Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yoga day : mad caps.

Yoga day :  mad caps. Why force? Give choice. U can educate , motivate give incentive but can't force. And now a days one plans B day and moaning days too as per convenience. So Sunday is never convenient for official agenda so any day like Yoga day etc can be celebrated on following working day but why be maniac/ dictator about it.

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  1. I really wonder what kind of people all of them self styled self certified secular intellectuals in India. It is your choice if you want to enjoy drugs, rave parties , foreign honeymoon or Yoga. Do not teach us what we have to do, It is India and not Vatican.

    So far arranging this programme on Sunday is concerned, all Christians do all things on Sunday, they travel, attend duties in Call centres, open their private establishments so what is their problems. Is entire India compulsorily closed to appease some Christians. Why do not you ask all Christians to shut their establishments completely on Sunday.

    India is going to be governed by Hindu way of LIfe and do not expect us to follow Vatican or ISIS. All customs, traditions are purely Hindustani and will continue to remain so. If still you have problems, you should have done some thing since 1947 when for 60 years you were in power.

    We are not going to sacrifice our rights to facilitate your Sunday programmes and we are least bothered about that. You are free to follow any religion but you cannot expect me to facilitate or promote your religion.