Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have raised issues ( police and court both) for loss of compounded loss of crores to Citizens

but individually looks a small theft/ loss.

Application for seeking information under RTI

(See rule 3)


To The Public Information Officer

Sr. Inspector,

Vakola Police Station, Vakola

Santacruz East,

Mumbai 400055




1.      Name of the Applicant                 :Alok  Tholiya (S E O)

2.      Address                                              :Tholiya Bhavan, 10th Rd., Santa Cruz East, Mumbai 400055

Tel No. 9819733059/ tholiya@yahoo.com


3.      Information sought: - No. of complaints received about loss/ theft of Mobile handsets, its gross value, approx time taken to attend the complainant, how many mobile recovered, how many mobile recovered and delivered to their original owner, how many mobile thieves were  arrested and how many were released by court for insufficient evidence.

4.      All information pertains to Vakola Police Station and statistics required are for period 1 st January 2010 to till date of your making the reply.

5.      Pl. give me details of actions taken on my complaint no. / Gahal vastu nonda vahi no. 3978 dt. 30/06/10 for loss of my costly handset.

6.      Pl. inform when IMEI no. is given then what efforts were made to locate my handset and what was the outcome?

7.      Was thru IMEI no. my handset was atleast blocked so it is not used by others?

8.      When police dept. is so busy with other law and order issues and VIP extravaganza then why not allow handset owners to directly follow up with handset and service providers in case of a theft of handsets? Why govt. and its agencies are collecting with open arms all additional responsibilities which they cannot cop up with (due to insufficient staff/ infrastructure and low morale. Low spiritualism and low motivation)?

9.      Pl. inform how many complaints have been received since 1st Jan 2010 till date about loss of mobile handsets in Vakola Police station?

10.  Pl. inform the gross value of mobile handsets reported lost during this period?

11.  Pl. inform how much time of a complainant goes in police station when he comes to report loss of mobile handset?

12.  Does he have to follow up by frequently visiting police station?

13.  Are you closing the loss of mobile handsets complaints as mere information or are they recorded as F.I.R.'s?

14.  During the above period how many mobiles have been recovered? How many of them have been delivered to their original owners?

15.  How many mobile thieves  / snatchers etc you have arrested during the above period? Haw many of them have been given easy bail by Hon. Courts so they can happily carry on with their snatching activities? This is a general impression that law and order is bad in country because courts are place of harassment of victims and place of leniency towards criminals.Pl. comment? In one of the lectures in our Lions club the then police commissioner had said our staff plays on life and nabs the worst of criminals but courts quickly give them bail and then most of them are out on bail for years and matter becomes weak.Pl. give figures as to how many thief's, burglars, snatchers are punished and how many are let loose by courts on bail or with mild punishments which do not act as a deterrent and rather acts as a encouragement.

16.  Also give reply to question no. 15 for period starting 1st January 2005 till date.

17.  Pl. give religious back ground of mobile thieves? Say how many of them are Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, Christians etc..

18.  Pl. give their age group?

19.  Pl. give their gender?

20.  Is it possible that staff of police gets the user of snatched handsets thru IMEI no. Contacts the illegal user. Settles the issue with him and does not report to original handset owner? This is my inference as my mobile was pick pocketed in a bus near Vakola police station junction. It was a costly handset worth Rs. 18500/-. I had given IMEI no when your officer asked for same. When your staff has the IMEI no then they must have easily found out the new illegal user thru mobile service providers. But what transpires between police and service providers and illegal owners is not transparent to us. Pl. comment in detail all procedure for finding the location of handset thru IMEI no.

21.  How many IMEI nos. Vakola police station has so far sent to service providers during above period? What is the outcome?

22.  Pl. give me copy of your note to service provider and also copy of their reply to Vakola Police station against my IMEI no. 352922020671540 as reported in my complaint.

23.  Pl. give me contact details of agency which keeps statistics of total nos. of mobiles lost in Mumbai, their worth (which according to me is in crores).

24.  Is there any law which prohibits buying and selling of mobile handsets without exchanging copies of original ownership documents, copy of PAN card etc..? If not then has police asked for such law so illegal sale by thieves are curtailed. There r so many shops/ stalls and websites selling stolen handsets in the name of second hand. What actions are taken to control them. Web sites like adult insist one to state that they are above 18 similarly all buy and sale web sites / classified web sites (many are floated by gang of stolen good s) must ask advertiser to state whether you possess valid ownership documents. Pl. forward this suggestion to concerned home ministry to bring necessary legislation.

25.    What is the official contact no. and email id of Information officer should we require to talk to him in future for official purpose.

26.   What is the name and address, tel. no and email id of appellate authority in case we need to go in appeal.

27.   I state that information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in the Section 8 & 9 of the Act and to best of my knowledge it pertains to your office.

15. This is to certify that I, Alok Tholiya Son of Shri B L Tholiya, am a citizen of India.

16. A court fee stamp @ of Rs. 10 has been affixed herewith.

12. Pl. advise us in writing In case there is need to pay any additional fees. Same will be paid promptly.

13. Pl. send the information requested by post to me at my address. Any postal charges if any will be paid by me.          



Place: Mumbai


Signature of Applicant

Tel.  No. (Office): 09324225699

              (Res)   09819733057

Postal Address: Tholiya Bhavan, 10th rd., Santa Cruz east, Mumbai 400055

14. Note: The information is sought by me as a responsible law abiding citizens to be submitted before Hon. Court in , Mumbai, India.

*WE will approach appellate officer and above if we do not get information as sought as per law.