Saturday, December 25, 2010

meri pahli badi jeet , my first victory due to RTI.....for me RTI is Durga.....Alok

I was a hapless/ helpless guy all these my life till RTI was introduced. No govt dept was willing to act,respond,reply and I was living like a slave.
My mobile was pick pocketed in bus in june 2010. Same day I lodged a police complaint. Like all these yrs no one was in the mood to act. I followed twice by visit and twice by letter, then I registered with Mumbai police commissioners web site. As was happening since Independence nothing happened. Commissioner is very busy serveing his Akas so a further promotions, appointment after retirement on imp. posts and allottment of land/ flats keep happeneing. All top brass in our system want to serve only builders,hotelieres, mafias , some netas who can influence allottments etc etc.
So I filed after 5 months of follow up a RTI application abt my mobile and several other aspects of handling mobile complaints. And lo on 24/12/10 police called me that my mobile has been found and that come and collect.To save the thief ( Javed Hakim Shaikh mobile no. 9869903731) they closed the matter as lost and found instead of making a criminal case of theft against Javed Hakim.I played cool and innocent and did not press for further action as going to Indian court is like going to hell.
My 3G mobile with  5 MP camera (used for taking nasty lapses of govt officials) and office features were of no use to this guy who could have returend a peice for hefty tip/ baksish if he was really honest.He has totally spoilt the pc and Nokia yesterday quoted me Rs 2500/- for repairs.Ofcourse I have given for Rs. 900/- for repairs to a small timer outside.
So, first time I cud get a police to act and get some result is all due to RTI. Shree Shree Shree RTI you have made me a citizen from a slave. RTI is some thing which even President Obama referred to as great virtue of modern India.
As a gratitude I will reserve Rs. 2500/- to spend on protecting RTI and protecting my rights got since year 2005.
I offer my place free for meeting ( AC and suitable for 60 seats) to RTI activists with tea and biscuits from my side. RTI activists you are my Durga. I will never worship Durga idol but RTI act and RTI activists who fight devils and give me a lay man like me with no voice a freedom.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Saving our cities from haphazard construction

There are blatant violations of Heritage laws and Coastal Zone Regulations throughout the country, including in Mumbai.
For instance, in Mumbai, builders often get permissions using the Development Control Regulations of 1967, even though the D.C. Regulations of 1991 are the applicable ones.
Moreover, many amendments, deletions and additions to the rules are introduced by the builders through government notifications that are not publicised or even available for suggestions and objections before consideration by government. The passed notifications are not even put up on government websites (e.g.: MCGM's) even ages after being passed, despite this being explicitly required under the RTI Act. Similarly, the notifications are not even publicised through newspaper advertisements, which are otherwise, on a daily basis, full of irrelevant government tender announcements.
Even when a blatant violation starts happening in front of our eyes (e.g. as is happening currently on Marine Drive in Mumbai), it is difficult for ordinary citizens to sift through and understand the voluminous and complex construction laws to try and figure out what the various violations are. By the time citizens figure out the illegalities of the issue, construction has been on continuously on the ground, and the illegal building comes up. All such illegal constructions are then 'regularised' in India, as no one has the guts to demolish them.
Since most of such projects involve powerful people such as builders, politicians and even bureaucrats, they often muzzle the media which buckle due to political pressure, social contacts, advertising revenues, and private treaties. Thus even investigative journalists who uncover such stories are unable to publicise them .
We thus wish to compile a list of organisations and individuals who work in the area of heritage, coastal regulation, and town planning, so that citizens and citizen groups can contact them for advice. Please email us your name, location and contact details if you fit into these categories.
Please also share your views on this subject or observed violations via .
Incidentally, CNN-IBN, IBN Lokmat and CNBC Awaaz are today showing a programme on "Heritage and Regulations in Mumbai".
Vinay -- individuals are a nation's pillars
PS: Read over 40 Marine Drive memories at . What's yours?
PPS: If you do not wish to receive such emails, please inform us.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

RE: [menow] FW: Superb Medical Info. - Patient Education Institute !!

