Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are BJP local leaders contractible and helpful??????

Alok Tholiya When AAP won elections in Delhi they massively circulated contacts details of their newly elected MLA's. Has BJP done so? Does anyone know where is BJP local office, where to contact BJP MP, MLA and corporators. Do they hv time to see commonman? Will they take interest in common-man's issues? At least I hv some of the issues but do not know where to go and whether they will really help. And my issues are never illegal , immoral, unethical. As far as most difficult things r concerned I try to solve myself but there r some hardcore corrupt govt. officials who do not budge without huge bribe or without VIP intervention. Today Mumbai, Maharashtra and center all are under BJP . Will someone help? NAMO has his own official site where he welcomes complaints and suggestions. Does BJP local leaders give such facility?

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