Monday, September 21, 2015

In all raids on govt officials are caught with crores and crores.......I had written that to PM in 1978

Monday, August 10, 2015

Indian Judiciary..........suffering landlord .....The shelter provider to tenants having no roof over head.

My wholehearted gratitude nd thanks for all those who sent their best wishes and blessings. Thank you very much. I was waiting ofr my 60th b'day very anxiously as now I can request small causes courts to expidite my cases on the ground of being Sr. Citizen.Hope I will get justice during my life time from Indian Judiciary..........suffering landlord .....The shelter provider to tenants having no roof over head.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

voters all over India watching NAMO and AK and comparing their performance

 AK is taking big risk by asking the control of police. He must only focus on other issues and work to remove red tape, corruption and so on from various ministries and set an example for other states and try and win other state elections. No one has joineed police to serve the nation, community or victims. They all hv joined police with eye on authority , power and money it gives. Not easy to chnage the system. And some incidents of law and order and other shameeful acts of bad people will give a bad name to AK and party. Ak just concentrate on present responsibilities and once ur name and ur actions speak louder then all others and commonmen trust you and vote AAP everywhere then automatically u will be in a position to control and improve police too. But do not rush ............everyone watching how u r managing and fairing with responsibilities already given to pl. perform with what u hv ...........

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Teesta is a biased person.

Teesta is a biased person. 
Are Hindus enjoying same freedom in Muslim dominated areas? 
Has she done anything for suffering Pundits in J & K?
Has she cared to speak for Hindus facing slave like life in Pak and BD and other countries? 
Does she care to demand for family planning ? 
I cant treat anyone as activists only because they work against system. They must work in balanced way and interest of country must reflect in all their actions. 
Teesta works as confrontanist then nationalist. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
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Monday, June 29, 2015

the aggregate debt of the 500 top borrowers is Rs 28,76,000 crore....while qualified professionals get zero to start their own establishment

My comment on Business standard reporting that " the aggregate debt of the 500 top borrowers was Rs 28,76,000 crore, about 73 per cent of total bank lending to the industry, services and export sectors. As many as 83 of these 500 largest borrowers have already been formally tagged as financially distressed. Within these 83, operating profitability barely covers the interest required to be serviced in most cases; there is also the absence of any strong parent.". ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Alok Tholiya I hv been demanding that loan should be only against security , mortgage or surety. But instead Indian bank and RBI and Finance ministry gives 1000 crores to one who can never return loan and even for paying interest they borrow further. Additionally they are given loan for posh houses, posh cars and posh offices. Such loan must not be given specially who is not showing enough profits. Even company must not be allowed to give huge perks and comforts to directors and executives unless company shows profits. How can morally company in red feels to provide expensive comforts to loss makers. Worst is not only they hv gulped borrowed money but has also hit the shareholders badly. If any Company is making loss for last three years should be asked to wind up, or merge or sell to other profit making company. But we see that funds are continued to be given for decades to loss making company. There is a big fault in giving such huge loan for decades without showing profits and without securities. And on the other hand genuine fund seekers like engineers, doctors, ;lawyers etc are not given few crores loan for their own offices, establishments. A doctor was refused loan by all banks or are offered small fraction of needed funds and that too for only 5 to 7 years. To repay housing loan they give fifteen years but for place for a clinic they want repayment in 5 years. My reading is that few r allowed huge loan without securities as RBI, FM, bank chairman are in unofficial partnership with bund nibblers, cheaters and frauds who get billions by giving false balance sheet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Alok on minister Prabhu going in sleep while doing yoga

Alok on minister Prabhu going in sleep while doing yoga: Nothing wrong. If u hv not slapet well and were busy in work or had other pressures then yoga will help u relax and send you in good sleep. It is OK> no need to criticise on such things. V rmaking issue look like he was a pilot and plane would hv crashed as he had gone to sleep. Pl. let all of us raise issues affecting us badly and not just sarcastic remarks diluting serious issues and wasting our energy.

Alok on : Ram Madhav and muslim fanatics strengthening hands of China.....

