Friday, January 1, 2010

Alok appeals: do not get driven away from topic of development to non issues.

Alok replies to.......: No Inflation in Parliament Canteen....must read & fwd...

demand development and give free full course thali / plate .
Alok appeals: do not get driven away from topic of development to non issues.

Kal ka chokra the article clerk when comes for audit goes in star hotel and
submits the bill to client. (bill may inclde a beer bottle).,ur doctor gets star
parties from pharma and cuts from diagnostics centre and chemists,all corporate
staff gets subsidised canteen, transportation and tea cofee and cold drink flows
for free for them thru vending machines ,railway staff get several free
passes,airlines staff gets several free tickets,ur society chairman / sec may be
behaving as dictator and exploiting every bit of ur society,teachers have
privileges,medical staff has in hospitals and u name it.Police and BMC staff
take ransom to whole city and citizens.In the name of social work when any group
meets the attendance is higher when over free lunch, highest when over cocktail
and otherwise it is a flop show.Most part of Budget of most famous social orgs
like Rotary, lions etc is spent in 5 stars.The chairman of ICICI gets swimming
pool with official residence ( our MPS dont get tub bath)But When our elected
reps get some privileges we cribb, we cry and v send mass mails.All my corporate
friends who were hitch hiking before have posh cars, they get bonus ranging from
Rs 5 lacs to 50 lacs and more.erc etc. They r all managing small assignment in
large company and our elected reps are ( supposed) to be managing large
country,economy,most complex nation, worlds largest democracy etc etc. U need
brains, commitment, dynamism,vision, etc. let us talk about that and not about
their privileges.
I want to receive a mail that how Lata mangeshkar stalled the development and
when now implemented will cost 500 crores more. Let us recover from her.Let us
punish those who delayed sea link and costed us 1000 crore more . Let us blacken
face of all those non visionaries who ruled Mumbai for 60 years and never
planned for sufficient water,schools, hospitals, sanitation, markets etc etc.
Today footpath is markets , highways and railways is toilet,BMC scools produce
only peons,BMC hospital are breeding diseases, no water etc etc.
Now I can further add about police and courts and other issues.

So let us pay well our elected reps, give them their due like corporates give,
give them butter and whips both as deserved but let us not just divert our
attention from development to their canteen.

--- In, Bharat Churiwala wrote:
> As received on another Forum!
> Can you imagine a vegetarian thali lunch for Rs. 12.50 or a katori (small
bowl) of dal at Rs. 1.50, and chapatis for a rupee each at a time when the
prices of essential commodities are touching the sky?
> Yes it is possible, even if food is getting out of the reach of the poor in
the country. Welcome to the Parliament House canteen - where delectable dishes
will never act pricey.
> A series of catering units run by Indian Railways at Parliament House,
including at the library and the annexe building, serve food at rates which are
a good decade old but are hard to digest for a newcomer.
> MPs, who are seen shouting at each other and castigating the government over
the rising food prices, definitely relish the cheap canteen food. But, mind you,
the facility is not for them only.. Parliament staff, low-paid security
personnel and accredited journalists too enjoy the delicacies at rates which an
ordinary citizen outside cannot even think of.
> Dal, considered to be the poor man's food in India and which is now getting
too expensive to even fit his bowl, costs just Rs.1.50 for a katori.
> Low rates make the desserts sweeter. A katori of kheer at Rs. 5.50 will never
taste bitter. So will a small fruit cake at Rs. 9.50 and a helping of fruit
salad at Rs.7.
> If you want to have soup, enjoy a bowl full at Rs. 5.50, and for a heaped
plate of cooked rice you need to shell out just Rs. 2. Dosa is available at Rs.
> And, yes, a cup of piping hot tea is available for just Rs. 1 -- not in the
canteen but along a parliament corridor at a tea board.
> Where does this come from? Remember, behind the cheap commodity there is a
subsidy. All this costs the government a huge amount of tax payers' money.
> The gap between the actual cost and what MPs, journalists and others have to
pay, is bridged with a food budget set aside by parliament.
> "Over Rs. 5.3 crore has been allocated during the current financial year for
the canteens. The Lok Sabha pays some Rs. 3.55 crore and the Rajya Sabha shares
the amount to over Rs. 1.77 crore," said an official.
> "Not only MPs, we serve food to everybody who is allowed inside parliament.
They also include workers, gardeners and labourers," the official told IANS,
defending the low prices.
> The food prices were last revised in 2004.
> A 15-member joint parliamentary committee on food management headed by then MP
K. Yerranaidu of the Telugu Desam Party was constituted in 2005 to consider
revision of the rates and the service.
> "The committee didn't give any report and the rates were not revised," the
official said.
> During the just-concluded winter session, on an average "3,000 people were
served lunch in the canteen daily", a caterer said, but strongly pleaded
anonymity as "we have been told not to speak to the media without permission".
> Parliament House Canteen Food Rates
> Tea Re. 1
> Soup Rs. 5.50
> Dal - one katori Rs. 1.50
> Veg thali (dal, subzi,4 chapatis, rice/pulao, curd and salad) Rs. 12.50
> Non-veg thali Rs. 22
> Curd rice Rs. 11
> Veg pulao Rs. 8
> Chicken biryani Rs. 34
> Fish curry and rice Rs. 13
> Rajma rice Rs. 7
> Tomato rice Rs. 7
> Fish fry Rs. 17
> Chicken curry Rs. 20.50
> Chicken masala Rs. 24.50
> Butter chicken Rs. 27
> Chapati Re. 1 a piece
> One plate rice Rs. 2
> Dosa Rs. 4
> Kheer - one katori Rs. 5.50
> Fruit cake Rs. 9.50
> Fruit salad Rs. 7
> Did I hear someone say that there is no money for OROP? NOW you know why!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

no one tells u this ......u need courage and vision and equity....says Alok

don't just whip politicians like a stray dog ....take care of them .....and then demand progress
and development......Alok

Though India suffers with acute poverty but only politicians and social workers are expected to do sacrifices, work for free, lead a simple life, etc. Why ? When salary of all in govt has gone up drastically, when teachers, doctors, saints, professionals spare no one then why we expect high from politicians? For taking care of RIL when Mukesh can build house worth 1600 CR then what President shud get for taking care of Country. When other who's who can openly gift plane and ships to wife, buy islands,buy bunglows in Dubai then why u dont raise voice?

I think ICICI peon is getting more then our MP's, MLA's and corporators. And we whip on this to them.
I am in favor of appointing a commission ( on the basis of pay commissions) who shud decided new salary for our elected representatives. An MP shud get nothing less then Rs. 5 lac a month and so on......and up to panchayat the pay scale shud change. But there perks and other benefits shud be curtailed/ controlled. And ofcourse their misuse and corruption shud be dealt with sternly.

Now NGO's have come up who pay their mentors officially then why not officials of political parties be paid remuneration. Many of them give full time to party.Let the parties come forward and start paying their full time workeres.Or else they have to depend on hafta.

Dear Parliamentarians ,

What corporate executives did to increase their own salary? They first incresed the salary of their juniors beyond reasonableness so that automatically they became entitled to a better salary and benefits. So go ahead and allow social workers like SEO's to charge some reasonable fees for services rendered. When no one gives any thing for free then why expect social workers to work like that . Then increse the salary of elected reps. of Panchayat and nagar palikas. Then of MLA's and finally when they draw more then MPs then MPs can justifiably increses own salary. Pl. go ahead, do it , I mean it. But for havens sake reduce corruption, stop[ delays specially in courts, give us progress like we see in Malasia, China, Singapore and every where.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),