Dear Bharatji,
Not because u have said something for me but in general : appreciation, greatfulness, thanks giving, humbleness, finding meaningful things , undestanding in positive way essence of talk, lesson, mail, etc are greatest virtue but rearly possessed and expressed.
Criticism, thanklessness, anger,dissatisfaction,grudge,being bias,self praise, understanding wrongly, being mean etc etc are automatic, instant and can be seen on face, and person can without control shout, abuse , pull down, show down, be ungreatful, etc etc . And most people fall in this category.We have to unlearn all this and master ( that is achieving enlighenment )  self and understand and praise / be thankhul to others and be simple and humble. It seems you have to great extent achieved the same.
And honestly though criticism does not bother me much but appriciation does give me some sense of satisfaction/ joy. Your mail made me happy. May be in time to come I will be nutral to even praise / appreciation which will be true attainment.

For Issues of Sr. citizens : Issues of Public interests : For harrassed litigansts : For education funds : •Also subscribe to my very popular yahoo group for mails on ahead of time views: Send blank mail to: precious collections:


Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 17:20:47 +0530
Subject: Re: [menow] FW: Superb Medical Info. - Patient Education Institute !!

Dear Alok,

Even at the cost of sounding repeatative, let me once again express my gratitude for your continous efforts to serve the society in general and aggrieved and afflicted ones in particular!!!

Congratulations and Best Wishes in your endeavour.


Recent Activity:


    My reply to Lalit Makan of congress (which has only gone for a vote bank be it issue of Minority or Rent act or ...)

    Kya tali ek haath se bajti hai?? Why not do simultaneosly study of other communities like parsies, Sikhs, jains, Jews, christians who are really in minority and most of these communities are less then 1 % of population. and why only of Muslims who are second largest majority in India.When they have been given opportunity to be President, Governor , Chiefministers. etc etc and still feel alinated then what shud jains,parises,Jews etc feel who have never been given such opportunity. It is importnat to discuss the such feeling with psychologists? They will have awnswer for same. Why Lalit and his folks say such thing is because of muslims vote bank.
    Muslims are backward because they produce more children then they can educate them/ make them self sufficient/ self dependant. Muslims are dreaded by Hindus because many of them remeber Moguls and their atrocities, demolisen by guns Budha statues even in 21 st century,and that they give maximum criminals. Have u / or Sunday Indian( Urdu) has done study of percentage of criminals from various communities,social workers in human / charitable activitis from various comm,jehadis from various comm vis a vis their population,most 1000 heinous crime by which comm, who are the biggest smuugglers, biggest, educationins, hospital owners, etc etc. This will give u better picture of who is up to what. Most minority comm r haeded by Muslims ( who r 2nd largest majority) and not others yes the corruption is highest and real benefit is not reaching desrving muslims and not even 1 % to other minorities.An RTI application in Mumbai revealed 100 funds for minorities have gone to only Muslims and not even a paisa to other minorities.
    I got removed 10 hawkers of Marathi ( even being in maharashtra), UP community from my place at Vakola but cant dare to even complain against a overnight noisy nuisance, badly smelling chinieses fast food joint. Why?? IMagine which comm I am and most of us are fearing?? The true solution is family planning,encouraging intercast/ interfaith marriages,giving education a priority , leaders not speaking against each other but doing and saying which will increase brotherhood, not attcking each other inspite of worst provocation but taking matter to Mohalla commitee which should solve the issue amicably,law and order machinary should not let voilence start and be rapid in action,police should use other methods like plastic bullets then firing at mob ( as then they are called Shahid and their family / friends further take law in to hand? etc etc..Alok

    Survey on Muslim Alienation released

    In a well attended seminar organized by The Sunday Indian (Urdu), a leading monthly magazine of Planman Media, in New Delhi on 10th December, the state home minister Lalit Makan pointed that security, identity and power sharing are the key issues related Muslims. He commented that if question is raised about these issues then Muslims could feel integrated in the country and acclaimed that, in spite of this erroneous tendency, Muslims are living with other communities in a peaceful manner. The seminar was organized on the theme 'Indian Muslims: Integrated or Alienated' coinciding with occasion of release of findings of a survey conducted by the media group through the country for assessing the state of alienation of the country. Other speakers of the seminar were noted journalist Zafar Agha, Arindam Chowdhary, MP Shahid Siddiqui, MP Mohammad Adib, former chairman of delhi minority Commission Kamal Farooqi, etc.