Alok on : Ram Madhav and muslim fanatics strengthening hands of China.....

The divisive politics by fanatic hindus and Muslims will lead to weakening of nation and advantage will go to China. Pak etc are to small for us but China will definitely benefit. Yoga is very good for anyone who does. It is a good thing to introduce in schools, offices and etc but those who want to avoid can be given options and no where any word must, compulsory must come. And no fanatic like Ram madhav must pass any comment on choices of different persons. Pl. pl. pl. avoid non useful controversies for personal gain. Ram Madhav, MIM , MPB etc want to gain media attention and that should not be given to them so easily for nonsense comments.

They flourish on sick divisive comments and only personally gain but harm NAMO, Nation and peace and progress.

Only incentivised family planning and not hurting each other will ensure growth and law and order otherwise we r inviting ISIS and Talibani by distancing Muslims from us and allowing them to seek shelter somewhere else. Hindu fanatics with loose tongue have harmed country the most. MIM upsurge is already seen and in next 10 years we will see ISIS in 40% of Muslim populated area. And violence everywhere. And for this we will have to thank fanatics of both side ......our next generation will live like kashmiris live and such huge Indian army is unable to contain separatists........fools wake up . Work for cordiality and togetherness for enjoying fruits of democracy, peace and progress.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Alok to Shri Aditya Thackeray: V hv a hope from u but....

Alok to Shri Aditya Thackeray: V hv a hope from u but.... At 3.29 am I saw on India today how several nations like UK, Singapore, Japan  and so on ensured that their cities are not so badly affected in monsoon. But India today does not know it all depends on genes and will power. V do not hv such blood in case of our city engineers, planners, politicians, bureaucrats who can think , plan, and execute something futuristic and for the benefit of all and for our future generations.  They had such milk in mouth since birth that they hv only learnt to gulp funds, partner with BMC contractors, break SWDs, roads, footpaths and then rebuild and then again break and then again rebuild. They do not hv any wish and know how to do better then that. Forget about giving city any thing futuristic. I invite Aditya Thackeray to visit my building surroundings and see whether storm water drains are cleaned? Whether the illegal migrants r choking or not nalas who hv settled after Shivsainik hv become corporator, whether chamber covers are missing or not....... I told before that before plunging in politics he should take study tour to various cities like Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, London and so on. Study their way of working and then do something for city revolutionary and then take charge of leadership. But he seems to hv entered directly and is now forced to protect the inefficient corrupt non visionary system. And Mumbai civic body has so much of money that they can hire best of consultants and give contracts to best of international agencies. But Civic mafia is so much controlling things that they only break and remake roads, gutters and footpaths and with still worst designs and quality. Civic mafia has all commissioners, engineers and corporators in pocket. And Mumbai can not improve.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

AK is easily getting a child and there r ppl who want that ....losers AAM ADMI

AK is easily getting a child and there r ppl who want that ....losers AAM ADMI

I hv been saying this for decades that even if v reduce taxes to 25% what v pay today still our progress will be much more then what v hv seen. But v r Taxed heavily and then that money is syphoned off by top bureaucrats and ministers . Our voters r corrupt too who vote for language, community, money, free saree/ free tv and so on. V hv only one hope that if AK removes / ignores distractions and concentrate on honest work then he will b able to prove my contentions but he is too busy with jung with jung and internal rivalry. There is no org. which does not hv internal politics , there is no org which does not hv some interference and distractions but over coming that is a success but AK seems to be defocused and common men will b losers again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My take on Tomar and mad caps fanatics of BJP:

It takes ages and sea of human and sacrifices of millions to form one good political party. And therefore party is bigger than any individual and definitely bigger then an idiot. Not every time u can form a political party having mass support. After ages v hv NAMO's BJP and AK's AAP. Millions all over India hv sacrificed so much that a force to reckon with is there before age old giants Cong, SP, CPI, DMK, .....and so many . Now some idiots are allowed to spoil the image of NAMO and BJP by their sick statements and the statement which achieve nothing. And on the other hand AK is allowing suicide of party by sheltering Tomar. Where is a problem in asking Tomar to resign till inquiry is pending? I wrote that before a month ago. Is Tomar more important AAP? AAP on which there r hopes of millions of poor, middle class, honest and so on. AK as member I call upon you to politely request Tomar to resign with assurance of any help ethically due from party and future come back if he comes clean. Bhagwan Ram had to send Sita ji vanvas for the sake of setting an example for future rulers but we hv not learnt to follow them but only worship him.BJP and AAP is getting badly affected due to sins of few but greater sin of nonaction by NAMO and AK respectively.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I m pro dignity and relief to aam admi

