Chetan Bhagat, corruption affects me minute to minute. I am failure because I dont bribe, I dont hv cocktail with judges, police, VIPs, I do not provide them girls and so on which the successful ppl do every day and night. As a common man I am doomed due to corruption. And if there is reduced corruption then even internal and external security will be strengthened. Dawood who arranged serial bombing and the Thapa the kapoot of India are gift of corruption who finally did this Mumbai serial bombing. A small criminal becomes large shark due to corrupt police, corrupt public prosecutor and corrupt judges.Three days back there was a news that a muslim was arested 12 the time for supplying bulletts and earlier was arrested for 11 murders but was out. Is not corruption responsible for seeing that all gruesome criminals are not only out but become bigger and finally become antinational / terrorists too. You r not aware of what damage corruption had done to crores of honest commonman and made 1% own 99% of wealth and riches. You are a sick person and away from reality and pain of ordinary citizens. Tum savan ke andhe ho who gets probably every thing served on silver platter where as our life goes in visiting ration office, police, passport office, water dept, school admissions and so on hundreds of times as we do not bribe and struggle.And AK is fighting for all of us.And v r in crores but not many will understand and value his contribution when u as ignorant but though to be intellectual can not.
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  • DeSouza Wilberious Evanglist Terrorists do not have any religion or ethics. Terrorism has manifestations all over the world. Terrorism can manifest anywhere regardless of caste creed, religion, colour & race. On terrorism none of the countries of the world have been successful in quelling it. Neither USA nor any other super power. Does chetan Bagat has any solution? Let him publicise it & contest against Arvind Kejriwal or Kiran Bedi or any other contestant in that constituency & I shall canvass for him. Let him be elected & & eradicate terrorism! Nobel prize may also be awarded to him. If he can not, let him sit inside his house locked inside a room!
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  • Alok Tholiya Desouza ji, While I agree that criminals and terrorists are in all religious groups but in Muslims they r in higher proportion and more cruel/ brutal and heinous. Read daily newspaper and collect the data religion wise. They do not want to breed quali...See More
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