    The survey was conducted between November 2 to November 23, 2010 in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Srinagar, Kolkata, Guwahati Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Chennai, Bangalore and covered people from all major universities, colleges and madrasas including DU, Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU, Osmania University, Darul Uloom Deoband, Nadwa and Jamia Al-Falah. The age of the respondents ranged between 18-40 years. The survey comes out with certain facts regarding the state of the Muslim community. It has been found that only 65.5 per cent Muslims feel safe in the country whereas as almost half members of the community (49.7%) observe that Muslims are being discriminated in walks of life. The majority of the respondents thinks that communal hatred against the community is on the rise.

    The Sunday Indian says, "In a comprehensive nationwide survey, TSI-CVoter maps a community in flux. Muslims constitute 13.4 per cent of the world's second most populous nation. This opinion poll is an attempt to grasp their hopes, aspirations and worries on a wide range of issues. This survey was conducted across three segments of Muslims - students of minority institutions, students of madrasas and the rest of the community."

    Further details of the survey may be referred to the Sunday India website:


    Thanks and Regards,
    Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

    We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    On what basis have our planners decided this definition of "Poverty Line"? but media does not raise such issues

    The World Bank's definition of the poverty line**, for under developed countries, like India, is US$ 1/day/person or US $365 per year. As per this definition, more than 75% of all Indians are, probably, below the poverty line!
    As per the Government of India, poverty line for the urban areas is Rs. 296 per month and for rural areas Rs. 276 per month, i.e. people in India who earn less than Rs. 10 per day. As per GOI, this amount will buy food equivalent to 2200 calories per day, medically enough, to prevent death. At this level of earning, even in a poor country like India, survival on Rs. 10 per day is a nightmare! This actually translates to Rs. 3650 per year or US $ 75 per year.
    On what basis have our planners decided this definition of "Poverty Line"? Does it mean that the person will get enough food to stay alive? How and where is he or she supposed to cook it? What about the minimum needs in education, housing, health services, clothing,and other basic necessities? Are we supposed to live on pavements and sleep under trees from birth till death? YOU BE THE JUDGE!
    The minimum wages in India, vary from state to state and city to city, and average Rs. 1000 - 1250/month or Rs. 12,000 - 15,000/yr. Or US $ 250 - US $ 300/yr. India's per capita is US $ 440 per year. (China's is US $ 990).
    If India could provide Roads, Electricity, TV's and Telephones in every village, it would improve, education, health, family planning, agriculture, animal husbandry, GDP and reduce migration from villages to cities.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

    We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

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    marigold Mini Party hall at santacruz

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Fw: Every foolish ignorant crying against corruption...we r all one ( exception proovs the rule) ( if u r n exception pl. dont feel offended for general remarks..


    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: Dr. Leo Rebello <>
    To: Mr Alok Tholiya <>
    Sent: Sun, 5 December, 2010 1:49:17 PM
    Subject: Re: Every foolish ignorant crying against corruption...we r all one ( exception proovs the rule) ( if u r n exception pl. dont feel offended for general remarks..

    Your family may not read/listen to your Sunday sermon.
    But I read it.  However, from a person like you, people look for solutions.

    Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 11:15 AM
    To: Dr. Leo Rebello ; ; ACLN lawyerscollective ; Ad helplinelaw ; Ad divorcelawyers Delhi ; Ad Law Favorites ; Ad Anil Sablawat Jain ; Ad Lawlist Asso ; Ad. Ms. Indira Jaisingh Lawyers Collective ; ADDITIONAL SOLICITOR GENERAL OF INDIA SUPREME COURT ; ADDITIONAL SOLICITOR GENERAL OF INDIA ALLAHABAD court ; Alternative Disputes Resolution ; lawyerscollective Banglore ; Bombay Bar Association ; BRSP Mr B D Singh Thakur shipping custom clearnce ; BRSP Ad. Bhalchandra Joshi ; Bureau of Police Research and Development ; Civil Rights lawyerscollective ; Court Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission ; Court web admin bombay bar ; Cyber Law Associates ; D P Yadavji ; Mehta & Co Fountain H O ; High Court Of Mumbai ; Honourable Minister for Law & Justice Sh Hansraj Bharadwaj ; IDCA India Development Coalition of America ; Indian Center for human RIGHTS AND LAWS ; Mr. Jimmy D Masani ; ; LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA ; Law Minister Veerappa Moily ; Laweyers Collective New Delhi ; ; Majlis Litigation Centre Mr Madhu Shree Datta ; Member SecretaryLaw Commission ; Ms.Madu MehraED Partners for Law in Development ; Lawyerscollective Mumbai ; New york Law Commission ; Law House The Pradip Shukla & Co ; Police Hon. A.C.P. Zone 09 ; Police Director Anti Corruption Bureau ; police Traffic ; Police ATS Vijay Salunkhe ; Police Cyber Maharashtra Mumbai ; Police Web cell Mumbai ; Railway Police Hon. Commissioner Mumbai ; REGISTRAR GENERAL OF HIGH COURT ; Registrar/Prothonotary and Senior Master ; security Cyber Crime Investigation Cell Mumbai Police ; The Registrar Supreme Court of India
    Subject: Every foolish ignorant crying against corruption...we r all one ( exception proovs the rule) ( if u r n exception pl. dont feel offended for general remarks..

    30yrs back I had waged a war against a very corrupt and autocratic mumbai municipal officer. I succeeded in getting him transferred. ( I thought so). After few months I went to BMC HQ to meet Chief Vigilance officer for lodging a complaint against another erroring officer who was regularising unauthorised structures left right and center.
    And LO what I find? The king of corruption whom I had fought to get transferred was sitting as Chief vigilance officer.
    If u r a corrupt social worker then u get ticket as u can arrange stay in posh hotels for visiting Delhi VIP's of ur party, u can arrange for a girl and wine and can broker for a mafia and builder and hotelier. If u dont have these merits then all parties will deny u tickets.So u have to be a sophesticated pimp with good repport with media and police and underworld to  be a successful politicians.
    Since politicians need money to fight elections which r damn costly they start the wheel of corruption. But since files move thru IAS/IPS/IRS/Chief Judges they select and appoint only very corrupt. The more u r known for corruption and autocratic behaviour the more chances of rising. Now u will find in 60 yrs of independence we have achieved a system where only top corrupt rises thru throny ladders and honest are put in some non meaningful , powerless, administrative or adivasi  portfolios.Khairnar < Bhatia etc r few names who were punished and made mad in this system.
    Also since their work should go on unhindered they make opposition leader their partners in this loot.
    So ruling party, opposition party,bureacrats, media and judiciary are all in league in sucking ur blood, taking u to 15th century and inflicting on u rude and barberic ( no human/ compassionate touch I find anywhere) ( rather if there is any softness then it is towards law breakers/ criminals/ wards of whos who, etc).
    And incidentally BJP has too has mastered the art of ruling and they r ahead in corruption in Karnataka etc.. They it seems belive in lohe ko loha hi kaat sakta hai and therefore they too r ammassing funds by huge corruption.
    System is so  beautifully devised that only heartless/ consciuosless/ethicsless/characterless persons can rise who have infinite lust for  power , sex, money. Pl. note there r exceptions to this rule too and I am sorry for generalising as I am talking of majority.
    Their lust can never be satisfied. Given the choice I will worship Haji Mastan who atleast knew when enough is enough but present politicians, bureacrats do not know that. They wont even blink if some one was giving them a flat inexchange of widow of Kargil forget about just the land/ flat for Kargil widows. They r obsessed with power and money like manics and scizofrenics. ( Dont mind my spellings no time to correct and refer to dictionary .com).They r in the mad race where everyone wants to be something and no one wants to do something for country/ countryman. So they compromise with everything immoral,cheap,vulgar,illegal,unethical.
    So therefore our life is a hell, our files and cases are delayed, our development is stopped and reversed in most cases . now forget China/ Malaysia etc Mumbai is behind Delhi by 15 yrs thanks to BJP-shivsena combine in BMC  and Cong govt of Maharashtra.
    Any statician can prove how many proven corrupt have been given more important positions/ posts/ etc.. But our media is busy with Bacchan,Tendulkar,Munni, etc and keeps only tab of see todays Times ( Anil ambanis reply to his brother and Sanjay Datta giving Rols royce to Manyata etc etc. This is a caliber and priority of National no. 1 newspaper!!!!!????
    Gossip is all that we deserve??? I feel we have govt and media ( shameless and corrupts) that we deserve.
    And definitely thousands years old  Jainism scriptures say this is what going to happen in Kaliyug where devils will rule and nondesrving will rise and good and honest will suffer.
    Being disturbed by family and also knowing no one wants to read my mail as there is no photo of Kareena and Kapoor and so... so I stop here.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

