Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Shri Anil Ambaniji, and others in Rel. energy,
Respected All,
I have recd response from DCP against my mail asking me to further take up matter with full details.
I dont want to escalate same and therefore I have been running piller to post in your corridors only. But all in vain.
Let me clear my stand:
1.To defraud you the unauthorised hotelwala has talen one residential terriff connection in one Babusingh Bhatis name.
2. There is no such babusingh bhati in my property.
3. That simply means this connection is given without sufficient documents.
4. I am sure the then management and present management must not be aware of all this as it is impossible to chk each and every file.Hence pardonable.
5. But what is not pardonable is slackness/ evasiveness/ lack of transperancy/evading taking steps which r ought to be taken on serious repeated complaint  to highest of present management.
6. Hence either you have to satisfy me by giving me access  to documents to either satisfy that you have continued with connection after due to diligiance or you have to disconnect the line after giving due notice to the subscriber.
7. If you fail to take corrective steps in 15 days then I shall be forced to ( unwillingly and hesitatingly ) approach law and order machinary which is already over burdened and sane / responsible and proactive can ensure that matters are settled amicably without further burdening them. Here I do realise that your company is part of very big gigantic empire which has reach in top of system in India hence do not fear law / law guardians ( police and courts) but pl. note Constitution of India guarantees me even a poor, ordinary lay man equal rights and I shall exercise them.You will be able to create hurdles, delays and put bigger  hole in my already torn pocket but I know for sure that  even a lay man can rise to fight for his right against an empire be it fortune 500 co with all the influence. 
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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From: Notice <wakolapolicestation@mtnl.net.in>
To: dcpzone8@mtnl.net.in
Cc: tholiya@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, 4 January, 2011 5:50:34 PM

    Received ur compt. regarding illegal connection given to 3rd party in ur property. U have also made complaint against who has given this unaothorised connection as well many sarvjanic mandal is using this electricity illegally in collabaration with staff of reliance energy.
    Regarding this I have in inform that you will have to collect information (document) stating the connection given is unauthorised as well who has given this (if u r making allegation against any particular individual}.
    For giving further details about ur complaint pl contact ur beat officer psi ingale.
    Thanking you.