Friday, May 15, 2015

Alok s comment on people criticising Bapuji or others

The SC has opened the door for frivolous cases brought by organisations on behalf of “historically respectable personalities”, that can and will cast a severe...
  • Alok Tholiya I appreciate this ruling. Why cry over spoilt beans if at all they r spoilt. Think futuristic and visualise and then guide. Atleast thats what I do. And I am not boasting but I can see ,many things which will happen in future. If some one has time then read my writings of last 15 years like on and many things have turned out the way I warned. It is only how you develop your thinking. As far as Bapuji is concerned we can not understand in what circumstances / pressures he must have done or not done few things. Appreciate good of their work and find solutions for damage they may have done unknowingly. By just criticising we are not doing any good service to our future generation. We hv duty towards our future generation and right direction in that regard is more desired then throwing stones against who are no more. A humble comment.....

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