Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear All, Namaskar. Pl. note....Supreme court remark is mere lip service unless....

Alok adds:  Recently Supreme court criticised corruption. One of the biggest reason is non reply/ non action / and if rejected then not enumerating reasons of rejection of citizens applications/ complaints. There should be time limit. It should be displayed on boards in govt office.Activists / media should educate innocent citizens that there application has to be dealt withlaw in specific period.Proper audit should be done and any officer not replying in time should be punished . Only then corruption will be curtailed and not by just passing remarks and condemning in train while gossiping.
I have been receiving letters (that too after lot of chase) from Govt dept that they will take action after getting response from other dept. or from complainee( against whom the complaint has been lodged. There after they go to sleep. If u chase again only then they wake up and again give reply that they are waiting for reply/ info/ report. I am waiting for reply / action from ration office/ RTO/ election office for more then 4 yrs. Is there any law under which we can ask them to act in a reasonable period? Even other application to any govt dept is not acted upon unless u appoint agent and give money. Is there any law which says our application has to be accepted or rejected with in particular time frame?
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