Friday, May 10, 2013

they r omnipresent....they are in league with all criminals

When A Minister feels helpless,then What about Aam Aadmi ? — at Anna Chowk Kota.
When A Minister feels helpless,then What about Aam Aadmi ?
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  • Alok Tholiya The more one complains against illegal activities the more they benefit is bribe / protection amount goes up. There is no need to complain. They know everything , each and every land shark, mafia, smuggeler, drug peddler and they work in partnership.The moment u complain they inform the opposite party.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Free Legal Case Management Software

I m not an Adv so not tried this. Nither I m their agent. I m circulating this info as legal profession is still in stone age in India where PC, laptop , sms , email etc are hardly used. They still use manual typewriter. They still insist seeing clients in person for petty things instead of communicating on email / sms. At bar I find they sit idle without a net book/ note book etc but when it comes to sending email / replying to email they r busy . That is because E-media is still something from MARS/ moon  for them. 

Ofcourse now new generation is using PC but still they do not carry Tab pc   to library / bar.  There is no WiFi in court buildings  There is hardly any PC seen and still 1980 make typewriters are seen. 

One of the clerk send s me sms on Hanuman Jayanti or so but does not send me sms that court is not sitting today. 

Nowadays petty insurance agents, accountants , MBA students and whole of world carries computing machines even if they travel in train but advocates travelling in Rs10 lacs worth cars do not carry so. 

Every one send reminders by sms be it any one and I can give long list as u too get but most rich and successful advocates never give that service. Attitude will change soon I hope.

Pathlegal India

FREE -Legal Case Management Software

Legal Case Management Software - free
This Legal Case Management Software is simple, safe, powerful and free tool developed by PathLegal which can be useful to any lawyer or law firm to manage their lawyers, clients, cases and events.

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Alok Tholiya,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On FB Alok calling for Jains working for humanity and not just on temples and rituals

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My comment on FB on respected Annaji's statement...

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पैसे से सत्ता और सत्ता से पैसा बनाना ही रह गया है अब नेताओं का काम . ! अब जनता को नेताओं की इस चेन को  उखाड़ फेकना होगा ....अन्ना
पैसे से सत्ता और सत्ता से पैसा बनाना ही रह गया है अब नेताओं का काम . ! अब जनता को नेताओं की इस चेन को उखाड़ फेकना होगा ....अन्ना
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  • Raakesh Mehra देश सेवा के नाम पर देश की जनता को ही लुटते हें ।See Translation
  • Tarun Pal दोस्तों, सोचो आप क्या चाहते है, कि जब राजनीति में अच्छे लोगो को लाने की, जनलोकपाल जैसे सशक्त कानून को लागू कराने की, स्वराज की, राईट टू रिजेक्ट, राईट टू रिकॉल की और देश को बचाने में सहयोग की बात हो तो तब आपकी गिनती किन लोगो में हो?

    १. सहयोग देने वालो
    ...See More
  • Raakesh Mehra सारे घर के बदलदो ।See Translation
  • Alok Tholiya Annaji ,Charan Sparsh. make common men take an oath that they will atleast serve country by joining politics or govt service for 5 years. I did it by being in politics ( and now given up). I wish my children join IPS/IRS/IAS for 5 years and serve the country honestly and bring some change. We are only condemning the politicians and bureaucrats but none of us want to serve the country. Or when our folks get in to it they too become Bansal?????

Alok's comments on FB on agitation by Merchants against draconian LBT

Still Government is not listening. Tomorrow 9 May Mega road blocks. Starting from Nariman point to Borivili n Karjat to VT. Time 9 am till 6 pm. Bring u r Moto Cycles Cars n Scooters and park them on d middle of d road wherever u stay. Chakka Jam. Participate in 1000 to 10000. Lets paralise Mumbai tomorrow.
LBT Hatao. LBT Hatao
Pass on to as many BBM. Whats App Facebook Twitter
  • Santosh Dhameja It is public that should come on streets. All commodities will shoot 10- 25 '/,.
  • Alok Tholiya See, no one wants to do all that. Businessman and merchants are not made of that material to take to streets. But deaf govt is forcing them to come on streets. Cant CM appoint a review com. and sit down and discuss? Is it a democratic govt ? Is this the way Gandhiji would have liked CM and Congress to behave? For every matter courts and home ministry are appointing mediation and counseling centers. Why CM, PM , Courts cant order to govt and merchants / agitators to firts sit down in mediation room instead of letting the frustrated on streets and then killing , caning them etc and then finally doing the necessary.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I want no post or positions. I accept no garlands or thanks.

 Dear Anurag and all friends of TPS3,


There was a meeting of " I love TPS3 "  on last saturday. same was
attended by many residents of our area as well as by our area
corporator Mrs Mahadeshwar. Ex corporator Shri Mahadeshwara etc..

