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Reply to query raised by Shri Bharat Chudiwalaji ....Seat Belts Save lives????‏

I want to simplify life by saying we should not delve in to all issues. Human rights, dignity, development , corruption free society, right to get lawful work done in right time, are issues which we must all be alert and protect our rights and for which we have to be alert, thinking, vocal and if needed should fight for like Annaji and commonmen and even media did recently. 
But many other things we must leave on sensibilities of govt. machinery like traffic rules, pollution, population, dance bars, gutka, smoking , saving greenery, protecting wild life, conserving resources etc etc  
If there r no enough rules then we may raise issues but when there are enough rules then we must blindly follow them and be a resposible citizen. These rules are framed after lot of studies, lot of efforts, experties, expirience go in to making rules. Since there r many countries who are already ahead of us in many ways so they face the music too before us so while framing a rule even our govt . experts take in to account how and why from issues affecting them and rules framed by them. Motor accidents are also similar issue. The modern cars with quick pick up and high speed and express highways / flyovers have come up. To control severe damage to drivers and passengers the belts are must. But not many care so the strict law. I feel even Air bags will be compulsory in a year or two. Country can not afford paraplegics everywhere due to car accidents. 
Similarly speeds are also regulated by authorities. So to avoid severe accidents as happened in the case of Salman Khan there r speed limits and everyone must adhere to them without being smart or feeling superior or feeling he is VIP and is above law. Specially parents must educate teens to learn driving discipline as their life is the costliest and that is a age when they are negiligient. 
Similarly alcohol. Govt is doing their best to eduacte and punish such motorists but many still undermine the law and suffer or make others suffer. 
At times I find govt / ministry has made a very good law but even judiciary has unnecessarily intervrned. Like govt has to manage law and order, health of citizens  and therefore they are best to decide timing of bars, ladies bar, sale of Gutka etc but thru PIL courts have intervened where they should not. But same judiciary has also passed so many bold and visionary orders that we can breathe a free air or if was fully left in the hands of only govt then we could be just living like in banana republic. 
So things go on ... we must delve only on very cocerning issues and let experts in bureacracy frame good laws and we follow them. 
Thanks and Regards, 
Alok Tholiya


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Subject: Re: [menow] Seat Belts Save lives!!!

Dear Alokji,
I have a question, which I often ask myself or even a traffic cop!!!
Which is a better option???
To Wear a SEAT BELT and DRIVE FASTER!!! (You may SAVE YOURSELF, but what about PEDASTRIANS???) It seems we have forgotten NANDAs and SALMAN KHAN!!!
NOT TO WEAR A SEAT BELT but DRIVE SLOWER?? You save yourself, but more importantly you DONT KILL OTHERS!!!)


aur Gandhi hai MAAMOO..!!

CONGRESS – “Hamaare paas POWER hai, Paisa hai, Gunde hain, Soniya-Rahul Vinci hai, Mugga Manmohan Singh hai, Paglaaya Digvijay Singh Hai, Dhokhebaaj Kapil Sibbal hai, Chakram Chidambaram hai, Latkhor Manish Tiwari hai, Be-matlab Ambika Soni hai, Ghadyaali Sharad Pawar hai, Budbak Lalloo Yadav hai,pass SWISS ACCOUNTS bhi hain Mahabhrasht Mayawati hai.. Tumhaare paas kya hai? Ayen??
ANNA – Mere paas Tiranga hai, Vande Matram hai, Jai Hind hai, Inqlaab Zindabaad hai, saari janta hai aur Gandhi hai MAAMOO..!!

Why and whom must we trust???

Why we trust them?
Why we have trust on them?
B'coz they are living like 'Aam aadmi' of India not like Netas  who go to villages to show their NAUTANKI with lot of securities & media and when abroad or in 5 star they r different.
Arvind Kejriwal sleeping on Railway Station floor

My reply to .....Why has Annaji’s roar silenced Mrs Smita Pednekar’s voice? wait for ur activists friends

