Friday, December 21, 2012

Are we beautiful in heart to see a human in common man???

Those who have never given me and I hv never taken a one single paisa from them yet theydo not treat me equal cause some with money, post, position are more equal then me who has none , not even parents. And I go in marriages and parties looking for my own people but most do not care as they are busy caring for those who are already being cared  for by allAnd some for no reason or rhyme try to harm my image, pull me down before my family, others, and this is when in last 40 years I have not taken a single paisa from them and given all the respect which a real young brother must give. Those who can not give love,respect or dignity atleast need not humiliate the aam admi around because  you have well connected people with you.I know only Krishna can love and respect Sudama ( and egoist sinful can not reach that height) the aam admi and friend but it does not mean that you disrespect anyone and play with his emotions and humiliate him/ her.    ..............Alok

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Alok Tholiya U can test abt good people when u r in need of them and when u hv everything else then u cant know who is good or bad as in ur good times all want to come near u and only in bad times u realise that instead of helping, sympathizing they distance after giving sermons or possible that they pull u down in ur bad times. I have respected all elders ( even by few years ) since the time they started their career from zero in Mumbai but now those who have risen to heights pull me down as if I am an unwanted ally in group of friends. Did I or my dad or my wife or my sisters insult them when they were zero??? Then why I am being meted out that treatment. Recently Tikam ji Kothari did so. Do they like a person only by looking at their strong balance sheet or they like a person inspite of that.

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