Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noone tells you this except Alok ........keep your hired professional under control.....

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Whole my life I must have read millions of articles on how to buy and at good price  a house, grocery,vegetables and fruits etc ,  how and where to find good food / hotel,  etc etc.. Most papers have highlighted black marketing in food and grain, kerosene, and so on. But never ever they have highlighted where to get, how to appoint, how to get the work done without harassment and delay etc etc from a professional. So only Alok Tholiya tells you this for the first time in your life : How to get the return on investment on a professional: how not to get cheated / mislead by them, how to smoothly get your work done. May be some writers will start writing book on these topics after reading this article and make millions. 

There are exceptions and that proves the rule.There are many good professionals , suppliers, contractors who have saved our life, case, property, business, money etc etc and I salute them. 

  1.  Many Professional are expert in fooling innocent clients. They handle so many novice immature persons like you  and me everyday. They know how to terrorize you by showing laws going against you, officers going against you and so on. So before approaching any professional do your own research, study on net, discuss with those experienced and are your well wishers. 
  2.  Do not get fooled if there is a long waiting queue at the office of your professional as it may be his tactics. It is a sign of how poorly he plans his appointments, how disorganized he is, he is calling his clients unnecessarily to show long queue. A good professional is one who values time of his clients. 
  3.  Also keep eye on his back office. Whether your file and records are safe, are available without fuss and loss of time, the record room is leak proof, there r no termites, confidentiality is maintained and so on. Still give only photo copies to them and keep originals in your safe vaults. 
  4.  Jot down on piece on paper what you want to achieve out of an appointment of  professional. And importantly in what time frame. And put down that as a condition in appointment. 
  5.  Pay fees stage wise to all professionals, contractors, suppliers, vendors. If you make full payment in advance then you will get poor attention, poor service, poor deliverance, delayed deliverance, harassment, followups etc..
  6.  If u have a powerful horse then you must have strength to control that horse or it will throw you off. Keep nakel ( control ) at all times in your hand. 
  7.  Always take proforma before appointment  from them which must quantify the work , must have commitment of  time schedule, it must have penalty clause on deficiency in service  as well as awarding clause on good and timely deliverance. 
  8.  As much as possible the proforma must give details of possible officials outgoings ( like govt duties, stamp fees etc etc) and also must quantify out of pocket expenses. If you leave it totally unexplained and undefined and quantified then there r hundred percent chances that you will be cheated and looted. 
  9.  Like you and they negotiate for buying fruit to anything else you can without hesitation discuss, seek details, negotiate, ask for discount, credit as per your genuine need and market scenario. 
  10. Appoint professional who lives near your place, who is under your influence, who uses courier, email, sms ,pen drive, pc and other modern gadgets. Any professional thinks that you are a faltu person having lot of time will keep calling you unnecessarily for something which can be done on sms,email, etc.. 
  11.  For approval of draft etc you do not have to go to their office and do it thru email. Tell them in advance that you will see them personally/ attend dates personally  only if and when there is definite need and not because they want you to attend as they are busy somewhere and are saving by not hiring assistant and yet charging high fees. 
  12. It should be their duty to give you all records, proceedings, copies, preparing you for cross and questioning, giving tips and cautions etc.. 
  13.  Finally always remember that you are the master of your professional, suppliers, vendors etc etc and you may choose to fire/hire them, write against them to their bar/ association, consumer bodies , newspapers etc etc if they purposely or negligently cause you loss, damage, hurt. You can take up your cause directly before higher authority / judge or anyone if your hired professional is not able to do justice with your work, case, project, assignment and he can not take it as an insult as your loss is your loss which you have to save / avoid and that his failure should not  cost you in terms of money, reputation, time, etc .. . 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya