Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diwali Prayer

This year, Goddess Lakshmi, please pass by my door

There are others in need, and they deserve you more.

Take my earnings, my wealth and my pride, I pray

Let shared wealth – not my own -- glow radiant today.

Am I falsely proud, Mother? Is this illusion and lie?

Take me down, Maha Kali. Make me stand small and shy.

Come with your sword, like a sheep shear me naked

And then hold my hand, help me hold my head high.

My countrymen stand small, how can I stand tall?

Cast their fate upon me, in their midst let me fall.

And then, Mother Shakti, give me love, strength and grace

To be a guide they can trust, and a true friend to all.

Happy Diwali, my friends. I am praying for an end to our collective mania for endless economic growth, and our addiction to the rat race. I’m praying for peace, contentment and a healthy dose of reality. I humbly ask you all to join me in this prayer.

Warm Regards,

Alok Tholiya

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My reply ..about Jain temple and nude sadhus..

Religious institutions in Resedential Areas
Mr. Santhanam Gopalakrishnan asked following questions on site
My question is:

I have nothing against any religion but in our locality which is a pure residential locality. We have a huge Digambar Jain institution being built up. The visitors to this place create a lot of problem for local residents, this is still tolerable, we have nude jain sadhus visiting frequently and this becomes a very uncomfortable situation for ladies and children around.

My question is:

1. Is such an institution legal to build in residential locality
2. Is public nudity in the name of religion legal and allowed.
3. What legal options do residents have to stop such activities

Alok Tholiya replies:
Ans 1. U will only find hind temples, and mosques illegally built every where, be it footpath or slums etc.. Mahalaxmi temple Mumbai blocked the road of thousands living in the area legitimately. Only Jains, Christians and parsies don't build illegal temples. However u can write under RTI to local municipal office and if same is illegal then get it demolished as though I am a digambar jain but would not tolerate any illegal activities. By the way Ganpati, Garba, Namaj, political meetings etc. are held on main roads,footpaths, bridges, railways .They block traffic, cause delay, accidents and also increase pollution. What have u done about the.Or these dont bother Um?

Ans. 2: Come and have a walk with me on highway in Mumbai ( just near my house) in the morning and u will find hundreds of young and old ladies and gents and children doing their morning call in open and naked. What is a solution that. Thousands take their daughters and wife etc in the morning to school or offices thru the road where men are sitting hanging their bells with dabba in open.Same u can see around railway lines every morning.

In posh locality like linking road ( I am not talking about official flash market )
after midnight u can see hundreds semi nude prostitutes in front of residential buildings.Yet the area is costliest residential locality in Mumbai.

Everyone including u and me have some time of our age liked to see xxx movies. Same is story of our children and also mostly of spouses.Porn sites r most popular and same r adult movies.Our serials and Hindi films are equally bad.What have u done to save ur family from these scenes/ glimpses/ stealth seeings ?

If u read and learn why these muni maharaj follow the extreme way of giving up every worldly things / attachments/ then u will change the way u look at them. Today all politicians, bureaucrats, religious head, people from once a noble profession of medical and education are just after amassing but dig Jains sadhus give up all. In peak summer they walk bear foot , no vehicles, no food on table or no bank account, no family, no house, no bed, no luxuries, no comfort and not even a piece of cloth.They have renounced everything in life. And preach simplicity, truthfulness, sacrifice, non violence, vegetarianism, ahinsa, world brotherhood etc. etc.( and from Gandhiji to Alexander ( when gave up aggression) have confessed that they derived inspiration from Jain sadhus.
Ans 3. What activities? Pl. define? Are they creating noise pollution like in Azan or prayers? Traffic jams? Causing traffic jams which we see aruond other religious places? do u find littering around any Jain temple like most other places? Do u find beggers like most other places? Are there riots which we see in many other parts? Do u find any drunkards dancing in the name of religion? Have u ever received any gang of tapories asking for chanda/ alms/ donation in the name of Puja in Jain Temple ( which we face every day from non Jains)? Are there flower stalls, prasad stalls , pandits / Mullas chasing u around ? Non of this is happening I am sure. So what is pertubing u? U cant live in coexisatance? Learn tolerance. Listen to Osho.And if there is a genuine nuisance then just go politely and request the Trustees of temple and they will listen to u. But to many religious head u will not even dare to go and complain and if u do they will just do
opposite and u will regret complaining against them. And if I were u then I would have sold my place as place near Jain temple fetches higher price and shifted to another place where I may not see naked Sadhus but may see my own cloths being removed ( there are many areas which r ruled by mafias) , where might is right, where u will never feel secured specially during riots.
Jains believe in perfect family planning and there fore do not breed anti socials, riotious and notorious, mafias, bootleggers. U r in safe locality.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),
Real Estate, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds,
Tholiya Marketing and Leasing Pvt. Ltd.,
“Marigold”, the little Party Hall,
Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Rd., Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055
M: 9324225699

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