Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Alok on : Ram Madhav and muslim fanatics strengthening hands of China.....

Alok on : Ram Madhav and muslim fanatics strengthening hands of China.....

The divisive politics by fanatic hindus and Muslims will lead to weakening of nation and advantage will go to China. Pak etc are to small for us but China will definitely benefit. Yoga is very good for anyone who does. It is a good thing to introduce in schools, offices and etc but those who want to avoid can be given options and no where any word must, compulsory must come. And no fanatic like Ram madhav must pass any comment on choices of different persons. Pl. pl. pl. avoid non useful controversies for personal gain. Ram Madhav, MIM , MPB etc want to gain media attention and that should not be given to them so easily for nonsense comments.

They flourish on sick divisive comments and only personally gain but harm NAMO, Nation and peace and progress.

Only incentivised family planning and not hurting each other will ensure growth and law and order otherwise we r inviting ISIS and Talibani by distancing Muslims from us and allowing them to seek shelter somewhere else. Hindu fanatics with loose tongue have harmed country the most. MIM upsurge is already seen and in next 10 years we will see ISIS in 40% of Muslim populated area. And violence everywhere. And for this we will have to thank fanatics of both side ......our next generation will live like kashmiris live and such huge Indian army is unable to contain separatists........fools wake up . Work for cordiality and togetherness for enjoying fruits of democracy, peace and progress.

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