Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That time CBI chief appointment costed rs 1 crore

Shahid D K ravi was murdered and in connivance r top police officers. Postmortem was a fake. When whole state machinery has vested interest then how can u trust local police and doctors doing postmortem? for postmortem his body should have been flown to different state.
AAM party Delhi must announce job for his wife at high post so it becomes a extremely human and populist ( no crime u r in politics) step.
All activists all over India must demand impartial inquiry and person like Rebeiro must be involved as I can't fully trust CBI. Other day in a party I was told by a CA that he has been visiting CBI for client. And bribe then was rs 1 cr to see CBI chief.
I do not know how much connections such people had and have with Chief Justice of India, in PM office and so on?

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