Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pl. advise

Dear All,
  1. My one of the known activist had sent RTI application to LIC MDO III, santacruz. They insisted person applicant should come personally. Then they called up and said to her that they can give telephonic reply.After 17 calls and 2 hrs delay they have accepted the application.LIC which we think is sacred org. of Govt of India has this respect towards constitutional rights of citizens. Any action can be taken on such behavior?
  2. LIC recipient has only given an initial as an acknowledgement. They have not given any seal or designation , Inward no. on our copy. Is this the way LIC/ Govt depts/corporations should receive the hand delivered mail / applications?? What guidelines say?
  3. I had sent an RTI application to Traffic police. After 4 days constable came with a letter from them at night 9.30pm. at my residence.The letter did not contain any tel no or email id for follow up/ clarification. When police in Mumbai is overworked and under staffed then what of the need of in uniform constable to come personally that too at non working hours? I had given all my contact nos and email id in my application. They cud contact me on mobile, thru email or post/ courier the letter. What is a guideline on this?
  4. Municipal corporation officers just do not care to reply properly to RTI queries? Have any BMC ( who has looted Mumbai openly and made it Slumbay been ) been ever been penalized for this?
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