  1. I only know that there r so many shameless/ smart PIO's and Appellette officers that u cant get anything out of them. SIC takes months to hold hearing. I cant make PIO's move an inch if they dont want to. Recently Vakola Police Station had not replied to my application under RTI for 50 days. When I chased then they sent evasive reply. I went in appeal. DCP office called me for hearing. When I said I have nothing to add beyond my submission in appeal they rudely said we will reject ur appeal. Under pressure I went for hearing fixed at 4 pm. DCP arrived at 6 pm. He asked me if some wants your information then shall we give??   He made several such gesture which would have made an ordinary man piss out.Finally when I stuck to my stand he passed an order that Vakola Police station should provide me the information sought in 15 days. 25 days have passed but nothing has happened. This unauthorized hotel running without licence is backed by a powerful leader of UP and he being a ex home minister Police and BMC is not taking any action. So, so much abt teeth-less RTI. Though I am willing to lay life even in favour of RTI as it has atleast given me some basic right which I never had prior to RTI. 
  2. We have thousands of God and all are having differant portfolios. So our culture does not put all responsibility on one shoulder.Then how can we and why should we expect all solution from Annaji and put blame on Annaji for not able to take care of each an every need of every citizen.we MUST rise to the occasion. We must come forward and extend help to Mrs Smita Pednekar and  alike and to those we feel r left out, unattended , needs care. We cant expect one person to carry out all our mission. I work for Sr. citizens. I dont expect u to tell me to also run activities for handicapped, blind, orphans,widows, women in distress and so on and so forth. I as an individual have a limitations. There may be much more serious case of Cancer patients but I can not divert my focus. And there r others who work in other field and doing great job and I dont expect them to start sr. citizens activities. 
  3. Late Shri Kewal Semlani is my Messiah, he came at his cost of time and money and educated me and my members abt RTI. Then came great pioneer of RTI Shri Shailesh Gandhi and delivered lecture on RTI in my hall for my members. . Who really gave me more insight abt RTI and I have won one very important case only because of information collected with the help of RTI. So I dont think anyone is undermining RTI act or RTI activists. Even your time will come Shri Krish and Shri Sunil. Lage raho ( Munna bhai) . All of you are doing wonderful work. A day will come when you all will too shine  like or even more then Annaji. So do not divert / weaken your energy. Concentrate on work and mission you have set for your self. Often unintentionally we put hurdles in our progress while we think we r doing so on someone else's progress. Atleast I know mails of Krish and guidance of Sunil have been very useful to me and I am indebted to them. And I want them to create circle of such goodwill and friends all around on the   issues they stand for instead of diluting their such powerful energies this way. 
Sorry chote muha badi baat but my wish to see all my activists friends ( so many of them: Rayaniji, Jalanji, Krishji, Sunil Ahyaji, Shiv Kheraji, Shailesh Gandhiji, Mayank Gandhiji, Prafull Voraji, J P Shahji,  and so many of them which names my poor memory is failing  )is that all of you keep winning hearts of commonmen like me  ( and god is seeing all this) whether all of you get Megasesys or not. But definitely all your good work  will one day be rewarded but  thee ( God ) alone decides how and when he would do so.Wait for your turn patiently. ........Alok Tholiya 

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Prashant Uikey  wrote:

Nice Article Krish, i appreciate your concern for that segment of lower bureaucracy

I have always read & heard that people, who are honest, have nothing to fear.

Please explain me in brief as to why a person, who is honest, has clear conscience and who never indulges in corruption should fear Jan Lokpal Bill. I would be grateful if u can leave out hypothetical reasoning from this discussion.

Thanks & Regards
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On Sep 11, 2011 5:26 PM, "Krishnaraj Rao" <> wrote:
> *The Jan Lokpal Bill debate has marginalized the voices of public servants
> like municipal employees and bus drivers. Why? Don’t they deserve a say in
> framing a law that will affect their daily lives?*
> * *
> Fellow Members of Civil Society,
> Come, let us put aside our virtuous outrage for a moment, and step into the
> shoes of one of those ordinary men and women running our public transport,
> water supply and other civic services. For instance, let us see life through
> the eyes of Mrs Smita Pratap Pednekar.
> Mrs Pednekar sells tickets at a railway counter; you and your family members
> may have bought a ticket from her. She lives in the Railway Employees’
> Colony at Dahisar, a distant suburb of Mumbai. She and her husband Pratap
> work for Indian Railways.
> Every day after work, Mrs Pednekar commutes by train, buys vegetables and
> fish and gets home to her children and elderly mother-in-law. Then she cooks
> dinner before her husband returns home.
> Mrs Pednekar does not get envelopes of cash under the table. Her conscience
> is clear, but she is afraid. What she fears most is office politics. She is
> worried about the prospect of being posted at a distant office. Both she and
> her husband have insecurities about loss of seniority, loss of increments
> etc, as some of their corrupt colleagues enjoy undue influence.
> Mrs Pednekar avoids taking sides in any controversy. She pretends not to
> know anything. But in January, her husband was required to give evidence
> against a colleague at a departmental enquiry. Since then, some people at
> her office have been giving her dirty looks and stopped sharing their lunch
> with her. She is constantly afraid that they are looking for opportunities
> to victimize her.
> With the whole of India shouting patriotic slogans like ‘Inquilab Zindabad’
> in one voice, Mrs Smita Pednekar has lost her voice.
> Nowadays, silence dominates the Pednekar household. There is none of the
> usual light conversation when the family sits down on the floor with
> stainless-steel *thalis*, and Mrs Pednekar serves fish curry and rice. She
> tells the children to eat in silence. She scolds her mother-in-law for
> switching on TV news channels, and makes her switch off the television.
> Mrs Pednekar used to discuss current topics and politics within the family,
> but now she keeps her thoughts to herself. She changes the topic when the
> children ask why Anna Hazare fasted at Ramlila Maidan, and what is the Jan
> Lokpal Bill all about. One day, they came home from school wearing Gandhi
> topis painted with the words, ‘I am Anna Hazare’. She has had a sinking
> feeling in her stomach since that day.
> On Raksha Bandhan, Mrs Pednekar visited her brother’s house on the 20th
> floor of Oberoi Woods, Goregaon. Her brother and sister-in-law are rich;
> they have private sector jobs. While they were having lunch together, a news
> channels was loudly discussing Anna Hazare’s insistence on including the
> junior staff of government under the Jan Lokpal Bill. This triggered a
> conversation about how the whole nation was up in arms against junior staff
> and their corruption. Her husband Pratap took a stand against the Jan Lokpal
> Bill, and loudly argued with her brother and sister-in-law, and everybody
> else who was working in the private sector. Alarmed by the rising voices,
> Smita gently pinched her husband, called him inside and pleaded with him.
> “What will people think? They will say that you are supporting corruption!
> We are government employees; remember that and keep quiet!” she whispered.
> The couple made some excuses and hurriedly left as the others loudly
> continued the discussion in their absence.
> Mrs Pednekar is in awe of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, and other great
> people fasting in all over the country and debating corruption on
> television. Surely they know all about corruption, otherwise why would they
> be talking so loudly, she reasons. She thinks that a “strong Lokpal Bill” is
> generally a good thing if it makes the country cleaner and less corrupt. But
> the point of the Bill should not be to threaten people like her with
> enquiries, penalties and imprisonment, she feels.
> She feels greatly confused by Annaji’s demand for such harsh provisions
> against her; the fact that a good man like him says that he will go on
> indefinite fast for this demand makes her very uncomfortable. Is Annaji with
> me or against me, she wonders. “Annaji is a good and simple man. So why is
> he fasting for punishing good and simple people like me and my husband?” she
> wonders.
> Mrs Pednekar’s experiences have given her reason to fear legal processes.
> She believes that proceedings generally go against those who are less able
> to defend themselves, rather than those who are truly guilty. So she fears
> that Jan Lokpal Bill will punish people like herself, who are voiceless. She
> is afraid that more resourceful colleagues will connive together to use such
> a law to target her and her husband.
> But she is in no position to say all this, because she and her husband are
> government servants, and therefore excluded from “civil society”. Everybody
> is listening only to civil society nowadays; they think government servants
> are all corrupt, and therefore their views don’t count.
> Respected Annaji & Arvind, the deafening roar of “civil society” has
> isolated and silenced Mrs Smita Pednekar’s voice. Will you please give her
> back her voice? Will you please hold consultations at Railway Employees
> Colony and other colonies where government employees live? Will you go to
> various employees associations?
> Will you go there and explain to them why there is a need for a Jan Lokpal
> Bill that punishes Group B, C And D employees? And will you please hear and
> understand what such employees have to say in this matter?
> Warm Regards,
> Krish
> 98215 88114