Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holi .... a fun and frolic day ......but some let loose monkey in them.......Alok

Holi is a festivals of colour, joy, love and friendship. So every attempt must be made to ensure that we specially our children do not indulge in any activity which can cause harm to anyone like by throwing balloons or using chemical colours. We must also ensure that we do not hurt feeling of those who due to their cultural do not want to play holi. It is their right and privilege to not to play and no one should forcibly or irresponsibly throw colour on them. Do not throw colours or balloons on train passengers or passing vehicle as same can cause accident. Also ensure that you do not forcibly put colours in eye while applying same on face. In case of accident do not delay ruching to a large hospital as smaller ones may not have facilities and staff on Holi day/ holiday. Protect your eyes. Girls may avoid going out in areas where hoards of youth are moving and are noot in their senses. Best is to play holi with family and friends in your own society or so.

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