Saturday, June 6, 2015

Alok on Yoga:

Alok on Yoga: Pl. understand that there r many good things in all fields ( eating ,drinking, vegetables, main course, clothing, housing , living and so on) yet most of us intake wrong things / choices. There r some who will always use wrong things : eat junk, dring liquor, smoke, on. It is their choice. U can't make anything and everything compulsory. What govt can do is spread awareness of good and bad and leave on them to decide. Only in exceptional issues ( viz Ramjanmabhoomi, family planning, sec 370 ) govt can play bit more important roll and not on all and sundry issues and make everyone unhappy and enemy. Yoga is scientifically proven best no side effect and inexpensive , suitable for all age -all gender - places. But for such good thing no force or no sunday working should be made must. Let wise take it and let others ignore and you should ignore them.

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