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Bio-data of Shri Alok Tholiya

Bio-data of Shri Alok Tholiya (ex-S.E.O.)


The Man
Alok Tholiya  (D.O.B 10/08/1955)
Tholiya Bhavan, Ground Flr, 10th Road, Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400 055.
9324225699 / 9819733057
Family                 Wife :
Mrs Hema Tholiya
Dr. Aksha Tholiya , Dentist, B.D.S.,Implantologist
Pratik Tholiya B.E. (Comp.), CFA 3rd Level
Late Shri B.L.Tholiya : Practicing Cost accountant, ICWA, CAIIB,CS, LLB, DBM,Sanskrit Visharad,!/2012/07/my-father-shri-bhanwarlalji-tholiya.html
Late Shri M.C. Jain ( Scientific Research Officer BARC)
1. Mrs. Purnima Jain (B.Com, LLB), Director, Makers Laboratories Ltd.
2. Mrs. Sushama Kala Bsc., MBA (Leading Business Family of Nanded)
3. Mrs. Pratima Gangwal, CA
Nephew :
1. Vipresh Gangwal, MS (Elect), USA
2. Pranay Gangwal, Director, Imparavel Events and Entertainment   (DIEM, TAFE University, South Australia, PGDEM, NIEM, Pune)
1. Ashok Jain
2. Arun Jain, VP RIL
3. Akhil Jain, VP Standard Chartered Bank , Dubai.
Children of First Cousins:
1. Aditi Jain, WHARTON PALMERS SCHOLAR, Top corporate Honcho in USA.
2. Raunak Jain, Michigan School of Economics, First Class Graduate, Currently with World Bank                    
The Education
Commerce Graduate of Bombay University
The Hobbies
Collecting lapel pains, key chains, Activism
The Business
Director, Tholiya Marketing and  Leasing Pvt. Ltd.  (Since 1987),
Owns and runs AC party Hall “Marigold, The Little Hall


As a corporate social responsibility we  (our private limited co.) offers on returnable basis without any cost hospital beds, wheel chairs, tripods, walkers, commode chairs, etc...
We distribute notebooks to needy students of our area.
We give our mini AC party hall free for good charitable activities or for activism like India Against Corruption.
We have made available the only free matrimonial site for Digambar Jains:  (cont. since 2005)
We have published and distributed 15,000 copies of excellent spiritual booklet “Kahe Hoot Adhir”
The Occupation
Investment, Insurance, Real Estate, Party Hall.
Earlier Occupation:  Appliances Electronics
The Awards
From  Crompton Fans for highest sales in Western & Central suburbs of Bombay (1986-88)
More Awards
From Khaitan India Ltd (1986-87)
Khaitan Shri Award (1988-89)
From Usha Fans (1986-87)
4th Highest Sale Award
From  Racold Appliances Ltd. (Bombay) (1987-88)
Khaitan Shri Award
From Khaitan India Ltd. (For Home Appl.) (1988-89)
Godrej Award
All India No. 1 dealers Godrej Electronics Typewriters (1990- 91)
LIC of India
M.D.R.T. (2000), Triple Crorepati agent
Member: Branch Manager's Club
The Personality
Very firm on principle, dynamic with tremendous enthusiasm                                                             and having clean image.
Good orator in English and Hindi.
Pure vegetarian, Teetotaller. Donated Blood 20 times.
The Pledge
To donate eyes for the therapeutic use after death
The Motto
Let’s work for better tomorrow
We owe it to our future generations
They have right to better living.
The Record
38 years of active Public Life




Elected and nominated to serve in various capacities and have successfully shouldered the responsibilities given:

