Sunday, May 24, 2015

My take on Giriraj Singh:

My take on Giriraj Singh: 

Alok says: Giriraj is a gira hua admi who has scared away 5% of non Hindu votes by his sinister talk. : Either this person has taken bribe from ISI to say something which will affect Modi or he needs to b in mental asylum.Rather any one talking divisive language should be in mental asylum.Everyone has freedom of joining , working and voting for any political party of his choice. That freedom can not be taken away. One has right to criticize anyone , right to ask for vote but has no right threaten. EC must put him behind bars and save nation .

My take on some Shri Khan scaring voters by saying Modi Qatil: 

Alok says: 800 years there were katil. U never say anything abt them? Today in Pak and BD Hindus live in worst situation but u never say anything. Kashmiri pundit had to run away u never said anything but now u say. Why u hv two standard. And as I see ppl in Gujarat r not scared as ppl in Kashmir. Why u hv Green eyes. Pl. reply what u say abt sufferings of Hindus in J and K , Pak, BD ? Has any haji attacked anywhere but in Jammu Hindu pilgrims are attacked regularly. I can't read my prayers by blocking road in Muslim areas but Muslims block whole traffic in Hindu area but we welcome them and still u create chaos, fear and speak bad abt Hindu leaders. There r many Muslim org which r blood soaked do u write abt them.

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