Saturday, June 6, 2015

I m pro dignity and relief to aam admi

Even if my family member was PM, CM, Guv, or anyone I will b pro RTI and not pro any individual. If he does good then that is what one has to do in precious human life and if he does wrongs then needs treatment accordingly. I m not pro or against NAMO, AK, Rahul or so on. I am pro their good actions and against their bad actions. I m pro dignity and relief to aam admi and relaxation on all devilish laws against aam admi. And I am pro strict laws against non performing, non replying, harassing, delaying bureaucrats and politicians.

Incentive for family planning

Atal Pension Yojana: Should be only for those having / restricting at two children. All those who presently are married and having more than two children can be allowed if they do not add child to existing team. All new benefits must be only for those who agree to family planning. I am making it clear that on the date of announcement of scheme those having more than two children can be give benefit if they stop at that. We can't afford benefits to those who create burden for taxpayers. ..............No one talks positive and creative except Alok ......

Alok on Yoga:

Alok on Yoga: Pl. understand that there r many good things in all fields ( eating ,drinking, vegetables, main course, clothing, housing , living and so on) yet most of us intake wrong things / choices. There r some who will always use wrong things : eat junk, dring liquor, smoke, on. It is their choice. U can't make anything and everything compulsory. What govt can do is spread awareness of good and bad and leave on them to decide. Only in exceptional issues ( viz Ramjanmabhoomi, family planning, sec 370 ) govt can play bit more important roll and not on all and sundry issues and make everyone unhappy and enemy. Yoga is scientifically proven best no side effect and inexpensive , suitable for all age -all gender - places. But for such good thing no force or no sunday working should be made must. Let wise take it and let others ignore and you should ignore them.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

let every nook and corner effigy of agent of harmful food be burnt, they called traitors ...

We have seen how sold out Dr Depa and Rajiv desaeee supported Nesle and maggi who have been given supari by trillions of dollar US pharma industries to seriously affect health of Indian children and youth so that they can make in millions.Can someone make cartoon faces with two horny teeth blood soaked of these agents of harmful maggi. Also I sincerely thank Times Now and Sunita Narayan and all such activist for working for our health and betterment of our society. Not the film stars not the cricketers but these activists deserve national awards.

Yoga day : mad caps.

Yoga day :  mad caps. Why force? Give choice. U can educate , motivate give incentive but can't force. And now a days one plans B day and moaning days too as per convenience. So Sunday is never convenient for official agenda so any day like Yoga day etc can be celebrated on following working day but why be maniac/ dictator about it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Request to AAP to resolve water crises in minimum time and set an example.

I request AAP to come up with white paper on water in delhi. What was before independence, what was done in Delhi congress rule for water and what was done by BJP in Delhi when they ruled delhi . What is a present assessment? How AAP is trying to give relief for immediate relief and what are the long term plans to redress the burning issue ? Why not make legally compulsory for all 5 stars, Multinational offices above 5000 sq ft , and govt and other offices having more then x lacs liters of water consumption to install own water treatment/ recycling plants? In Dubai all hotels desalinate and purify sea water for their use even for drinking . Pay for best of the brains in world to resolve water crises in minimum time and set an example.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Najma Heptulla ... lets us respect each others sentiments

By hurting some other people’s sentiments you eat it, it is not fair, she said.