Even if my family member was PM, CM, Guv, or anyone I will b pro RTI and not pro any individual. If he does good then that is what one has to do in precious human life and if he does wrongs then needs treatment accordingly. I m not pro or against NAMO, AK, Rahul or so on. I am pro their good actions and against their bad actions. I m pro dignity and relief to aam admi and relaxation on all devilish laws against aam admi. And I am pro strict laws against non performing, non replying, harassing, delaying bureaucrats and politicians.

Incentive for family planning

Atal Pension Yojana: Should be only for those having / restricting at two children. All those who presently are married and having more than two children can be allowed if they do not add child to existing team. All new benefits must be only for those who agree to family planning. I am making it clear that on the date of announcement of scheme those having more than two children can be give benefit if they stop at that. We can't afford benefits to those who create burden for taxpayers. ..............No one talks positive and creative except Alok ......

Alok on Yoga:

Alok on Yoga: Pl. understand that there r many good things in all fields ( eating ,drinking, vegetables, main course, clothing, housing , living and so on) yet most of us intake wrong things / choices. There r some who will always use wrong things : eat junk, dring liquor, smoke, on. It is their choice. U can't make anything and everything compulsory. What govt can do is spread awareness of good and bad and leave on them to decide. Only in exceptional issues ( viz Ramjanmabhoomi, family planning, sec 370 ) govt can play bit more important roll and not on all and sundry issues and make everyone unhappy and enemy. Yoga is scientifically proven best no side effect and inexpensive , suitable for all age -all gender - places. But for such good thing no force or no sunday working should be made must. Let wise take it and let others ignore and you should ignore them.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

let every nook and corner effigy of agent of harmful food be burnt, they called traitors ...

We have seen how sold out Dr Depa and Rajiv desaeee supported Nesle and maggi who have been given supari by trillions of dollar US pharma industries to seriously affect health of Indian children and youth so that they can make in millions.Can someone make cartoon faces with two horny teeth blood soaked of these agents of harmful maggi. Also I sincerely thank Times Now and Sunita Narayan and all such activist for working for our health and betterment of our society. Not the film stars not the cricketers but these activists deserve national awards.

Yoga day : mad caps.

Yoga day :  mad caps. Why force? Give choice. U can educate , motivate give incentive but can't force. And now a days one plans B day and moaning days too as per convenience. So Sunday is never convenient for official agenda so any day like Yoga day etc can be celebrated on following working day but why be maniac/ dictator about it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Request to AAP to resolve water crises in minimum time and set an example.

I request AAP to come up with white paper on water in delhi. What was before independence, what was done in Delhi congress rule for water and what was done by BJP in Delhi when they ruled delhi . What is a present assessment? How AAP is trying to give relief for immediate relief and what are the long term plans to redress the burning issue ? Why not make legally compulsory for all 5 stars, Multinational offices above 5000 sq ft , and govt and other offices having more then x lacs liters of water consumption to install own water treatment/ recycling plants? In Dubai all hotels desalinate and purify sea water for their use even for drinking . Pay for best of the brains in world to resolve water crises in minimum time and set an example.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Najma Heptulla ... lets us respect each others sentiments

By hurting some other people’s sentiments you eat it, it is not fair, she said.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baap ka raj attitude ....lacks basic courtesy or responsibility

