lastly abt: ur suggestion of every person following one faith will stop blood bath. I dont know how do u say so. People of same faith have killed so many from their own faith. People of same family have done so. Of own group, party, team have done so. I dont need to elaborate. But it is greed, ego, lack of tolerance,negativism creates all hatered. And repeated hammering of bad views in minds/ bad expiriences makes one fight.
Akbar and Jodha lived all thier life happily togather. But spouse of same faith take to fight and divorce. Why?? Akbar and Jodha respected each others faith,living,following which should not come in between.Let us not bother about what does not bother.When I say so much against filmis but in few things some r really my hero : Shahrukh who lives happily with her Hindu wife gives her full dignity and love. Salman family and specially salman himself ( though he has comitted many wrongs but he is a good example for love and dignity) who particiaptes in Ganapati festival. ( some thing off the record I ahev been always saying and ofcourse p
Thanks and Regards,Alok Tholiya

From: Shahanawaz Khan <>
To: Mr Alok Tholiya <>
Subject: Re: Let Religion be the tool to produce fine gentlmen . Let their be a compitition which faith gives best of citizens .....

Dear Mr. Alok,

I respect your views, but i have to respond to it. (my request is that, let the argument be health to understand the purpose of our existence)




Hinduism says follow one true god and Islam also says the same.  So that both the communities to come closer to live peacefully.

You know why this chaotic situation on the face of this earth, coz mankind has failed and forgotten to realize his true purpose of his existence.  The comparison does not talk ill about any Muslim, Hindu etc particularly.  The comparison was to address people as whole (so called highly educated as well)

1. To bring all the human beings under one umbrella to make them understand, our creator is one creator not to worship his creation or the man's imaginations (idols, human beings, money, power, greed etc.)

2. When every human being start to worship one god then there wont be any blood shed on the basis of cast, creed, superiority, power and that is how the world order will be set. (please have thoughtful understanding not in the perspective of jihadi groups)

3. The comparison is to emphasis what Hinduism says about the creator and the creation, but not to hurt any ones feelings.


Now the question will arise why do we have to worship ALLAH,

One has to understand ALLAH is an Arabic word which means GOD, LORD, RABB, BAGHVAAN ETC. (The person must never conjure a mental picture of the creator coz God is formless NIRAKAAR)


You talked about Azim prem ji,

Islam says every one has to under go test and trails..   God wants to test every human being..... not like karma....

If god has gifted you with wealth, u will be questioned how did u get the wealth and how did u spend it..( ill gotten or lawfully earned etc)

if gifted you with power, u will be questioned how did u use the power (misused to suppress, subjugate the poor and needy)

if you are poor how patient are in his test

if you are mentally retarded, handicapped then you are a trial for the rich... how the rich and the powerful treats you,,, the rich and the powerful will be questioned on the day of judgment.

God has created this universe with perfection that is poor, rich, black, white etc. to test towards each other.  Whoever is piety and considerate towards other human being will pass the exam. whoever fails will have to face the consequences.

Every human being is equal, and hence azim prem ji is not a hero.  he has been gifted by god the wealth and the knowledge and hence he has to disseminate his wealth and knowledge, it is good for his own soul. For this azim prem ji should not be portrayed as hero, later after sometime people start worship him..  ( Like many film stars are worshiped.. hero worship)

If god had gifted me with wealth i also have to do the same thing otherwise I will also be questioned by god about the wealth given) Like the Kings of Arab countries, they have been gifted huge wealth by god, instead spending on poor nations they enjoy lavish life style even after knowing about the rules in ISLAM.  They think that they will not be questioned but wait for the hour to face the consequences of their evil doings)

I am being logical and rational.. that is Creator and rest is creation (no human being or man made things are greater than god or worshiped as GOD)

ignore the typos

With regards,

Shahnawaz khan.


On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 3:45 AM, Mr Alok Tholiya <> wrote:
Dear Shahnavaz,
Hi. Recd ur mail and cud not follow anything.
  • cause shortage of time
  • never ever read any scripture nither going to read ever.
  • but by having tried to glance thru i feel it is some kind of comparision.
  • It needs very indepth knowledge to understand them which intelligence atleact I dont have.

My comments: weak compare.Strong take best of whatever faith they believe. It is individuals choice and understanding to follow any path available. Like it is individuals choice to how and what he wears, eats,lives, he selects places he wants to visit, movies he wants to see etc etc it is his choice to select his religion.


And he knows which is best. And let him follow his path . Why we should cajole,taunt,look down on him, compare his faith,obstruct him?? Why one should be forced to follow a particular way of belief and otherwise be called kafir??? Why one should be tempted, lured, bribed to follow a particular religion?? I hear in one of our neighbouring country recently few leaders were killed only because they voiced differant sentiments??? Who were the killers?? Which faith taught them to take away life?? What they feared?? Did they fear allowing such voices will weaken their faith/ following because their religion is on weak foundation??


I feel no one should be born with a particular tag of a religion. They all be given a education abt all religion and be allowed to practice any religion of their choice so far they are happy with it and become peaceful, enlightened, social, tolearant,helpful and good human beings.