    We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

    Marigold developers: for home loans and best properties
    marigold Mini Party hall at santacruz

    From: Dr. Leo Rebello <>
    Cc: "V. Moily, Union Law Minister" <>; Oscar Fernandes <>; "CM, Maharashtra" <>; Chief Secretary (Maharasthra) <>; Governor of Maharashtra <>; CVC <>; President of India <>
    Sent: Thu, 2 December, 2010 5:37:52 PM
    Subject: Is the IAS Bureaucracy destined to be guillotined in the near future? Replace it with Indian Public Welfare Service -- Dr. Leo Rebello comments

    Dear Mr. Prem Sabhlok, Ex IAS, who is now settled in Australia
    Read your email below.  First Finance Minister CD Deshmukh's comment re: ICS  remains the best.
    He had said: "They are neither Indians, nor civil, nor in service". Only the label has changed from
    ICS to IAS. 
    Those in the IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. are 95% corrupt or incompetent. By changing the label further
    from IAS to IPWS - Indian Public Welfare Service, as you suggest, nothing is going to change. 
    We have to change everything from top to bottom. 
    As I have said time and again, we can at least defeat a corrupt politician during the elections. 
    Like corrupt congress is now wiped out in Bihar. But one corrupt IAS/IPS or Judge rules over us
    for 30 to 35 years and barring a few small fries, show me an instance that they have been removed. 
    For example, IAS officers like Uttam Khobragade, whose name has surfaced once again in the
    Adarsh Society scam and who has several cases of corruption, incompetency, impropriety,
    stupidity against him should be sacked forthwith under article 311. But he continues brazenly
    by using his caste card and will be allowed to retire (he is due for retirement soon) with full pension
    by the corrupt coterie.
    We indeed need hire and fire policy.  More importantly we need an Executive President rather
    than a Harvard Educated chauffeur mentality man driving the car of development to doomsday
    by listening to the foreign amma doing backseat driving. We also need immediately a
    National Judicial Commission to hire, train and fire judges who too have become so
    corrupt and ruthless. The Collegium is a con. But people are afraid to talk against these legal
    Best Wishes
    Dr. Leo Rebello
    PS : Those in the CC are receiving this message as another reminder to act
    on Uttam Khobragade. My application for his ouster under article 311 of
    the Constitution of India is on record.

    Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 3:37 PM
    To: undisclosed recipients:
    Subject: Is the IAS Bureaucracy destined to be guillotined in the near future? Replace it with Indian Public Welfare Service


    Dear All,

    There is an urgent need for an all India debate on the subject of continuation of Colonial Model of IAS Bureaucracy.

    Views of some former Retired/Ex IAS officers (B.S.Raghavan, Shankar Sharan, Dr S Sanjeev and many others) are given below.

    A. Views of B.S Raghvan IAS (Retd Secy Govt of India )

    Appointments based on one time competitive examination with no periodical weeding out of the incompetent and corrupt induces smugness and militates against accountability.

    2. Healthy debate on some alternate model is necessary.

    3. Originally IAS was seen as replica of the ICS- incorruptible, independent, public spirited and result oriented. Unfortunately the system did not work as originally contemplated. All this has been eroded in the last 60 years.

    4. While the Armed Forces, Foreign Service and many other Central Services are indispensable and necessary for nation building, but without IAS country would not come to stand still.

    5. There are instances when non IAS persons when posted into top echelons usually earmarked for IAS, distinguished themselves by their higher caliber and competence.

    B. Views of Dr. S. Sanjeev PhD- former Secretary and Commissioner

    If IAS as a Service does not want to be ousted, it must establish as its role mission the delivery of world-class standard…. Otherwise IAS is destined to be guillotined in the not too distant future.

