Saturday, December 15, 2012

To, PM, Courts, Police commissioner and all .......Alok

Past President Lions Club of Santacruz Vakola, Leo Dist. 323A,
Varishtha Nagrik Seva Sanstha
MUMBAI 400055

16th Dec 2012
Hon. Commissioner of Police,
Phule Market,

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your extra ordinary initiative for having grievances redressal hearing on every Saturday at all police stations. It works unlike most other directives by various govt agencies. I have myself be able to get proper hearing at this forum. My hearty thanks, congratulations.

My humble suggestions :
1. MTNL is having a similar platform  known as Telephone Adalat. There they welcome ( not must) to write a request to the General Manager a letter or a give telephonic request for keeping subscribers grievances before next MTNL Adalat. And LO! What I find with such letter of request my issues were solved much before next Telephone Adalat.
If similar practice is started then this will save lot of time of and energy of all concerned. Officers themselves can keep the papers/relevant files ready. Other officers need not wait at police station for a chance to be called.
Note : Those who have informed their interest in attending redressal forum are to be taken first and then others.
A small white board / A4 size poster must display the name and designation of the senior officer who is presiding that days forum.

Sir, I was at sessions court recently as my daughter who is a complainant too was called. I found that there were many matters on board and in all over 13 Inspectors were waiting for their turn since 11am and many were freed only after 1.30 pm or beyond. Sir concerned IO had done a night and still was standing there since 11am.

My humble suggestions:
2. Officers who are to attend court on a particular day must not be given night shift on preceding night or heavy overtime compensation must be given to them.

It is your utmost duty to request Hon. courts to divide board in half hourly slots like 11am , 11.30 am., 12noon, 12.30 pm, and so on. We understand that these appointment can not be adhered to strictly as time to be consumed on particular matter can not be known in advance  but definitely not so many officers of your force will have to stand / wait for hours in corridors. And if your request is granted then same will benefit lakhs of litigants too which consists of females, senior citizens, sick, those struggling for two square meals , struggling to retain job, having responsibilities towards  children/ aged parents, sick in family  etc.. and bless you immensely.

Sir, while for imparting justice you need to spare your force to attend to courts but not for waiting unnecessarily for hours in corridors.

Dindoshi court building is much nearer to Vakola, khar, Santacruz, Bandra etc  and is easily accessible thru highway, it has ample parking space, rooms, infrastructure and is in less congested area.

Request 3:  Pl. prevail upon Hon.  high court and govt of Maharashtra to shift sessions court to Dindoshi, Goregaon east for police station beyond Bandra towards north of Mumbai.

Hope your kindself will take up above requests on S.O.S. basis and oblige.
Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Alok Tholiya

CC to
Hon. PM of India with request to ask all govt offices, private and public sector organizations, services like banks, municipal offices, schools, institutes, mobile and similar cos.,  and even courts to have grievances redressal forums on every Saturdays.And they must give details of satisfactory redressal in their quarterly reports, audit reports, CSR, under RTI in section 4. This will improve quality of life of every citizen of India who are made to run  pillar to post for getting satisfactory reply/ redressal of their grievances. Suggestions if implemented all over then rising no. of Cases of B.P., diabetes , depressions, suicide and even  taking law in hands out of frustrations  will all go down drastically.

Hon. Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India with a request that not to have infinite board and have same half hourly slot wise.
Hon. Chief Justice, High Court of Mumbai
Hon. Law minister, Govt of India
Hon. Home minister, Govt. of India
Hon. Home minister Govt. of Maharashtra.
Hon. ACP Dhoble
Hon. DCP Zone 8
Hon. Sr. inspector:  Vakola Police Station
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Reflections of Balasaheb.....he knew when to escalate and when to apply breaks and his breaks worked‏

In his absence can some one do that????? Will breaks fail and mobs fury will get out of hand in future???? I fear yes... and request all enlightened to make a take no chances and form a vigilance body...Alok

Dr Harishji,
U hv made a very good Essay on Balasahebji.

He definitely fanned anti XYZ feelings but being born and brought in Mumbai I know how much ill treated Marathi Manoos were before his rise.
He gave them voice, dignity and confidence.

Even if he cud push things beyond a level but he did not and live examples are retaliatory riots in Gujarat which noone could control for long but he stopped at right time. He did not go beyond a level in case of Shahrukh and many others.

I am referring to your following statement:
I always wonder if Mr Thackeray would have used the 'Satyagraha' things would have been different.....I do not know......

I also feel that peace and brotherhood and adjustments should not be only expected and preached to Hindus and do not think that if Balasaheb had gone on Satyagraha things would have been different. It would have been either worst against Hindus if he had not inspired them and against order ( like in Gujarat) if he had not applied break. He timed it well.

It is like 10 goons trying to attack a child for his misdeeds but first the guardian slaps own child to win / pacify the prospective attackers and then goes ahead and makes appeal to them to calm down. He first won the confidence of angered and affected Hindus and then calmed them down or else things could have been bad. An unknown phantom ( fear of his personality) in him also restrained Muslims to a great level to.
I pray to god that we all live in harmony post his sad demise as there is no one who can control his followers and neither there will be any fear in the minds of traditional lawless groups in some communities.

I will request citizens like you to form a group who can rush to CM if they find any alarming situation  in city and ask him to be firm and ensure that situation does not go out of hand and post Thackerayji it will be worst scene either way ( Hindus getting brutally attacked like from the times of Mohammed Gajanavi ) or they get retaliatory like Gujarat which is equally bad.

The govt agencies as well as the enlightened citizens will have to be very alert and be ready to react fast if even a small incidence of communal feelings are seen flaring up.

Also in your detailed write up one thing left out is: There was a rampant eve teasing specially near ladies compartment. But he called upon Shivsainiks to teach lesson to such romeos and we found that last 25 years women had much better life in Mumbai then even in our Capital Delhi. But sadly scene is deteriorating in last few months we hear lot of crime against women. I request Uddhav to take a lead and start campaign against  miscreants and raise confidence in the minds of women and Sr. citizens of my Mumbai. one tells and sees tomorrow the way Alok does......


Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 08:40:35 -0800
Subject: [member_cai] Bal Thackeray: My Reflections

Bal Thackeray: My Reflections
Dr Harish Shetty MD
Dr L. H. Hiranandani Hospital

pl. help ..advise and my advise to TRAI and GOI that make minimum policies

pl. help ..advise and my advise to TRAI and GOI that make minimum policies but see that they r implemented and citizens r not harassed....Alok

My mob no 9324225699 is reliance GSM mobile and is registered under DND.

I had received an unsolicited call from ; 011-47302226

I went on :

As per this site of TRAI I have to call 1909 and register complaint against UCC.

However on Reliance 1909 they refused to accept the complaint . I talked to two of their call center staff then asked for senior and one rude Aditi came and repeated same. Then I asked for more senior and one Hasan came. He too said 1909 is not for registering complaint for unsolicited calls.

I do not know whether to trust TRAI or Reliance and whether Reliance is superior to TRAI and need not follow TRAI requirements?

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,