Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gandihiji's India is unsafe for activists

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Is protesting a crime in gandhi's india?
Kerala protester assaulted by cop for waving black flag at Chief Minister

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anil Ambani ji made a announcement but ... his management failing his word..

As a share holder of any of Anil mbaniji's group co. the shareholders are offered 15% discount at Ambani Hospital. The offer said you can generate discount voucher at hospital premises. 

Yesterday e.i. 4th Sep 13 I went their for  MRI etc for tests worth Rs 11000/-.. I am a reliance ADA group co. s share holder and so is my wife and others. 

The Reliance/ Ambani  Hospital management refused to help me in generating the discount coupon. Then I was advised to go to their cyber cafe on gr. fl. and pay and get it. The lady their refused saying we have poor speed so we shut down that facility. Then I rushed to a friend office ( Shri Ajay helped me , offered Club sandwich and coffee and then his partner and my dad's friend dropped me in his car back to Ambani hospital. 
But the main work for which I troubled them was not done as the link of coupon was not working and we tried for good one hour. 

I reached the office of Admin manager at hosptal Shri Bhat. I was with my wife. He did not even offer to sit down ( but we sat down after a while on our own). 

Then he said we can not help you. After asking to see CEO or Shri mbani he said when u come to collect report at that time bring the coupon and we will refund u the excess charged. I agreed. 

Today on 5th Sep the site though fully working but then link for generating discount coupon is not still working. I can donate back that Rs 1500/- or so discount I am to get , so I m not struggling for that but struggling to fight the nepotism, non humbleness of managers who lick shoes of VIP but ill treat AAM ADMI who give business to them. I am fighting for the misrepresentation in their offer. 

Will they follow ethics and be honest to their word and be responsive or ........No one wastes so much time fighting menace of society except Alok and AAP. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
Pl. note my alternate no. 9819733057/ 02226125699/26173203
( Reliance Mobile has blocked my no. fraudulently. 
9324225699 )

politically and principley wrong statement by Kejriwal.......I want no tkt so I can be blunt and honest friend to him....

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  • Alok Tholiya Kejriwal has unwittingly. given importance to BJP and so also annoyed pro AAP but anti BJP . Such politically incorrect self praise is dangerous. The life time correct statement can be anyone is welcome who is less important then AAP ideals and is committed, has clean imgae and wants to work for AAM ADMI.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Similarity between The Horse in Race course and the Advocate in Court

Keep in mind: There are always exceptions. .......but following is rule , normally...

You bet ( pay fees) on both The Horse in Race course and the Advocate in Court . You are sure that the chosen one by you are the best and you will win. But No. Both in profession are unprofessional, uncertain, whimsical, getting irritated fast , do not promise you to deliver what u expect and pay for ( atleast to honest clients ), they may suddenly get adamant, put down foot, will allow opposite party to over take, want more and more feed......and so on.......a writer can make this a good article ......I in short want to say, You may loose even if you bet on best  pay for best , and after you have paid they will behave irrationally, as per their whims and dictates and you are not the master but mere sufferer spectator and often taking insults while you loose money on them and case / race on other hand. While you thank them for every duty they perform or not perform they only feel that they r obliging you. They know and behave as they r the masters and you are slave once you have appointed them.

And that is true as courts treat them that way. Dates are given as per convenience of Advocates and not litigants. Litigant may be fined for taking adjournments although repeated dates may hv been taken cause your advocates is not prepared or done his drafting etc.

The most sold out advocates commit to other party in courts so many things at the cost of their own clients without taking their consent by saying it is in your interest. The Court does not ask for written application / consent from clients / written adjournments applications etc so the vocal powerful influential advocates sways the court and litigants as per his whims and the notes act as a carrot even if offered by other side.

Public prosecutors are mostly the bunch of advocates who are expert in harassing the non bribing complainants and helping the criminals. And that is why we see history sheeters on the go in every street of city/ country.

 The PP, The IO, the criminal side advocates for money do every thing to bias the court, delay the matter to tire out the complainant, to harass the honest and support the wrong doers.
And PP  Chavan said you are not the one paying me. So our paying taxes whole life and they getting ( IO, PP, Judges, ) salary from it is not the thing which we are paying ( heavy taxes which we pay thru noses) and PP wants something out of pocket to unleash  attack on criminals or they will remain dumb  spectator and be a hand in glove of accused advocate. .......

No one tells you this except Alok.......because I wish to die at the instance of PP / IO who have mafias as their patrons  ........or by a terrorist for writing fearlessly on PAK-China ....and whose agents are policy makers and law and order controllers of India.

.......sorry no time to improve draft and make it more effective but truth itself is....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

No appeasment ..only honest fair progressive leader required like in Singapore/ dubai etc..

Gujarat riots unfortunate; unfair to blame Narendra Modi for it: Rajnath Singh
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  • Alok Tholiya No politician should try to milk voters by showing affinity to any religion. This is appeasment by BJP . A true leader is one who is honest , dynamic and strong to ensure everyones growth and safety.