Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All of us want peace brotherhood love and amity and development......

Shri Katju ji, I too am your fan. I won one contempt case defence drafted by my friend Ad sandeep Jalan which was guided from your writings on the subject. However some differences is normal. I think you should have avoided above writings. Recently u hv seen How French magazine staff was ( including those who were not the part of the cartoon were killed. This is in 21st century. During Babar 's time and prior what atrocities and rapes, inhuman treatment, loot , demolitions of thousands of temples, killings of our saints must have happened you can't even imagine. Great Sikhs have made laser audio visual which they show in Nanded Gurudwara which tells us how great saints were tortured to death by putting them in boiling oil. The Hindus are so great that we have forgotten all this. Given equal right to everyone which our folks do not get in Pak and BD and in no other Muslim country. Ram is a biggest god worshiped by Hindus. Their strong belief is that that place is a Janma bhoomi / birth place of Bhagwan Ram. And purposely Babar created a mini mosque there. The mosque was not in use for long. Hindus kept pleading to just handover that place for restoring Ram mandir . But only because of few fanatics the other soft nice hearted Muslims too kept quite. Everyone wants the solution to this erring issues and other erring / bothering issue is non family planning of many Hindu and most Muslims. These are two very big challenges before us. These can not be sorted out by such writings. I and all those Hindus I know want to live in peace, brotherhood , full and equal right to all be it Muslim, Christians,Jew, Buddha, Sikh, Jain, Parsi and all others. So let us refrain from making comments on issues which are not understood ( specially not understood the deep hurt and feelings of Hindus and in Hindustan and not appreciated their nature of adjustments and peaceful ways) . For an example when few years back Great Buddha statue was demolished by bombarding in Afghanistan there was no riot against Muslims, when in Kashmir, Pakistan so many temples are continuously attacked but no riots, last year in Lucknow park jain Murti was broken by Muslim mob post Namaj and there were no riots. So it only Hindus, Buddhists who work for peace inspite of sever provocations so your writing above is wrong. ............probably no one one told you this in these words ........except Alok the way I am not worshiper of Bhagwan ram and I visit Hindu Temples, Mosques , Gurudwara and Churches with full respect regularly specially when I am in a city where there are any such famous historical worshiping place.

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