Baap ka raj attitude ....lacks basic courtesy or responsibility
Recently my dear close old friend narrated a serious problem with accident insurance claim lying in motor accident tribunal of his family member who is in a vegetative state due to accident His story moved me. I went out of the way and called on sunday a CEO of one insurance co. to intervene and help in the matter. The way I requested he too went out of the way and got a response from the concerned insurer. Insurer disclosed to settle the issue at Rs 55 lacs and I wanted to see that he gets more then that. I called him for discussion. I forwarded all correspondence to my friend over night. I think he was thereafter approached by his lawyer and he must have settled at what insurer was offering. But at least he has not even bothered to give me any update forget even thanks which I do not want as atleast I treat him as family. I am at loss of face before the CEO whom I troubled so much but have not been able to update or thank him.
I hv seen people suddenly calling for a tel. no or some info and once we sms or email they don't acknowledge. And then v think they hv received info. But one of the person after months says I did not receive or file did not open etc etc.. Now why can't people timely acknowledge work done, not done, gift received, card received or so on when it is specific to them. They may not respond to mass mail or mass messages. But most people do not care to acknowledge after their work is done.
One person from my samaj / community told me that he was looking for match for his daughter for last 3 years but has been unlucky.I convinced him to use my free matrimonial site for community ( .After about a year I was travelling with his brother for a yatra and where by the way he mentioned that his brother found a match thru my site within a month. The girl is now happily married. Forget about extending a support to site, forget about spreading a good word about site forget about thinking of calling me for marriage he has not cared to even write a word to me.
This happens regularly. We help some for civic issues, medical issues, education issues and so on but the reward is that you find the respect goes to only monied or celebrities, And the samaj does not give any acknowledgement to those who work for samaj but who contribute for lunch for samaj and they honour such donors. Samaj hardly cares for those who build institutions for samaj and welfare of needy but give all praise to those who do rituals of vidhans.
RSVP: We just do not care to be responsible to our friends and relatives who invite us. Poor fellow books for 500 persons and 300 turn up and he books for 500 and 750 turn up. This is just an example.In a marriage or similar events if u ask repetedly that if u r coming and how many of you are coming then only few reply with certainty and clarity. So when u book hôtel rooms you are not sure. And in some marriages host has to sleep 6 instead of 2 per room and in some marriages half of the rooms go unused. Waste of money and resources due to irresponsible egoist guys.
Accepting responsibility: There r many who accept the responsibilities and then just do not do anything. And worst is they never even bother to handover the charge to others. This happens specially in social organisations but even in family functions I have seen that some people accept responsibility but do not do anything and not even care to inform. You may feel they are purposely trying to sabotage your event.
Reaching late with a pride: Most of us do not care to sms/ inform if they are going to be late for some reason. You may cancel any work or appointment for them and they may not come and may come late without and feeling of responsibility to inform. If u try to say anything then they will say to kya hua.
Expecting: The best thing is that those who have never ever done anything for you, in your need of hour, for the family responsibilities/ for the samaj are the ones who demand the most more you or from samaj/ community. They have ample time for who’s who, for personal entertainment, for tours and so on. They know to exercise full rights to claim in family or society or nation. But do not have time to contribute little of their time, resources, contacts or anything. It is well said unkamau aave chillata and kamau aave sir jhukata means one who earns for the family enters house humbly bowing head and one who earns nothing comes shouting, yelling, demanding.
So we live in the world with all kind of people and enjoy living with all variety and that makes world complete. Accept such people and continue your work as you have a khujali/ itching to do good and they have to exert, exploit and so on.
It is the path you have chosen so be calm and continue to be passionate about it without feeling suffocated though it is a suffocating world. 

My take on Giriraj Singh:

My take on Giriraj Singh: 

Alok says: Giriraj is a gira hua admi who has scared away 5% of non Hindu votes by his sinister talk. : Either this person has taken bribe from ISI to say something which will affect Modi or he needs to b in mental asylum.Rather any one talking divisive language should be in mental asylum.Everyone has freedom of joining , working and voting for any political party of his choice. That freedom can not be taken away. One has right to criticize anyone , right to ask for vote but has no right threaten. EC must put him behind bars and save nation .