If all of us take interest and love TPS3 and work for its development
then the day is not far when we will be living in best of
neighbourhood or else.....

Here it is important to state that due to my age, health, family
issues and satisfaction level I have vowed to not to accept any post
or fight any election. I have done that all , all my life and now am
very happy and satisfied with whatever I have already achieved. Now I
want  no post or positions. I accept no garlands or thanks.

What am trying to do here is act as facilitator and am trying to pay
debt on my head from my birthplace TPS3. So my concern is only to
initiate and set the ball rolling. I will not be accepting any post.
However my infrastructure and support and assistance will always be

Pl. see my biodata on :

Monday, May 6, 2013

u hv to pay thru ur nose even if u r not doing well

A fine is a tax for doing wrong.
A tax is a fine for doing well.
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  • Vishal Bhatt yes,,,, exactly................
  • Alok Tholiya There r tax even if u r doing badly and for reasons of govt . For vote bank govt has frozen rent 55 years back but property tax , assessment tax on building keep going up. I spend over one lac on my buildings every year but earn rent of 2500/- p. a. It is not out of place to say that influential section of Mumbai politicians like Murli Deora have ensured that rent act matter does not move an inch in supreme court which is lying there for 30 years. Ad Mehta and his fols charge over two lacs per case but in court call their client poor and ask / set up court to charge very unreasonably low mesne profit.There r famous advocates who r known as setting advocate who ensure orders / delays as per their whims.



Growing An Empire On Low Testosterone

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Snacks, refreshments, Sports on TV--a waiting room made for men. The
Low T Center seeks to create a male-friendly clinical environment.

Mike Sisk’s dissatisfaction with his own experience treating a medical
condition led him to startup a fast-growing empire of clinics that’s
generating about $4 million per month in revenue throughout seven

The Affordable Care Act's Impact on EntrepreneursKarsten StraussForbes Staff
The Next Generation Cane -- Happy Birthday, Grandpa!Karsten StraussForbes Staff
Toothbrush 3.0 - An App For Your MouthKarsten StraussForbes Staff

Sisk was one of the 13 million men in the United States that suffer
from lower than average testosterone, or low T (see video below) and
found the treatment of the condition – buying testosterone and
injecting it at home – led him to feel that more could be done for him
and patients like him. He began the first of his clinics – Low T
Center – in 2010 in his home state of Texas. Sisk reached
profitability 11 months later.

“The first year we opened two centers, the next year we opened three
and then last year we opened 13,” Sisk said. So far in 2013 he’s added
another seven clinics to the company and expects to hit 65 locations
by year’s end.

Sisk acted as his own angel, using about $500,000 of savings he and
wife’s, co-founder Mickala Sisk,had in cash to fund Low T Center
(Sisk’s previous jobs include a sales manager at FedEx FDX +1.45%, an
account executive at Ernst & Young ,PricewaterhouseCoopers ). He has
since been funding growth by investing profits back into the company.
Though growth may seem swift, Sisk is not satisfied and, for the first
time, plans to raise about $15 million within the next 18 months.

Low T Center's Mike Sisk plans to take his company public by 2015.

“I can take it to the 100 largest cities in the U.S., coast to coast,
just using the model that I’m going on but what about the smaller
towns? The Wacos, the Temples—those would be successful operating
units,” Sisk says with the confidence of an entrepreneur who feels
he’s really onto something and has yet to experience a serious
setback. “You couldn’t fund that out of this model that I’m using.
You’re either going to have to take on venture capital or private
equity capital or you’re going to have to take it public.”

So far Sisk has been approached twice by private equity firms looking
to invest but has so far deflected offers as he refuses to sell a
majority state. He could be willing to part with about 1/3 of company
ownership at this time, he said. While an account executive with Ernst
& Young during the dot-com boom, Sisk said he saw tech founders go a
bit mad chasing funding only to lose control of their own companies.
“I was like, ‘if I ever have a good idea, I’m not going to do that,’”
he says now, chuckling.

Sisk is not just looking for capital, he wants an investor to provide
leverage, such as an angle to market to a 40 to 60-year-old male
customer base or access to resources that would allow for faster
growth, like access to medical staff. His ultimate goal is to go
public and will start to contemplate making the move once the company
hits about $100 million annual, which could be 2014 or 2015, when the
company establishes 100 clinics. Given his growth trajectory, he might
putt it off.

Sisk’s goal has been to create a truly men-oriented clinic where small
wait times for treatment are the norm. Patients arrive, blood is drawn
and within 15 minutes testosterone levels are gauged and records are
kept. If pronounced a treatable patient, a series of other tests are
run, Sisk explained. With test records accumulated from its 6,000
active patients – meaning a visit every 7 to 10 days – as well as non
active, he thinks Low T Center maintains more data points on 40 to
60-year-old men taking testosterone, than any other clinic in the
world. Since its founding it’s completed about 250,000 appointments.