Friday, December 21, 2012

Police registers and investigates so many crimes.....does that mean there is a conviction ???? NO...only 9 % conviction in Maharashtra

Since there is no conviction : Failure of IO ( Investigation officer purposefully  fails to make a foolproof case), PP is not interested in case as his lawful income remains static inspite of and goes up when he sides criminal, and Judges and courts delay the case, prolong it to the extent that complainant and witnesses loose the track and which benefits the criminal.

Therefore the all crime and even like rape are going up. Govt must insist that conviction is done in a year and conviction rate must go to International standard which is 55% +. so that crime rate comes down. Once police, PP and courts are strict then even plea bargaining rate will go up which will speed up justice system.
Like counseling and mediation even PLEA BARGAINING counseling must be started where in in  a fool proof criminal can be persuaded to go for plea bargaining and help himself and help save time of Police, PP ( public Prosecutor) and courts...........No one tells you this but.......Alok

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