Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mr Gupta says I am a big pain.........when I make a complaint.....Alok humble request to him‏

Mail to others too who can learn if they want. But ppl with Ravan genes ( Ahnkari) do not take it as a eye opener but as a chance to retaliate. Retaliate if u can but nither can harm me nor can stop karma theory from working. .........Alok Guptaji of MD India write: From: [] Sent: 08/February/2012 7:19 PM To: MDI Kenneth Paul Cc: MDI Praveen Yadav Subject: Fw: Hoax IRDA, Finance ministry and TPA MD india Pls handle this on an urgent basis. He is a big pain. Sent from my BlackBerry® on Reliance Mobile, India's No. 1 Network. Go for it! Alok comments and advises: If I am a pain then no one has right to cry on grievances??? I suffered once on Octroi naka. I wrote to DMC of BMC. And he wrote in similar fashion. I wrote him warning abt earning bad karmas. He did not listen. After few months news headlines were DMC raises grivance that his only daughter was raped by fridge mechanics and police is not doing what it shud. I had similar issues with TPH travels( I wont take ur time by narrating whole story but say it was grave consumer issue) and they slept over it. In few months I read they died in a plane crash at Aurangabad leaving behind what they made over curses. And incidentally in same flight my 12 yr old nephew was there and he survived with minor injuries. God has give u seniority to hv serve more then what other can but u r misusing that and god is making ur balance sheet. Be like mother who even wakes up in dead of night when child cries. Have compassion. Respond humanly if want to be live and die as human being. Or god has many other options to punish. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,