Friday, April 12, 2013

wherever politicians and bureaucrats are partners the unreasonable hike are allowed

The Managing Director,
HDFC Bank,

I duly protest on unreasonable charges unilaterally levied once we have opened an account with you. And when HDFC finds that we are stuck up with you.

I feel like mobile portability RBI must now introduce norms for bank account portability so one can easily switch to other bank and does not get  sucked like milch cow. 

On one hand govt gives so much of freedom to banks , electric suppliers,milk suppliers  Taxi, autos, PUC booths ( they started with Rs 20/ per vehicle few years back and now charging Rs 100/-) , pay and park ( started with Rs 3/- are now Rs 100/- per 3 hours) years    etc etc who  hike their charges as and when they like but old property landlords
coming under rent act of 1950's are not allowed to even charge Rs 1 extra. 

 I am still getting Rs. 30 per month per room from my tenants who are happily paying for cable TV/ DTH Rs 450 per month, paying Rs 42 per liter of milk, paying Rs 250 per plate in a hotel, paying Rs 80 per liter of petrol but but same tenants represented by Murli Deora , Ad D C Mehta says are poor and can not afford increase in rent. And double standard courts and govt allows them. 

Sir, I will not tolerate in new charges on my account and as it is while u were charging 10% on LAS accounts as interest now u charge 14% +. All unilaterally. On these charges top bank officials thrive and make millions by making us poor. 

And poor landlord are not allowed to levy a single paisa. And they say equality??? Ad D C Mehta who was charging very low fee 20 years back  is now charging in  lacs but wants landlords to get peanuts. So be it banks , politicians , media or advocates all want to be rich at the cost of innocent citizens especially poor landlords... the shelter providers. 

.Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

window dressing by media and municipal authorities but they will be back in their act soon

This will happen for only next two or 3 days and there after they will start patronizing illegal structure, illegal business etc and will continue to thrive with all illegal activities. Announcements for all raids, actions, notices, demolitions etc is for cooling down public tempers and once that happens media will come up with new sensational reports and bureaucrats will start their acts again in collusion with politicians.
I hv read such planted news in media 500 times in last 57 years and never seen any honest serious continuous drive.
If govt.  sells   land grabbed by land sharks ( bureaucrats and politicians as without their blessings and partnership no files moves an inch) .then every Indian can be given a crore rupees or so.
Similarly the builders have made 1 lac crores in last 4 years by selling at super built up, and then illegal floors and then  saved by giving bad constructions are heavily leaking, falling. Where as the buildings of British era built by landlords are still there but landlords are wiped off and tortured by rent act, delaying courts and media.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

"My individual freedom to live as I choose, to come and go as I choose, to believe or not believe as I individually choose.  For me every wind that blows carries message of freedom.  It carries it everywhere from sea to shining sea. I decide my freedom and not the society and the puppets of high society." For me Samaj Rachana is for suraksha and not for pleasing haves and maligning have nots. Samaj Rachana is for bringing people of all strata together at same level, to give place of pride to those live and sacrifice for Samaj and not for those who exploit Samaj and then show off status. So live and roar like a lion in samaj and not for wagging tail.  ...........Alok 

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New Link Road Residents Forum posted: "Thane civic body takes action, starts razing illegal structures ZoomBookmarkSharePrintTranslate THANE/MUMBAI: Waking up after 75 people lost their lives; the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) began demolition of illegal structures. Additional municipal "
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Deadly Illegal structures

by New Link Road Residents Forum
Thane civic body takes action, starts razing illegal structures
THANE/MUMBAI: Waking up after 75 people lost their lives; the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) began demolition of illegal structures.
Additional municipal commissioner Shyam Sunder Patil said demolition of two adjoining buildings — a six-storey and a seven-storey building — had started. The municipal demolition squad first removed shanties and a godown in Lucky Compound.

The TMC pressed into service seven earthmovers, 12 dumpers and 160 personnel to carry out the work. The action is a classic case of authorities waking up to a grave problem after the death of citizens.
The incident in Shil-Phata exposed the vicious nexus behind hundreds of illegal structures built in Mumbra, Kausa and Shil areas of Thane.
Residents and activists said their repeated appeals to the TMC against illegal constructions on Lucky compound fell on deaf ears [or was it ears paid to be deaf?].
Santosh Bhoir, a local activist, had sent letters to the TMC at every level of the building construction since the day the work started.
"I had drafted the first letter on February 7 when the ground floor construction started. I had pointed out that low quality construction material was being used and a mishap was feared," Bhoir said.
His second letter was on March 18 when two floors of the building were completed and the third letter was on March 30 when all the seven floors were completed.
Bhoir said no action was taken at any of these stages.
Mangal Patil, another activist, said he too had regularly corresponded with the TMC over hundreds of illegal constructions coming up in ward no 64 which also includes Shil area.
Sandeep Malvi, TMC's PRO, said: "We are checking the records to see why the complaints went unattended or what action was taken after these complaints. However, time and again, we have been taking action against illegal constructions in this area."