Sunday, March 6, 2011

letter meant for inlaws of daughter but can not dare to send to them. This is condition in India

Child behaviour: ( and children are compared to god and if some one has heart like that even at the age of 27 then what is wrong) May be she is 27, she is doc,she is from Mumbai but she is new in her relationship and craving for faithfulness,love, care, dignity..but for some this is silliness, over expectation and because their own son is involved his all repeated acts of cheating and voilence are ignored and he is shown love and and on his narrating of his stories tears flows but on a girl who is suffering , cheated, slighted, beaten repeatedly is advised, expected to rise such issues and told to save marriage, told to trust ???????????????
My child is hungry of love,respect,dignity,appreciation and recognition.Pl. listen to words she has been using. demands/requests she has been making. If person who can make big blunder is allowed to go scot free and loved then she who has been grossly wronged expects better reognition and better respect. As time passes she too will grow up.
Since one person has exhausted his feelings of love, intimacy etc he does not find anything wrong in not listning to her, not bearaing her tantrums and so on but she being her first love, companion ship , relationship wants more understanding, care, bearing, chit chat and what is wrong in that. And if she feels agitated on issues ( due to having expirienced cheating even after written committment she is under constant fear of thrown out, sidelined,ditched,beaten up, neglected etc) which she fears and gets angry then instead of reassurance, calmness, transparacy,coming clean she gets further ill treatment??? And we expect her to not to loose temper, remain unirritable ( inspite of living under constant fear of getting dumped) and take it as provocation and as also faulty / having tantrums. What standard?? What humanity?? What modern living?? What reaction?? Whose whole dreams of love in marriage is shattered and we expect her to be calmer then this?? And gets beaten up brutaly??
Dear All,
My daughter who is doctor and good looking and every other thing which one would look for in a partner. But her husband who too is a MNC manager beats her up regularly when angry. He has his own past ( relationship with a divorced collegue etc ) and family forced him to leave her ( which we have come to know now). Can he improve? My daugher is in shattered state.She wakes up in the night crying/ shouting out of fear save me etc..
Pl. advise?

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