Dear Shahnavaz, Times have changed. People have access to statatistics. So give them better info:


which religion has produced most brutal/ heinous criminals, rulers,etc ..

which religion has produced most messangers of peace and humanity.

Which religioan has given to this earth maximum no. of hospitals,schools, colleges, home for poor,widow,old,handicap.

People of which religion spend more time to care and love down trodden, poor, sufferers?

Which religions  most of the followers earn their lively hood with honest and hard work and which religion produces those who snach/ loot,kill, commit crime, sell drugs, do smuggling , sell contraband, evade taxes, do theft of electricity, water etc ??


So point is all religions are good, all will lead to happiness if properly taught and understood and followed. But many religious leaders teach not to make their lot better but try to down others.They instigate insted of inspire. They put their followers energy  in destructive path instead of asking them to follow path of brotherhood, development, progress, love, live and let live,do your humble mite for humanity.


Let all religion flourish, learn to live togather, allow change of faith if it is individuals choice but make them ethical,human, tolerant,proud to live with, secured to live with,and make them good philentrophist.


Unfortunately our media too focuses not on good deeds ( like most fanatic leaders) and does not promote good in us. They still promote only sachin, Shahrukh, Amitabha ( all have done FSI / land scams inspite of having everything in life) but media has just forgotten such a huge and intelligent and human contribution by Azim Premji for eduaction and that too for poor in villages in India. If things work out well as per his scheme of donation to his beloved motherland then he deserves the best of honours by govt and not those who we saw in list on this 26 th Jan.


And nice person like u should follow persons like Azimji. write abt him and people and institution like him and not scriptures for comparision,showing some up and down and hurt as they r too vast to understand most.




Thanks and Regards,
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From: Shahanawaz Khan <>
To: SoaringEagle <>
Sent: Sat, 5 March, 2011 11:57:21 PM
Subject: Re: [menow] Ten Centimeter : Must Read !!

by Dr. Zakir Naik

1.  Common Concept of God in Hinduism: Hinduism is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion. Indeed, most Hindus would attest to this, by professing belief in multiple Gods. While some Hindus believe in the existence of three gods, some believe in thousands of gods, and some others in thirty three crore i.e. 330 million Gods. However, learned Hindus, who are well versed in their scriptures, insist that a Hindu should believe in and worship only one God.

The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim perception of God is the common Hindus' belief in the philosophy of Pantheism. Pantheism considers everything, living and non-living, to be Divine and Sacred. The common Hindu, therefore, considers everything as God. He considers the trees as God, the sun as God, the moon as God, the monkey as God, the snake as God and even human beings as manifestations of God!

Islam, on the contrary, exhorts man to consider himself and his surroundings as examples of Divine Creation rather than as divinity itself. Muslims therefore believe that everything is God's i.e. the word 'God' with an apostrophe 's'. In other words the Muslims believe that everything belongs to God.

The trees belong to God, the sun belongs to God, the moon belongs to God, the monkey belongs to God, the snake belongs to God, the human beings belong to God and everything in this universe belongs to God.

Thus the major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim beliefs is the difference of the apostrophe 's'. The Hindu says everything is God. The Muslim says everything is God's.

2. Concept of God according to Hindu Scriptures:

We can gain a better understanding of the concept of God in Hinduism by analysing Hindu scriptures.


The most popular amongst all the Hindu scriptures is the Bhagavad Gita.
Consider the following verse from the Gita:

"Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures."
[Bhagavad Gita 7:20]

The Gita states that people who are materialistic worship demigods i.e. 'gods' besides the True God.


The Upanishads are considered sacred scriptures by the Hindus.

The following verses from the Upanishads refer to the Concept of God:

1.  "Ekam evadvitiyam"
"He is One only without a second."
[Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]1

2.  "Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah."
"Of Him there are neither parents nor lord."
[Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9]2

3.  "Na tasya pratima asti"
"There is no likeness of Him."
[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19]3

4.  The following verses from the Upanishad allude to the inability of man to imagine God in a particular form:

"Na samdrse tisthati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam."

"His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye."
[Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]4

1[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 447 and 448]
[Sacred Books of the East, volume 1 'The Upanishads part I' page 93]

2[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 745]
[Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, 'The Upanishads part II' page 263.]

3[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 736 & 737]
[Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, 'The Upanishads part II' page no 253]

4[The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan page 737]
[Sacred Books of the East, volume 15, 'The Upanishads part II' page no 253]
Vedas are considered the most sacred of all the Hindu scriptures. There are four principal Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda.