    2. Today IAS is a smashed up auto-riksha. They are busy in filling TA/DA forms, chasing after their pay slips, ensuring their pay scales remain higher than other services, chasing car/house loans and other bits and pieces of Personnel ministry, local treasury pursuing with Accountant General office lest they have trouble on retirement in getting right amount of Pension.

    3. Most of the IAS officers confirm their own poor ability of leadership by passing the buck to politicians. There are umpteen areas where political leaders do not play any role in their work and functioning….Dr. S. Sanjeev has mentioned a large number of such areas in his well known book Breaking Free of Nehru. Let's Unleash India available on Website <>

    4. Whole world public services are evolving and reforming. In IAS it is total stagnation in ideas

    We apply principle of competition and merit in assembling cricket team but do not apply in IAS bureaucracy.

    5. Till date in the last six decades IAS officers have not made any distinction between Independence , Freedom and Swaraj (governance to citizens). This lack of distinction has led to ineffective and weak local governments. Cities after cities are becoming urban nightmare under their non accountable and non transparent administration.

    Etc etc…

    Views of others

    Politics the noblest Endeavour of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel under the strong steel frame of ICS officers has been made the dirty mafia Politics by the rusted steel frame of IAS bureaucracy's selfish, non transparent and non accountable advice by ensuring that needle of blame always moves towards political leaders.

    The famous saying In Bihar mentioned by an IAS former Secy to Govt of India- Bihar cadre- "IAS officers are"Garam, Naram and Be-Sharam"After training in the IAS Training Academy they aregaram-highly enthusiastic, soon under political and senior officers pressures they becomeNaram-insensitive and players in shuttlecock game in regard to taking decisions and later they becomeBe-Sharam-freely resort to corrupt practices and encourage young IAS officers who are inclined to corrupt practices. All honest IAS officers are sidelined as OSD (officers on Special duties).

    Ground Realities

    Many Newspapers mentioned during recent Parliamentary Elections that in Mumbai many urban voters' names were eliminated in the Voters lists. A study was made for Gurgaon Parliamentary Constituency. For a population of over 20 lakhs, the voters names in the lists were about 8.5 lakhs i.e. about 40% of the population against all India 71% of the population.Again out of 8.5 lakhs urban voters were 2.36 lakhs and over 6 lakhs were rural voters.Thus Gurgaon a Millennium Urban City became a Rural Village as per Voters Lists. Clearly about 6 lakhs urban voters names (about one lakh having voters ID cards) were removed by/under orders of the District Electoral officer i.e. D.C Gurgaon (an IAS officer)

    CEC of India on residents' complaint removed the D.C and asked the new DC to prepare an up to date correct Voters list. New DC also could not do so. He was also removed on complaint from residents/political parties.

    In future Murder of Democracy is likely to happen if vested interests over take the democratic rights of the citizens. IAS officers need to become transparent, accountable, public spirited and result oriented to save the country being rated as a failed state.

    The worst activity of IAS bureaucracy was they have virtually destroyed Local Governance system established by British Govt. Under their rule we had some of the world best cities Bangalore, Delhi, Lahore, Lyallpur, Hyderabad and many others.. IAS bureaucracy by destroying local governments, have made Indian cities as urban nightmare.

    They devise all arguments so that Amendments numbers 73 and 74 to the Constitution of India are not implemented. They pass on this blame on political leaders and continue avoiding effective and strong local governments in India.


    Under IAS bureaucracy maladministration, India is now visualized as anearlyFailed State as per World Development Report 2009 based on the analysis of an International Agency on 12 indicators/parameters.........................


    Prem Sabhlok



    Some more views received from IAS officers (Retd)

    1. Millions of confused socialist bacteria swarming in the brain of Indian leaders and IAS bureaucrats has become the cause of national cancerous disease of corruption and poverty..

    2. ICS officers were never accountable to the people of India but to the British rulers. IAS officers are trying to perpetuate the same and have become non transparent and non accountable to people of India but only to their political bosses Thus feudal outdated colonial structure continues.

