Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marriage: Finding a match:

Marriage: Finding a match:

Basically every community had brahmin (family priest) to nai ( barber) who was a link between others . They knew inside outside of each family and would play a crucial roll in match making.

Then every joint family wud have a enthusiastic senior citizen who wud go places & find match for eligible bachelors of his family.

Now neither such dedicated institutions exists nor the youth r willing to abide by their decisions/ recommendations.

Then what? ( Exceptions r always there:)
If u r rich and handsome/ beautiful then u get chased .
If u r not having money nor looks then u r willing to compromise and adjust and get match soon.
The problem comes when u r middle class ( and they are in large number) , having good looks and r well educated and live in metros.
To get similar match becomes difficult.
So then u shud be prepared to adjust and compromise.
Here r some more tips :
1. Follow up matches/ prospects every saturday: subscribe to authentic matrimonial web site. But that is no help if u just wait apple to fall on ur lap. Every week u have to sit down and search the site and send ur interest. Follow up with the profiles u r interested in. Find the background of profiles u r interested in. Then find their close relatives and friend and take their help in the matter. This is to be done religiously every saturday and sunday. Just posting ur profile will hardly help.

2. Attend marriages: Youngsters are in best mood and looks when they r attending marriages. That is the occasion u get ready to ur best , best of make up, best of dresses, best of style etc. etc.. U really can win hearts of prince or princess while in a marriage of ur friend, community, siblings, cousins. But many youth keep away and only send parents to such occasions. While in marriage u r ready to ur best but u can't /won't get ready the same way when individually u have to for visiting family of match. Never ever miss the wadding ceremonies / similar functions if u r of marriageable age.

3. Join student/ youth wing: This is another good exposure to marriageable age youth. Most communities have their youth wing / student wing. If u r active in such group and r dynamic, impressive and talented then u will be soon apple of eye of some one. Never loose opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with others in social -religious events .

Alok Tholiya
Relationship Consultant
Doing honorary match making work for last 10 year and has made free matrimonial web site for his community spending about a Rs 1lac.