Thursday, March 19, 2015

Make martial arts learning compulsory for girls in India

All girls in India must be compulsorily trained in martial arts. Not only for self defence against goondas but also from criminal minded husbands and in laws.

I am open to inter caste marriages

I support all inter caste marriages, inter faith marriages, inter linguistic marriages. But both must be willing to live happily inspite of high cultural differences and besides there must not be force on changing religion, wearing hijab or similar and eating what one does not like.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

President Sir, Pl. immediately remove Home Minister of Karnataka George

The President Of India,
The Governor of Karnataka.

Pl. immediately remove Home Minister of Karnataka George for the sake  honest, unbiased, free and impartial investigation into the murder of Shahid IAS D K Ravi.

Alok and hundreds of others

दबंगों ने दलित युवक के मुंह में पेशाब किया

I think after making documentary on rape one will have to make on atrocities on dalits, weak, downtrodden and old. Shameless act. I bow my head that this is what happens in 21st century in India some madcaps calling themselves high cast. Those doing such r the shame to Hinduism And Hindustan.

दबंगों ने दलित युवक के मुंह में पेशाब किया

That time CBI chief appointment costed rs 1 crore

Shahid D K ravi was murdered and in connivance r top police officers. Postmortem was a fake. When whole state machinery has vested interest then how can u trust local police and doctors doing postmortem? for postmortem his body should have been flown to different state.
AAM party Delhi must announce job for his wife at high post so it becomes a extremely human and populist ( no crime u r in politics) step.
All activists all over India must demand impartial inquiry and person like Rebeiro must be involved as I can't fully trust CBI. Other day in a party I was told by a CA that he has been visiting CBI for client. And bribe then was rs 1 cr to see CBI chief.
I do not know how much connections such people had and have with Chief Justice of India, in PM office and so on?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My heartfelt condolence but can that heel the family of Late D K Rao......

 I am disturbed as do not know what can help Late D K Ravi's family? Can AAP offer some good job to atleast one family member of this brave honest son of India?

no one condemned attack by Muslims on Jain idol at lucknow but....

I condemn attacks on Christian minorities in Pakistan & India. This is inspite of no Christians,Sikhs, Hindus Buddhists, muslims vocal for every right not condemning attack on Jain Temples in Kashmir and breaking of Jain idol last year by Muslims returning from namaz in lucknow. As I stand against all wrongs without connecting my personal interest. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does some people want camera focus by starting controversies?? Can't they be putting efforts for betterment of tomorrow

To Markandeya Katju ji,
I find smallest tree, flower, fruit, animal, smallest of the man in society and so on either spreading fragrance, giving food, contributing to society as applicable. No one wants be a burden on society life time. They give back. Specially when they r in a position , are free, are retired and so on. You are free now. There r two choices. 1 Use or free time to raise controversies and seek limelight. Or do some thing futuristic, lead society to better tomorrow. If not by money, not by personal labour then atleast by writings. create some awakening, raise some issues of present times so when highlighted by person of your stature then they are redressed faster and so on. Our forefathers be in family or at the level of nation may have done some mistakes and we have two choices. 1. either curse them or start in constructive way from where they left. Sir, your intelligence , your writings need to be used for better tomorrow, handing over to our future generation and more peaceful, lovable, liveable society and ont just society crying on past.Some thing which was done by our forefathers in their limited farsight, vision, circumstance etc can not be undone by maligning them. But by filling the gaps left by them. Hope great person that you are will take this request from a humble person who feels every minute I have been taking something from society and it is my utmost duty to pay back humbly to the society I live in. And as taught by my religion pardon others mistakes and do a good work and earn good karmas. And out of many opportunities before you the greatest is suggesting ways to improve justice system. You can do so Sir, please do and be futuristic. .........Aapka Alok Tholiya