Monday, May 6, 2013

u hv to pay thru ur nose even if u r not doing well

A fine is a tax for doing wrong.
A tax is a fine for doing well.
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  • Vishal Bhatt yes,,,, exactly................
  • Alok Tholiya There r tax even if u r doing badly and for reasons of govt . For vote bank govt has frozen rent 55 years back but property tax , assessment tax on building keep going up. I spend over one lac on my buildings every year but earn rent of 2500/- p. a. It is not out of place to say that influential section of Mumbai politicians like Murli Deora have ensured that rent act matter does not move an inch in supreme court which is lying there for 30 years. Ad Mehta and his fols charge over two lacs per case but in court call their client poor and ask / set up court to charge very unreasonably low mesne profit.There r famous advocates who r known as setting advocate who ensure orders / delays as per their whims.

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