Thursday, May 7, 2015

Can Hindus and Christians and parsis and Sikhs get religious and voting right in saudi which they get in America and India

 I salute those Hindus, Muslims and sikhs and others who fought for our Independence. But....1. You hv posted on wrong page. 2. U hv ignored that India has given same rights to non Hindus which Pak, BD and 57 Muslim countries do not give to non Muslims. 3. Rich Muslims have neglected their poor brothers and not created enough schools, hospitals, scholarships etc... 4. U have not encouraged family planning which is a root cause of poverty ( If u want I can do joint study with you to find facts) . 5. While 95% Muslims are Pro India , good citizens but have failed to condemn miniscule violent , pro Pak , anti socials etc.. This makes others think that all 100% stand together. There r bad anti minority Muslims but get rebutts from other Hindus ( called seculars or whatever) but never ever Muslims attack wrong doers. Pl. support family planning for all ( all Indians be it Hindu or non Hindu) , condemn Owaisi and similar, talk for Kashmiri Pundits, and so on and things will change. Ask for religious and voting rights for all in Muslim countries. Condemn breaking of Jain Idol in Lucknow last year by Muslims returning from Namaz. christians hire halls for prayer. Hindus and Muslims create traffic jams. Condemn those creating trouble and praise Christians,Parsis, Sikhs ( minus Khalistanis)for being peaceful, not troubling others, creating so many schools, collages, hospitals, old age home, water huts, .......and so on...... While Muslims are only seen benefitting from these without giving thank you and still remaining negative towards others.

Bharat heading to become Somalia or modern nation ?????????.................Alok

Wake up and avoid dangerous time ahead : I have been warning that about 4000 centers of brutal, cruel Islamic jihadis are being prepared to start Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISISI type killings and loot in India. They will disrupt our whole life and create enmity between peacefully living together Indians of various religions and faiths. This will affect our economic development and progress. To start with people will stop investing in Hyderabad and some parts of UP due to fear of those places first taken over by ISIS type boys. Theses areas will suffer from poverty, lawlessness, unemployment and so on. People will hardly give their daughters in marriage in these areas.
Therefore something drastic has to be done. Viz..population control by giving high incentive, punishing parents of youth joining such violent groups, keeping youth busy in social work, hobbies, area development, vocational training,musical groups, sports groups etc and giving specific budget for same and involving talented retired Ex Servicemen, police, etc in to manage these activities.
Free time away from family is biggest risk as such youth get drifted. So using their spare time and energy by providing them constructive and entertaining activity/ opportunity is seriously important.
Ensuring that mad caps and saffronists do not keep barking which creates fear psychosis in the minds of non saffronists. Their belagam jaban creates ill feelings and puts others on toes and some of them specially youth taking offence and fearing attack and extinction ( which is impossible) choose the option of joining these militant groups.Irresponsible statements achieves opposite of what one wants.
Their utterances unites various groups of Muslims and others, divides India and some of the hurt opt for illegal and violent ways fearing that they will be under attack and will be thrown out or killed. Though nothing like that is possible we have more then 35 crore non Hindus and one Jehadi is equal to 1000 weak, vegetarian, selfish, unprepared hindus.But utterances of Idiots creates that kind of fear which gives rise is number of misguided jihadis.
Government must immediately frame strict laws against communal utterances like throw them back to Pakistan, kat dalo, bhaga do, they are pakistani, and so on. When such words offends and hurts me then how much fear and ill feeling it must be creating in the minds of Muslims and christians and so on. When government can frame laws to maintain dignity of dalits , women etc then why can't they do to protect dignity of so many patriotic Muslims and christians. Yes demography must not change and for that government has to take steps and no amount of poisonous words of saffronists can achieve that.
Government must plug all sources of revenue to these groups viz. seal borders to stop supply of drugs, weapons, land grabbing, scams, car theft, mafia activity etc.. Stop easy access of youth to certain countries imparting training to misguided youth.
Good social organisations, NGO's, media also must work to educate and make aware citizens that disharmony will be risky and harmful for all irrespective of religion.
Pl. note that no one achieves by creating disharmony and that serves as fuel to ignite misguided frustrated youth who join / will join wrong movements due to irresponsible utterances of few mad caps.
NAMO and BJP claims we are heading for development. I fear that we are heading for lawlessness and home war and 40 % of India will be burning ( like Kashmir and Hyderabad and some parts of UP/ Assam) if timely planned steps are not taken by having special ministry which can visualise and take corrective steps to create right environment. Punjab in particular and nation as whole suffered economically ( besides having lost so many lives). Khalistani ,Naxal Bodo, kashmir upsurge was/ is primarily a local and did not affect whole of Bharat. But ISIS type of Movement will be spread whole of India / each and every part of India will be affected. Their can be all kinds of attacks which we see daily in areas infested by so called jihadis. Jihadis do not spare even Muslims and Pakistan is itself affected by its own jihadis and Talibanies ( now out of control of Pak govt and military) and they attacked so many places but worst was attacking Malala to hundreds of innocent Muslim Military students.By 2014 situation can be so bad that even writing this mail one will get shot. And by the many activists,media men, judges ( we saw that happening in Bangladesh and Pakistan recently) will be targeted when they r spread all over. They will come on high tech bikes shoot with fatal then AK 47 Kill and disappear. And police will fear entering their colonies. Many parts of Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Mumbra etc they can't dare to enter even today.
I foresee such lawlessness in India by 2024 onwards while ignorants talk of surpassing China and Brazil. Fools. Wake up. .......Analyze, think, plan and bring amity, brotherhood ( necessary for even Muslims and others if they
like peace and development and not situation like Taliban, Afghan, Iraq, Nigeria and so on.
Analyze condition of Kashmiri pundits who are thrown out. Why ??? They were in minority and no military or police could protect them. And if 30 crores do that then how many of you will have to leave and run to safer areas????? And Kashmiri Muslims who could have been better and richer then switzerland if Kashmir was peaceful and had encouraged tourism. But today they are poor and if for some reason government stops assistance then many of them will be poverty stricken. Do we want such situation for
other parts of India????
Decide you want to be living happily together or want riots, murder, fires, curfew, stoning, bomb blast, poisoning,kidnap,ransom seeking, disrupted power, trains, communications and so on.....choose India wants to be a ideal country or want to be like Somalia??????? Act now or never..........Alok Tholiya
I know those presently not affected and minting money and encashing authority, living posh life having jaundiced vision will not realise gravity at this stage. But when they will wake up even their house will be in inferno........
The cell is the Islamic State’s first known affiliate inside the country, sparking fears more could be forming elsewhere.