My take on some Shri Khan scaring voters by saying Modi Qatil: 

Alok says: 800 years there were katil. U never say anything abt them? Today in Pak and BD Hindus live in worst situation but u never say anything. Kashmiri pundit had to run away u never said anything but now u say. Why u hv two standard. And as I see ppl in Gujarat r not scared as ppl in Kashmir. Why u hv Green eyes. Pl. reply what u say abt sufferings of Hindus in J and K , Pak, BD ? Has any haji attacked anywhere but in Jammu Hindu pilgrims are attacked regularly. I can't read my prayers by blocking road in Muslim areas but Muslims block whole traffic in Hindu area but we welcome them and still u create chaos, fear and speak bad abt Hindu leaders. There r many Muslim org which r blood soaked do u write abt them.

My appeal to Hindus and Muslims on FB

  • congress is fooling muslims.. an acceptance of fact.. the day muslims distance themselves from being appeased we will be a better nation
    With Vivek Saxena and 49 others.
    Unlike · · · Yesterday at 11:25am ·
  • Saturday, May 23, 2015

    equality must be everywhere no double standard

    I was dealing with one nice company Glolite electricals.But they only had Bohri Muslims as staff. I thought it OK as what ever suits the management and makes them comfortable is right. I had several Muslims and christians as my staff and we are still connected. It depends on individuals choice. I do not know why halla gulla. hear those who make great noise but does not speak any thing against biased rather atrocious attitude against Hindu and christian minorities in Saudi, BD, PAK is shocking. First let all demand right to own religion in Saudi and then demand anything else.

    Tuesday, May 19, 2015

    will NAMO go in this area and see these respectable women who have been so shamelessly dealt....

    Nothing is more shameful then this. And then saffronists shout against Muslims and Christians for conversions. It is not muslims and christians responsible for conversions but such ghastly inhuman acts. And I understand government being silent but why supreme court? Those people who did this to nari devi must be hanged. Where r those women's organisations??? R they for atrocities on rich and celebrity women and not for dalit women???? Shame. I am shocked........Alok Tholiya
    यूपी: 5 दलित महिलाओं को नंगा कर परेड कराई…/articl…/47344036.cms…
    यूपी: पांत दलित महिलाओं को हाइवे पर नंगा कर परेड कराई उत्तर प्रदेश के शाहजंहापुर जिले में एक भयानक वाकया सामने आया है। ओबीसी ग्रामीणों ने ...

    Friday, May 15, 2015

    Alok s comment on people criticising Bapuji or others

    The SC has opened the door for frivolous cases brought by organisations on behalf of “historically respectable personalities”, that can and will cast a severe...
    • Alok Tholiya I appreciate this ruling. Why cry over spoilt beans if at all they r spoilt. Think futuristic and visualise and then guide. Atleast thats what I do. And I am not boasting but I can see ,many things which will happen in future. If some one has time then read my writings of last 15 years like on and many things have turned out the way I warned. It is only how you develop your thinking. As far as Bapuji is concerned we can not understand in what circumstances / pressures he must have done or not done few things. Appreciate good of their work and find solutions for damage they may have done unknowingly. By just criticising we are not doing any good service to our future generation. We hv duty towards our future generation and right direction in that regard is more desired then throwing stones against who are no more. A humble comment.....

    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    My comment to my nephew on his request on Facebook

    My comment to my nephew on his request on Facebook

    Pranay Gangwal  said : Like always the number of wishes I get as comments on this post, I will plant that many trees

    Alok Tholiya Great . Plant more tree. Keep bowl of water for birds. Help accident victims.helping senior citizens, attending visitors and guests politely and offering seat and water, Guiding someone harassed by courts, police, govt depts and some more are the best thing one can do in life. You earn good karnas. Pl. continue this. Next time when u come here plant one tree in our compound too. I am proud for your mission. Keep it up.

    • Pranay Gangwal Alok Tholiya thanks mamaji I will plant one in your name and send you pics
    • Alok Tholiya No let it be in the name of any activist who has sacrificed life for issues of common man. That will make me more happy. Pl. do it in the name of late Kewal Semlani an humble but extremely dedicated RTI activist who trained hundreds like me as to how to use RTI against errant officials.