Friday, August 10, 2012

City Survey office : how citizens r harrassed and ..

All visitors r made to sit in passge near loo

Against child labour act a 12 year old boy serves tea to City survey officers

Here officers have demanded Rs 2 lacs from me for changing name of my late mother as per duly passed  probate order by high court

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Re: 7,000 crore rupee mobile phone for below poverty line people

1. Handsets worth Rs 1500cr will be bought and govt will pay 7000 cr . The rest will go for elections of 2013-14.
2. The handsets will be bought from China of low qualitry which will be health hazard. So China will then sell cheap generics too.
3. The poor will hv to pay repeatedly on repairs of these instruments and waste lot of money.
4. When in city like Mumbai for Nokia and Samsung the two  leading brands, we r harrassed, made to sit for hours at their service centers located at far away places and places where ther r no parking, no loo no water etc , they only work till 5 pm and on Mon to Friday where as they sell till 10 pm and all 7 days then can u imagine what will be condition of these poor, illetrate customers who will be looted by repaireres.
5. Half of these free stuff will come out in grey market and will get sold in black like other rationed material and govt officials and ministers will make money.
6. Insted govt must spend this on eduaction, health , sanitation and computerising police and courts who are very backward state.....


Can someone bring somestay order on this announced loot....