Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My expenses are minimum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mail 2 to family and other youngsters .....Alok

My expenses r minimum. I have no desire for luxury.
Dadaji remained in Rs. 5 chappel, 1 jodi choti kurta etc, but was happiest man.And left us with property of crores which he bought with his hard saved money which he never let squandered.

Or atleast never showed any frustration by seeing others luxury. he always/ and only wanted high quality and tasty food.
He always declared that I am merely ur munim / trustee and securing ur money/ future. He would be scolding if he sees any wastage like water, electricity, etc etc..
Same is done by Daddy. But no one became offended. Nor they had to bear the brunt of retaliation from their children for reminder of leaving lights fans on or on some wasteful ( as they thought) expenses.

But I feel when I remind on such issues then all of u feel hurt. feel taking retaliation.
May be u r more beautiful/ handsome . May be u r more intelligent. May be u r earning more then me. May be u r more educated.May be u r more pampered , liked, chased or have more options but I will remain what I am a husband for wife and father for children.
Yet If I have no right to say / suggest, pin point , improve, advise then what m I doing here?
Any how to begin with I have stopped ( attempting) bothering about wastage's, losses, misuse under use / over use. Now if water heater blasts, PC burns, ac conks off, or fat bills come I am least bothered. I too m just munim but of modern times ( unlike Dadaji who had right to screen, audit, budget) , and keep paying for any amount of bills happily and cheerfully. I thought my savings are for ur security, and security of old age and for making ur habits good. But that is affecting my image and relation and if my not nagging gives u all peace then let us have it that way.
But if fans keep burning, or such things keep happening then dont eat my head. Simply pay and get it repaired. And submit the voucher and collect the payment from my office .
But if there is fire due to over heating of appliances/ cable then?? God knows and knows well wait will it happen?

Till then have happy time...

( This is written seeing that present generation is failing to understand nagging parents and give them no right to intervene and advise)
( They do not worry about unforeseen developments which can happen in life and want just to compete in others in living in style or callously)