Tuesday, August 4, 2015

voters all over India watching NAMO and AK and comparing their performance

 AK is taking big risk by asking the control of police. He must only focus on other issues and work to remove red tape, corruption and so on from various ministries and set an example for other states and try and win other state elections. No one has joineed police to serve the nation, community or victims. They all hv joined police with eye on authority , power and money it gives. Not easy to chnage the system. And some incidents of law and order and other shameeful acts of bad people will give a bad name to AK and party. Ak just concentrate on present responsibilities and once ur name and ur actions speak louder then all others and commonmen trust you and vote AAP everywhere then automatically u will be in a position to control and improve police too. But do not rush ............everyone watching how u r managing and fairing with responsibilities already given to you.........pl.. pl. perform with what u hv ...........

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