1. Yajurveda
  The following verses from the Yajurveda echo a similar concept of God:

1. "na tasya pratima asti"
    "There is no image of Him."
    [Yajurveda 32:3]5

2. "shudhama poapvidham"
    "He is bodyless and pure."
    [Yajurveda 40:8]6

3. "Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste"
    "They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements" (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). "They sink
    deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti."       
    [Yajurveda 40:9]7 

4. Sambhuti means created things, for example table, chair, idol, etc.

   The Yajurveda contains the following prayer:
   "Lead us to the good path and remove the sin that makes us stray and wander."
   [Yajurveda 40:16]8 

  5[Yajurveda by Devi Chand M.A. page 377]

  6[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Giffith page 538]

  7[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Giffith page 538]

  8[Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Griffith page 541]
2. Atharvaveda

The Atharvaveda praises God in Book 20, hymn 58 and verse 3:
1. "Dev maha osi"
"God is verily great"
[Atharvaveda 20:58:3]9 
3. Rigveda
1.  The oldest of all the vedas is Rigveda. It is also the one considered most sacred by the Hindus.
The Rigveda states in Book 1, hymn 164 and verse 46:  "Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many
[Rigveda 1:164:46]

2. The Rigveda gives several different attributes to Almighty God. Many of these are mentioned in
Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1.

Among the various attributes of God, one of the beautiful attributes mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3, is Brahma. Brahma means 'The Creator'. Translated into Arabic it means Khaaliq. Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Khaaliq or 'Creator' or Brahma. However if it is said that Brahma is Almighty God who has four heads with each head having a crown, Muslims take strong exception to it.

Describing Almighty God in anthropomorphic terms also goes against the following verse of Yajurveda:

"Na tasya Pratima asti"
"There is no image of Him."
[Yajurveda 32:3]

Another beautiful attribute of God mentioned in the Rigveda Book II hymn 1 verse 3 is Vishnu. Vishnu means 'The Sustainer'. Translated into Arabic it means Rabb. Again, Muslims can have no objection if Almighty God is referred to as Rabb or 'Sustainer' or Vishnu. But the popular image of

9[Atharveda Samhita vol 2 William Dwight Whitney page 910]

Vishnu among Hindus, is that of a God who has four arms, with one of the right arms holding the Chakra, i.e. a discus and one of the left arms holding a 'conch shell', or riding a bird or reclining on a snake couch. Muslims can never accept any image of God. As mentioned earlier this also goes against Svetasvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 19.

"Na tasya pratima asti"
"There is no likeness of Him"

The following verse from the Rigveda Book 8, hymn 1, verse 1 refer to the Unity and Glory of the Supreme Being:

3.  "Ma cid anyad vi sansata sakhayo ma rishanyata"
"O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone."
[Rigveda 8:1:1]10

4.  "Devasya samituk parishtutih"
"Verily, great is the glory of the Divine Creator."
[Rigveda 5:1:81]11

Brahma Sutra of Hinduism:

The Brahma Sutra of Hinduism is:

"Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan"

"There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit."

Thus only a dispassionate study of the Hindu scriptures can help one understand the concept of God in Hinduism.

0[Rigveda Samhita vol. 9, pages 2810 and 2811 by Swami Satya Prakash Sarasvati and Satyakam Vidyalankar]

11[Rigveda Samhita vol. 6, pages 1802 and 1803 by Swami Satya Prakash Saraswati and Satyakam Vidyalankar]

as from the sun." The Prophecy confirms:

1. The name of the Prophet as Ahmed since Ahmed is an Arabic name. Many translators misunderstood it to be 'Ahm at hi' and translated the mantra as "I alone have acquired the real wisdom of my father".

2. Prophet was given eternal law, i.e. the Shariah.

3. The Rishi was enlightened by the Shariah of Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an says in Surah Saba Chapter 34 verse 28 (34:28):

"We have not sent thee but as a universal (Messenger) to men, giving them glad tidings and warning them (against sin), but most men understand not."

RE: NavNirman - we have to look within..........

dear Anurag,
U r great. Unbelivable. U and ur thoughts have touched my heart and should touch sensibilities of all of us. There is a discrimination of all kinds.
And shamefully so in this world of modern times , so called 21st century. It exists in our society and we see it daily but ignore it/ shut our minds/ eyes.
Thanks for raking up some new revolutionary thought. If u have wish to take it further I will join you with all my mite.

Thanks and Regards,
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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 10:24:52 +0530
Subject: Re: NavNirman - we have to look within..........

Dear Anurag,

Very well said. I agree, it's a cultural issue, which needs to be cultivated.

Best Wishes,


On 02/25/2011 10:03 AM, Anurag Jain wrote:

Dear All,


India is corrupt , I think we need a social reforms first before we talk abt revolutions……….


1.       General Discrimination practiced may be because of ………….we all have an innate desire to be superior
a.       Family members
                                                               i.      between in- laws ( most of us consider people from the bride's family as somewhat of lower strata)
                                                             ii.      By skin color – (brothers, sisters….., practiced right in our homes)
                                                            iii.      Gender discrimination – female feticide is still the largest in the world
b.      Rural vs urban discrimination
                                                               i.      Different economic criteria for urban and villages by our policy makers
                                                             ii.      ……………………………..
c.       Regional discrimination
d.      Rich vs poor
e.      Last one – based on Caste
2.       We do not believe in unified approach to problems……….. we have a "I know all" attitudinal problem
a.       Ignoring/suppressing talent because of above is a norm.
b.      Its strange, topshots amongst us still lack confidence in our own capabilities
3.       Money worshipping ……………..


This all comes to my mind very often, if we do not tackle the root cause, the corruption will never go away…………





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