Elected as Class representative & Secretary for several Collage Associations       (1972-74)
Elected as Executive Member of University Students Council                                 (1972-73)
Founder and President : Pali Hill Jaycees Youth Club                                              (1973-74)
Executive Committee member : Children’s Aid Society                                           (1974-75)
Hon. member : Pali Hill Jaycees                                                                                (1977-79)
Founder and president Leo club of Santacruz                                                           (1978-79)
Hon. Secretary :  Khandewal Co-op Hsg. Society Ltd.                                             (1980-82)
Ward Committee member : Society for Clean Cities                                                (1980-82)
Zone Chairman : Leo District 323 -A                                                                          (1981-82)
President : Leo District 323 - A (Governor)                                                                1981-82)
Special Executive  Magistrate (now known as S.E.O.)              (80-82) (88-91) (2006-11)         
Hon. Secretary: Santacruz Civic Forum                                                                    (1979-82)
Managing Committee Member: Electrical Merchant’s Association.                          (1982-84)
Hon. Secretary: National Welfare Society                                                                 (1985-86)
Lion Tamer: Lions Club of Santacruz                                                                         (1986-87)
Leo Adviser: To Leo Club of Santacruz                                                                     (1986-87)
Vice President : National welfare Society                                                                  (1986-87)
Managing Committee Member : Consumer Durable Dealers Association               (1986-87)
Dy Hon. Secretary : Lions Club of Santacruz                                                            (1987-88)
Managing Committee Member : W.I.A.A                                                                   (1987-88)
(Membership Development Sub - Committee)
Executive Committee Member : Arya Vidya Mandir  Parent Teachers Association
Hon. Secretary: Lions Club of Santacruz                                                                  (1988-88)
President: Lions Club of Vakola                                                                                 (1989-90)
Vice President : Shree Mumbai Digamabar Jain seva Samiti                                   (2000-12)
President : Varishtha Nagrik Seva Sanstha                                                               (2004-12)
Jt. Secretary: Jain Utsav                                                                                            (2009-12)          





Life Member

Electrical Merchants Association                                                              (Since 1977)
National welfare Society                                                                           (Since 1983)
The Western India Automobile Asso (WIAA)                                            (Since 1987)
Iskcon (bhy - 00056)                                                                                 (Since 1988)
Indian Cancer Society                                                           (Since 1990 No. B / 1600 /90)
Council Of Sex Education and Parenthood Int.                                         (Since 1999)
He is the only non medico accepted as member in this international grade organization where leading doctors, Urologists, Andrologists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Sexologists, Gynecologists, dean etc  are members.  This is a rare honor to Shri Alok Tholiya his extraordinary free services in the field.



North Bombay Jaycee                                                                                           (1990-99)
Juhu JITO                                                                                                              (2009-14)         



Varishtha Nagrik Seva Sanstha: At the age of 49, Shri Alok Tholiya founded an association for senior citizens of area and till today it is being run successfully and under it several programs on health, psychology, spiritualism, entertainment, picnic, charitable have taken place.


The Awards:

International level
Recipient of Award on organizing a program acclaimed internationally on the theme “ The year of child ’’ (1981)
District Level
1. Best Leo of the year          (1980-81)
2. Best Humorous Speech          (1985-86)
3. Dist. President’s appreciation Award (1985-86)    
4. For distinguished Service rendered (1987-88)
Club Level
1. Leo Appreciation Award (First)
Leo Club of Santacruz
100% Attendance Award
And only one to receive in his club in 10 years from their parent body “LIONS CLUB OF SANTACRUZ”
Lions Club
District Level
Growth Award         (1986-87)
Zone Level 
Award in appreciation of the service rendered    (1989-90)
Club Level
1. Best president Award (1989-90) in Appreciation of Yeomen Services rendered for revival of Lions Club of Vakola
2. 100% attendance Award (1985-86) and (1986-87)
Jaycee’s Bombay Level
Won 1st prize and best Parliamentarian Award in                                                                         partnership with Shri Nayan Shah (then student and now MD Mayfair Housing) Model Parliament organised by Malabar Hill Jaycees (1979) & judges were Shri T. K. Tope (The then vice chancellor of Bombay University) Shri Nana Chudasama (Ex Sheriff of Mumbai) and Shri Y.P. Trivedi (Legal Expert). 
North Bombay Jaycees
1. Maximum Participation Award (1978)
2. Maximum Membership Extension (1980)
3. 2nd Prize: Quiz Contest
4. 2nd Prize: Public Speaking Contest (1980)
5. Best question Award: more than 9 times (1977-86)


The Contributions at time of National Calamities:

As a representative of Jaycees Youth Club, he was the co-coordinator with the then BPCC President Shri Rajni Patel in organizing film star studded cricket in aid of Koyna relief. Fund collected highest amount of donations in aid of Maharashtra drought relief fund in his college and took a group of students to Ahmednagar district where he personally carried out relief work for the starving villagers.

