Friday, July 19, 2013

2014 election effects and Alok tells you this in advance prepared for such incidents

Pl. note that very crucial loksabha elections are coming. Many party are importing tons of counterfeit notes to spend in elections. They have asked RBI to do so. one tells you this except Alok .........or they should wait till elections are over.

Also in next few months hundreds and thousands of cars, two wheelers will be stolen as they are needed by UP Bihar politicians.

Looting of banks,jwelery showrooms etc will be common again as money is needed by criminals contesting. 

The cases of extortions and kidnap will rise, smuggling of firearms, drugs will be up. 

The political party honchos who have parked their money in land, golds, shares will start encashing as they need funds so there will be down slide in market of these items. 

Carefully read paper and as elections come near you will read all such news daily over a bed tea. ........Alok 

RBI ask banks to collect counterfeit notes and give credit to customers.
The Reserve Bank guidelines on counterfeit notes to banks indicates that banks will have to streamline their system in a manner that they have to bear the risk of receiving counterfeits rather than the common man who suffers a loss by unknowingly comes into possession of such notes

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed banks to collect counterfeit notes from depositors, mark them appropriately and also give credit to the customer for value of notes submitted.

“Detection of counterfeit notes, at banks, should be at the back office or currency chest only,” the RBI said in a circular issued on 27 June 2013 . “Banknotes when tendered over the counters may be checked for arithmetical accuracy and other deficiencies like whether there are mutilated notes, and appropriate credit passed on to the depositor or account or value in exchange given,” it added.
The RBI has further said that banks, which detect and deposit such counterfeit currency, would be compensated to a small extent. In the circular the central bank said, “It has been decided to compensate the banks 25% of the loss incurred in respect of counterfeit notes of Rs100 and above detected by them and reported to RBI and Police authorities.” This means that banks will not be absolved of the duty to check for counterfeits, but would not be the losers when a small number of fakes get past them. 
The problem of counterfeit notes has been escalating over the years. Recently, fake Indian currency, worth Rs37 lakh from a Chinese source was detected at a Delhi restaurant. In another recent case, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has revealed clear link between Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir-based terror outfits pooling their resources to circulate fake Indian currency and using it to fund jihadi activities in India, says a report from India Today.
According to RBI, reporting and detection of counterfeit notes has not improved on its expected lines. RBI said although 90% of the currency chests are with the public sector banks, they account for reporting of a mere 10% of counterfeit notes, while private sector banks with less than 10% of currency chests are reporting 90% of such cases.

Alok will be killed shortly in mysterious circumstances

Marigold Hall, Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Road, Next to Regency Hotel,
Near Vakola Highway Signal, Santacruz East, Mumbai – 400 055 Tel. 9324225699 /



Event : Alok Tholiya will narrate his expirience with Public Prosecutors in Sessions Courts

Conclsuision : tiny criminals grow giant on the lap of public prosecutors, criminal advocates, police and delaying courts

Prayer to govt of India and all activists to form a research and study team to find why small timers in Mumbai became Dawood, Gawali, Bhai, Chota,Shakil, Rajan, Pappu, Mudliyar, haji, bakhiya and the list is one tells you this except......................... Alok

Caution: Alok will be killed shortly in mysterious circumstances as the giant devils have played in the arms and lap of above named who will not like this. But all my life I have lived as weak, darpok, kayar Jain Bania but wish to die like a shahid son of soil of Shivaji for commonman raising issues of commonman.

Venue: above hall
Fellowship and Tea and biscutes:  4.45 pm to 5 PM
Meeting: 5.00 to 6.30 pm
Day and Date: Friday 19th July 2013
All are cordially Invited.

Sincerely yours

Alok Tholiya

Thursday, July 18, 2013

compare ball to ball, sin to sin and do not see one from microscpope and other from macroscope......Alok

  • You and Relaxo Domeswear Relaxo Khan like this.
  • Alok Tholiya If he had then law must take necessary action against him. How any passport Dawood and memons had? Pl. update. How many murders they committed, blasts they did, extortaion they did , land grabbing, smuggling, selling afim , ganja etc they did also pl. state.
  • Anisul Khan Mr. Alok I know u personally have met in person. I know what type of person u are and today u have cleared that ur anti muslim. Did I mention any of the names above. I had mention just my name. U chrck if I have any bad records. Why u r talking about s...See More
  • Anisul Khan One more thing u update me whether Ramdev had how much passport and how much money. Is Modi bramchari or was he married. How much people where killed in his tenure as CM in Gujrat during godhra. What training is given in RSS camp in parts of Gujrat, UP and Kolhapur. How much funding PEPSI is giving to RSS and for what. Many more questions are there u reply this much I will then ask more.
  • Anisul Khan We have a team and all are Indians and I am the only Muslim in it rest are from different religion. Be prepared to answer all of us. Let see how much knowledge u have.
  • Anisul Khan Jai Hind Jai Hind
  • Alok Tholiya It will be nice if u break up ur questions.
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  • Alok Tholiya It will nice if we meet personally too if u know me.
  • Anisul Khan You and we were associated with Shiv Kheraji. His party if u remember we used to meet at ur place Santacruz
  • Alok Tholiya Possible. And note that I have given my hall for free to Shiv Kherajis BRSP and now to AAP. I have given one room without rent to AAP for their office till possible. And never given to any communal party anything free. Why? Instead of BRSP or AAP or IAC I had an option to give same to SS or NCP or SP the communal or criminal parties. There has been a big political hoarding of SS BJP at Vakola and I alone wrote against that to BMC. Hear my video on you tube on police where I openly say that RSS leader connived and helped one of my criminal tenant who attacked me. But if one has to write because Baba ramedo is Hindu leader then same is wrong. And if he has done law breaking then rulers are cong and they must be attacked for letting go all criminals scot free, all communal scot free and many rioteers scot free. See Dubai and Singapor who just do not tolerate communal violence be it from any quarter. Why cant India be firm. Because it is ruled by Cong .