    3. IAS officers' interest is not aligned with public interest and they feed public on false promises.

    4. There is no internal competition and as such 100% reach the top level in bureaucracy. Now lately they have started grabbing Head of the Department posts of Central Services as well- it can lead rebellion within the different services.

    5. We are not making IAS as whipping boy but IAS as Service. It is now neither a Service nor Administration. Need to have accountable, specialized contractual officers on hire and fire basis at the Top inALLservices.

    6. Malady is far deeper than projected in terms of simple IAS bashing. British style colonial service neither civil nor service should be replaced by American style Civil Service. IAS is no longer the first/top choice of bright candidates. Revenue Services are becoming the top choice. All services should terminate at Joint Secy level or even Director Level. (Retd IAS Chief Secy Maharashtra)

    7. Sardar Vallabh Bahai Patel saw IAS as Steel Frame of Bureaucracy like replica of ICS- incorruptible, independent, public spirited and result oriented.

    Now after 60 years all this has been eroded and the perception is self serving, insensitive and non accountable.. (Retd IAS Secy to Government of India )

    8. If IAS as service is scrapped country would not come to stand still..(Ex Dy. Army Chief)

    I have received umpteen more views BUT not a single in support of continuation of IAS as Public Welfare Service. We do not need to abolish this service but to make it useful as a Public Welfare Service and not as Feudal Adminstrative Service.

    The country is anxiously waiting for some remarks in favour of IAS as Public service even from retired/serving IAS officers

    Prem Sabhlok

    Thursday, December 2, 2010

    Pl. advise

    Dear All,
    1. My one of the known activist had sent RTI application to LIC MDO III, santacruz. They insisted person applicant should come personally. Then they called up and said to her that they can give telephonic reply.After 17 calls and 2 hrs delay they have accepted the application.LIC which we think is sacred org. of Govt of India has this respect towards constitutional rights of citizens. Any action can be taken on such behavior?
    2. LIC recipient has only given an initial as an acknowledgement. They have not given any seal or designation , Inward no. on our copy. Is this the way LIC/ Govt depts/corporations should receive the hand delivered mail / applications?? What guidelines say?
    3. I had sent an RTI application to Traffic police. After 4 days constable came with a letter from them at night 9.30pm. at my residence.The letter did not contain any tel no or email id for follow up/ clarification. When police in Mumbai is overworked and under staffed then what of the need of in uniform constable to come personally that too at non working hours? I had given all my contact nos and email id in my application. They cud contact me on mobile, thru email or post/ courier the letter. What is a guideline on this?
    4. Municipal corporation officers just do not care to reply properly to RTI queries? Have any BMC ( who has looted Mumbai openly and made it Slumbay been ) been ever been penalized for this?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

    We offer free ( against deposit) wheel chair,patients Fowler bed,tripods, sticks,walker etc..

    Marigold developers: for home loans and best properties
    marigold Mini Party hall at santacruz

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    I have raised issues ( police and court both) for loss of compounded loss of crores to Citizens

    but individually looks a small theft/ loss.

    Application for seeking information under RTI

    (See rule 3)


    To The Public Information Officer

    Sr. Inspector,

    Vakola Police Station, Vakola

    Santacruz East,

    Mumbai 400055




    1.      Name of the Applicant                 :Alok  Tholiya (S E O)

    2.      Address                                              :Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Rd., Santa Cruz East, Mumbai 400055

    Tel No. 9819733059/


    3.      Information sought: - No. of complaints received about loss/ theft of Mobile handsets, its gross value, approx time taken to attend the complainant, how many mobile recovered, how many mobile recovered and delivered to their original owner, how many mobile thieves were  arrested and how many were released by court for insufficient evidence.

    4.      All information pertains to Vakola Police Station and statistics required are for period 1 st January 2010 to till date of your making the reply.

    5.      Pl. give me details of actions taken on my complaint no. / Gahal vastu nonda vahi no. 3978 dt. 30/06/10 for loss of my costly handset.

    6.      Pl. inform when IMEI no. is given then what efforts were made to locate my handset and what was the outcome?

    7.      Was thru IMEI no. my handset was atleast blocked so it is not used by others?

    8.      When police dept. is so busy with other law and order issues and VIP extravaganza then why not allow handset owners to directly follow up with handset and service providers in case of a theft of handsets? Why govt. and its agencies are collecting with open arms all additional responsibilities which they cannot cop up with (due to insufficient staff/ infrastructure and low morale. Low spiritualism and low motivation)?

