Friday, December 21, 2012

These rapists are gift to society by greedy Police, PP, courts , media ..........

Dawood cud not be dawood without the blessings of Police, PP, courts , 
media ..........

pay and get out makes the tom a big time mafia, rapist, drug peddler. 

They weed out harmful shrubs from their own garden to protect it, do 
pest control of their house as they they slightly come across small line 
of white ants but feed small timers ( for bribe) who in few years become
 dangerous criminals. I can name hundreds but dawood is one 
example. Ram Jethmalani even if goes to Ayodhya 100 times can 
not wash his sins of saving so many criminals. Jethamalaniji, it is
 at this old age time to take vow that u will take cases of victims 
and not criminals . U have made enough and now theses incidents 
must change your heart.

 If these  rapists were let loose and they committed the recent heinous 

crime then that is because IO's made weak case, PP did not do justice 
to their roll and took money, bad lawyers represented these criminals 
( Like Ram jethmalani saved so many mafia s and even took case of a 
criminal in Jessica case) , and the  judges who dished out bail, gave 
benefit of doubt etc... Should not some one find these names and 

 prosecute all those who let loose for money these criminals who 
finally committed such heinous crime. ......Alok noone dares to 
say this except .............. Alok

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Delhi gang rape case: Main accused went berserk after victim bit him

Delhi gangrape: Accused charged under 3 more IPC sections
Delhi gangrape: Accused charged under 3 more IPC sections
NEW DELHI: Ram Singh, 33, the prime accused in Sunday's gang rape, is a volatile man, known among friends as "Mental," a police source said on Tuesday. During investigation, he is learnt to have told police how he lost control and ended up brutalizing the woman and assaulting her friend.

"When she resisted and bit his hand, he says, he got very angry. Alcohol and the victims' defiance, made him go berserk. He picked up a rod and hit the two everywhere. His accomplices followed suit," a source said.

Ram Singh reportedly started picking up fights at the slightest pretext after the death of his wife two years ago. There's an accident case registered against him and he has admitted to being involved in several other brawls. He had also run away with a girl in his neighbourhood, sources said.

A police officer said the investigating team led by Inspector Anil Sharma had found Ram Singh a cold and remorseless man. "Initially, he denied everything. But when he began to open up, he chose to divulge each detail, with no repentance. Such brutality does not affect him. He tried to destroy evidence by washing the bus with confidence and told his accomplices to not worry, and lie low for some time. He stayed calm when he went and parked the bus in RK Puram, and then took it back to the owner in Noida. The confidence he shows is not of a novice definitely," the officer said.

It seems that even as the gang was brutalizing the woman by turns, Ram Singh had made a plan to cover their tracks. Sources say Ram Singh decided to strip the victims completely before throwing them out of the bus to leave no trace of incriminating semen or blood. He also kept their mobiles and switched them off. Three mobiles — one belonging to the woman and two to her friend — have now been recovered along with some of their clothes.

Although police were able to arrest him with his employer's help, Ram Singh showed his shrewd side again by refusing to undergo the test identification parade on Tuesday.

Police say Ram Singh dropped his accomplices near RK Puram after 10.30pm on Sunday and brought the bus back to Sector 3 in RK Puram. Although his brother Mukesh was initially driving the bus, Ram Singh asked the cleaner, Akshay, to drive it to the garage.

In the morning, all the accused returned to work on his direction. Akshay and Ram Singh plied the bus on its route. Around 9am, when they realized their crime was all over the news, they took the bus to Rohilla Khurd near Sector 62, Noida and washed it thoroughly to remove bloodstains.

But Ram Singh's plan went awry when the bus owner, Dinesh Yadav, called him to drive it back. "Police had asked Yadav to ensure Ram Singh came back with the bus. He was tricked into coming to RK Puram, where we arrested him,'' said an investigating officer.

According to police, the accused used to drive continuously through the day. He would pick up schoolchildren at 8am and drop them before picking office goers from the Malai Mandir area. He brought back students from the south Delhi school at 1pm.

Sources also pointed out that had the school noticed and reported that the bus they had hired had tinted glasses and was driven by an illiterate person involved in an 0accident, Ram Singh could have been taken off the roads earlier.klr=f./nb/'gggggzu

Police registers and investigates so many crimes.....does that mean there is a conviction ???? NO...only 9 % conviction in Maharashtra

Since there is no conviction : Failure of IO ( Investigation officer purposefully  fails to make a foolproof case), PP is not interested in case as his lawful income remains static inspite of and goes up when he sides criminal, and Judges and courts delay the case, prolong it to the extent that complainant and witnesses loose the track and which benefits the criminal.

Therefore the all crime and even like rape are going up. Govt must insist that conviction is done in a year and conviction rate must go to International standard which is 55% +. so that crime rate comes down. Once police, PP and courts are strict then even plea bargaining rate will go up which will speed up justice system.
Like counseling and mediation even PLEA BARGAINING counseling must be started where in in  a fool proof criminal can be persuaded to go for plea bargaining and help himself and help save time of Police, PP ( public Prosecutor) and courts...........No one tells you this but.......Alok

Are we beautiful in heart to see a human in common man???

Those who have never given me and I hv never taken a one single paisa from them yet theydo not treat me equal cause some with money, post, position are more equal then me who has none , not even parents. And I go in marriages and parties looking for my own people but most do not care as they are busy caring for those who are already being cared  for by allAnd some for no reason or rhyme try to harm my image, pull me down before my family, others, and this is when in last 40 years I have not taken a single paisa from them and given all the respect which a real young brother must give. Those who can not give love,respect or dignity atleast need not humiliate the aam admi around because  you have well connected people with you.I know only Krishna can love and respect Sudama ( and egoist sinful can not reach that height) the aam admi and friend but it does not mean that you disrespect anyone and play with his emotions and humiliate him/ her.    ..............Alok

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Alok Tholiya U can test abt good people when u r in need of them and when u hv everything else then u cant know who is good or bad as in ur good times all want to come near u and only in bad times u realise that instead of helping, sympathizing they distance after giving sermons or possible that they pull u down in ur bad times. I have respected all elders ( even by few years ) since the time they started their career from zero in Mumbai but now those who have risen to heights pull me down as if I am an unwanted ally in group of friends. Did I or my dad or my wife or my sisters insult them when they were zero??? Then why I am being meted out that treatment. Recently Tikam ji Kothari did so. Do they like a person only by looking at their strong balance sheet or they like a person inspite of that.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vodafone mobile and waste of time at Vodafone gallery

I had gone to ur Vodafone Gallery at santacruz West on 17th Dec2012 @ 16.27. I was able to leave at 15.43. 3 desks had  no person from your side.

This is too much. It is better to take a office in a near by industrial estate but empoy more people and give prompt service instead of having on VIP road, posh office and well dressed but poorly trained staff.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,