Friday, August 8, 2014

sachin an irresponsible RS member using post as ornamental and for impressing

we hv been criticising politicians left right and center. Now sachin has willingly accepted seat in Rajya Sabha. But is absent. Has not raised any public issue. Why sachin fans are silent? He is a good cricketer so let him teach young cricketers and resign from RS and give the seat to some active person.

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    You are absolutely right and perfect, I admire you and this should be spread all over India. Sachin is really a selfish person, and money is every thing to him. What talk about congress, they do not have any character. At least Sachin scored some centuries, what Sonia did, it is shame for the country and congress people, having so many learned and educated persons, every body oil her. I felt myself guilty to see Dr.Manmohan Singh. I myself on the way of achieving my PhD degree, I know what pain one suffers to achieve such high degree. Dr. Manmohan Singh also suffered, but for what, to bow his head before the lady who has no educational qualification ? I feel shame myself to stay in this country

    sachin has always
    done things only for money and that too for huge money.
    payment as a rajya sabha member is pittance. congress should
    kick it self for giving Bharath Ratna and Rajya sabha
    membership to most undeserving man of the century. he is no