Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Awareness about Jainism: No one raises such debates humble suggestions and appeal. . But for Alok.

Respected Muni Maharaj ji,
Sadar Charan sparsh.

My humblest suggestions and observations hope if not appropriate then u will pardon me.

  1. If topic of Pravachan is announced then same can be circulated by sms, email, notice boards and many more people interested in that topic will come from far and wide.
  2. If lectures are topic wise then a cassette series can be made, small book can be made, it can be hosted on YouTube.
  3. Lectures should more cover scientific aspect of Jainism for making it more relevant to youth of Modern times. Lectures should be covering spiritual aspect of Jainism which makes men peaceful, loving, caring, forgiving, humble, winning foes, making friends, improving relationships with spouse, family, neighbors, staff, partners.
  4. It should motivate police, govt, advocates and teachers and doctors to be more human and responsive as sufferers contact them and they treat them as bakra/ sacrificing goat.By virtue of good karma's of past they hv achieved a position thru which they can earn more good karma's but worldly pleasures and competition diverts them to sinful response to sufferers.
  5. The mighty and rich ( Jains) must build infra for samaj, reach out to those in need. Presently not so rich and below have to do ji hajoori of rich and mighty and rich and mighty only open up to another rich ignoring good member of samaj ( but not rich).
  6. Advice Following good ethics in business. Today most Jains in trade sell spurious, duplicate, stolen, bad quality products. And then if customers come back for service they do not attend even in guarantee period. Do not honour commitments on payments, delivery, quality.
  7. When giving tyag of Mithyatva also can include will adjust with  spouse, give up anger, give up bad words , give up drinking, do not eat in non veg hotels ( and if veg place is not there then eat there Salad, fruits, juices, etc)
  8. Give appeal to Build more schools with Jain temples, Jain hospital with temples, Jain hostels with temples etc..
  9. Motivate Jains to aspire to work for cruelty against animals, tree plantation and sanrakshan, behaving humanly with poor, downtrodden, workers, old, women, children and they must win International awards and recognition like Bahuguna of Chipko andolan, Mother Teresa, Maneka Gandhi ( animal issues), etc etc.... For all issues of Mahavir Vani other than Jains have won awards.

Some topics:
A. Healthy Heart thru Jainism

B. Jainism and depression
C. Jainism and getting rid of Bad Habits
D. Healthy mind , Body and Soul way to Jainism
E. Jainism and Relationship
F. Concentration in Students thru Jainism
G. Avoid Diabetes and Blood Pressure thru Jainism
H. Personality Development thru Jainism
I. Why jains are always blessed with High Social image ( Ethics in business)
J. Jainism and tolerance
K. Jainism and Humanity
L. Jainism and Harit Kranti ( Saving from Global warming)
M. Jainism and saving Water ( Even today not more than 5 % have sufficient potable water in India)
N. Jainism and Shodh ( Hygiene, cleanliness, beautification,Saving  nature/ planet )
O. Why Tyagi's  do what they do? Tyagi Dharma an awareness lecture on Tyagi's
P. Shravak Dharma ( Is ritual a priority or humanity and ethics)
Q. Jainism and a shodh ( hygiene and cleanliness Dharma followers must build clean beautiful Toilets ( First on Tirthsthan and then for common man)
R. .......

Alok Tholiya

No one raises such debates humble suggestions and appeal. . But for Alok.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,
Marigold Hall,Tholiya Bhavan,
10Th Rd., Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055

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