As a Leo President, he organised district program of Leo’s in aid of Morvi relief fund. He was the chairman of Leo district committee for “Andhra Cyclone Relief fund and collected Rs. 50,001/- for the same. As president of Lions Club of Vakola (1989-90) organised huge rally in aid of flood affected  brethren of jambulpada, Nagothane rushed urgent supplies of food clothes and other essential items Donated two  storewels to school  in Jambulpada, 500 slates, compass box and other stationery for children of same school.

2005 Flood in Mumbai: Even my office and hall were in 5’ water. We gave shelter to about 100 women and children on first floor as hutments of near by area was totally drowned. No sooner the water receded I started relief work with the financial help from trusts of Late Shri Hasmukhbhai Mehta. We distributed 300 bags each worth Rs 1000/- of daily use kirana items, bedsheets, note books etc to 300 families.

Our hall has been used by social and apolitical organisations for free such as for blood donation drive, and by distinguished persons like Shri Shiv  Khera, Shri   Arvind Kejriwal  etc.. See

I keep raising unrelentlessly issues of common-men thru various medium and read my blog for same:
I introduced much needed Parichay Sammelan for eligible bachelors of all Digamabar Jain Samaj in the year 2004. Since 2004 to 20010 I was the main organiser for same where we have seen participation of over 1000 Jains ever year. The Parichay Sammelan goes on even now and I am actively associated with it.

I am running very useful blogs:

1.    For Relationship and Marital Issues:
2.    For Caregivers and Sr. Citizens:

3.    For women in distress:

4.    For making life beautiful:


Recreation Clubs: was Life Member Kamat Clubs (But Mr Vithal Kamat closed it down by misrepresentation and converted it in to Hotel Orchid at Airport). With great difficulties we got back our membership deposit.


Life Member: Royal Goan Beach Club, Goa (Timeshare)


Travel and Tours: Done pilgrimage travel to various Tirthsthans including Sammed Shikhrji, Tirupatiji, Gomteshwarji etc.


Visited: Agra, Chennai,Andhra, Shimla, Kulu Manali, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Pondicherry, MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra interiors, Goa etc several times.


Abroad: Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong


For about 20 years now Shri Alok Tholiya has stopped accepting awards, flowers etc in social organisations and also has avoided ornamental posts where work is less and pomp is more.

Close References:

Mrs. Hansaben Yogendraji, Santacruz East Yoga Institute
Dr. Ramesh Prabhu, Ex Mayor of Mumbai
Shri Shamim Dalvi Advocate, High Court
Dr. Subhash Jain Chandiwal, Ex-Medical Director, Govt. of Maharashtra
Shri P C Godha, MD, Ipca Laboratories P. Ltd.,
Shri M R Chandurkar, Director, Asian Heart Institute, BKC.
Shri Nayan Shah, MD, Mayfair Housing
Shri Mayank Gandhi, IAC (India Against Corruption)
Shri Vivek Mehta, Ex- VP L&T
Shri Nandu Kale, Mantralaya
Shri K.C Jain, Jain Samaj President
Shri R.K Jain, All India Jain Tirtha Kshetra Committee
Shri Arun Jain, VP, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Shri Ajay Jain, CEO, JITO (Jain International Trade Organization)
Shri Pramod Kataria, MD, KTS Motors (Maruti Car Dealer in Mumbai)
Shri Ashok Pandit (Film)

MUMBAI POLICE RECORD: No FIR or crimnal complaint against me or any of my family member in last 65 years in Mumbai.