    9.      Pl. inform how many complaints have been received since 1st Jan 2010 till date about loss of mobile handsets in Vakola Police station?

    10.  Pl. inform the gross value of mobile handsets reported lost during this period?

    11.  Pl. inform how much time of a complainant goes in police station when he comes to report loss of mobile handset?

    12.  Does he have to follow up by frequently visiting police station?

    13.  Are you closing the loss of mobile handsets complaints as mere information or are they recorded as F.I.R.'s?

    14.  During the above period how many mobiles have been recovered? How many of them have been delivered to their original owners?

    15.  How many mobile thieves  / snatchers etc you have arrested during the above period? Haw many of them have been given easy bail by Hon. Courts so they can happily carry on with their snatching activities? This is a general impression that law and order is bad in country because courts are place of harassment of victims and place of leniency towards criminals.Pl. comment? In one of the lectures in our Lions club the then police commissioner had said our staff plays on life and nabs the worst of criminals but courts quickly give them bail and then most of them are out on bail for years and matter becomes weak.Pl. give figures as to how many thief's, burglars, snatchers are punished and how many are let loose by courts on bail or with mild punishments which do not act as a deterrent and rather acts as a encouragement.

    16.  Also give reply to question no. 15 for period starting 1st January 2005 till date.

    17.  Pl. give religious back ground of mobile thieves? Say how many of them are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, Christians etc..

    18.  Pl. give their age group?

    19.  Pl. give their gender?

    20.  Is it possible that staff of police gets the user of snatched handsets thru IMEI no. Contacts the illegal user. Settles the issue with him and does not report to original handset owner? This is my inference as my mobile was pick pocketed in a bus near Vakola police station junction. It was a costly handset worth Rs. 18500/-. I had given IMEI no when your officer asked for same. When your staff has the IMEI no then they must have easily found out the new illegal user thru mobile service providers. But what transpires between police and service providers and illegal owners is not transparent to us. Pl. comment in detail all procedure for finding the location of handset thru IMEI no.

    21.  How many IMEI nos. Vakola police station has so far sent to service providers during above period? What is the outcome?

    22.  Pl. give me copy of your note to service provider and also copy of their reply to Vakola Police station against my IMEI no. 352922020671540 as reported in my complaint.

    23.  Pl. give me contact details of agency which keeps statistics of total nos. of mobiles lost in Mumbai, their worth (which according to me is in crores).

    24.  Is there any law which prohibits buying and selling of mobile handsets without exchanging copies of original ownership documents, copy of PAN card etc..? If not then has police asked for such law so illegal sale by thieves are curtailed. There r so many shops/ stalls and websites selling stolen handsets in the name of second hand. What actions are taken to control them. Web sites like adult insist one to state that they are above 18 similarly all buy and sale web sites / classified web sites (many are floated by gang of stolen good s) must ask advertiser to state whether you possess valid ownership documents. Pl. forward this suggestion to concerned home ministry to bring necessary legislation.

    25.    What is the official contact no. and email id of Information officer should we require to talk to him in future for official purpose.

    26.   What is the name and address, tel. no and email id of appellate authority in case we need to go in appeal.

    27.   I state that information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in the Section 8 & 9 of the Act and to best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.

    15. This is to certify that I, Alok Tholiya Son of Shri B L Tholiya, am a citizen of India.

    16. A court fee stamp @ of Rs. 10 has been affixed herewith.

    12. Pl. advise us in writing In case there is need to pay any additional fees. Same will be paid promptly.

    13. Pl. send the information requested by post to me at my address. Any postal charges if any will be paid by me.          



    Place: Mumbai


    Signature of Applicant

    Tel.  No. (Office): 09324225699

                  (Res)   09819733057

    Postal Address: Tholiya Bhavan, 10th rd., Santa Cruz east, Mumbai 400055

    14. Note: The information is sought by me as a responsible law abiding citizens to be submitted before Hon. Court in , Mumbai, India.

    *WE will approach appellate officer and above if we do not get information as sought as per law.