Thursday, May 7, 2015

Can Hindus and Christians and parsis and Sikhs get religious and voting right in saudi which they get in America and India

 I salute those Hindus, Muslims and sikhs and others who fought for our Independence. But....1. You hv posted on wrong page. 2. U hv ignored that India has given same rights to non Hindus which Pak, BD and 57 Muslim countries do not give to non Muslims. 3. Rich Muslims have neglected their poor brothers and not created enough schools, hospitals, scholarships etc... 4. U have not encouraged family planning which is a root cause of poverty ( If u want I can do joint study with you to find facts) . 5. While 95% Muslims are Pro India , good citizens but have failed to condemn miniscule violent , pro Pak , anti socials etc.. This makes others think that all 100% stand together. There r bad anti minority Muslims but get rebutts from other Hindus ( called seculars or whatever) but never ever Muslims attack wrong doers. Pl. support family planning for all ( all Indians be it Hindu or non Hindu) , condemn Owaisi and similar, talk for Kashmiri Pundits, and so on and things will change. Ask for religious and voting rights for all in Muslim countries. Condemn breaking of Jain Idol in Lucknow last year by Muslims returning from Namaz. christians hire halls for prayer. Hindus and Muslims create traffic jams. Condemn those creating trouble and praise Christians,Parsis, Sikhs ( minus Khalistanis)for being peaceful, not troubling others, creating so many schools, collages, hospitals, old age home, water huts, .......and so on...... While Muslims are only seen benefitting from these without giving thank you and still remaining negative towards others.

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