Friday, February 27, 2015

Not interested in Budget ...but in BMC and courts....noone tells you this ...but Alok

I am not very concerned about Budget. It does not affect me much directly. What affects me most is civic bodies and judiciary. We pay several municipal taxes, octroi, licence fees, development fees, high water and sewage charges, wheel tax and so many naively put taxes like even on board display outside your office or shop and so on. In return what we get is a shit everywhere, unauthorized structures, traffic jams, water logging, sewage over flowing, bad schools, poorly run hospitals, pot holes everywhere, pollution, unwalkeable footpath, BMC bribe is more then construction cost of a new building, falling buildings, no parking space, no open space, poorly maintain garden, roads worst then trenches, several type of epidemics and diseases affecting and dengue and H1N1 and TB commonly, while harassing those doing some renovation minor changes in their own factory, offices, houses but same BMC patronizes illegal hawkers, slums etc who give bribe to them in crores, water bill deflated if you bribe and inflated if you do not, VIP area are spic and span but commonman areas are neglected ........and I can go on. So I will request Arnab Goswami and others in media to give start shows on BMC and other civic bodies who loot us daily in crores but make Mumbai / city a slumbay/ unlivable. Courts does not affect many directly but the common frauds, mafia, non payers, encroachers, atrocities on weak, downtrodden, women, old etc and so on is due to courts not giving justice in time and dishing out bails faster then fast food served in food joints and issue injunctions and stays without any legitimate ground on the face value of well connected advocate.
If municipal bodies and courts are improved then our life will change drastically.
NAMO and his FM should ensure that they give central funds to municipal bodies only if they are transparent and efficient.
Budget must give better salary and infra to judicial staff and modern facilities to courts.
I expect nothing else from any good budget first then these two things.

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